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178 Strategically Important!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the game, Wei Shen, who was driving a motorcycle, heard Liu Zilang in the back seat, thinking that he was just sweeping to deter the opponent, and his momentum could not be defeated.

     But he never thought that Liu Zilang's wave actually took away the two opposite people!

     You must know that the motorcycle falls while spinning in the sky. Normally, in this case, normal people will have a slight sense of weightlessness, let alone shooting at people!

     However, in this wave of Liu Zilang, it happened to shoot away two people!

     Shen Wei took a deep breath after parking, looked at u9 in Liu Zilang's hand in surprise, and couldn't help but, "Ghost! You are too awesome!"

      At the same time, Aluka and Xiao Miao stopped three rounds on the side.

     They just wanted to help Liu Zilang and Wei Shen to support the two people beside the slope, but they didn't want Liu Zilang on the motorcycle to shoot in the air, but they solved them directly at the moment of landing.

     Witnessing this scene completely from the side, Aluka and Xiao Xingmu suddenly widened their eyes in shock, with a hard to believe face!

     As for the two lgd who were swept down by Liu Zilang, they looked like they had seen a ghost at the moment, and they were crazy and cute in their hearts!

     who am I?

     where am I?

     Who can beat me!

     Although they had just heard the gunfire coming from the back seat of the motorcycle very clearly,

     But they stood still and didn't sweep the people down. They were knocked down by spinning the car.

     No one can accept this huge gap for a while!At this time, Liu Zilang had no time to manage the psychological activities of the two people who were knocked down. After getting out of the car, he had 98k and quickly searched for his teammates.

     The remaining two people of lgd were also dumbfounded, and reacted quickly to seal the cigarettes toward their teammates, seeming to want to rescue them.

     Since you still want to save, then there is no problem.

     The 4a side originally wanted to directly make up for the two people who were knocked down by Liu Zilang. First, the heads were grassped. However, when the remaining two people in lgd threw out the smoke, they stopped the movements of their hands. The two men caught the fish as bait.

     On the side, Aluka and Xiao Xingmu quickly pulled to the right, and Liu Zilang and Wei Shen to shoot from both sides. When they waited for the next encounter, a wave of cross fire would directly shoot them. take away.

     However, with the passage of time, several people gradually realized that something was wrong.

     "Have you seen people?"

     "I didn't see it, how about you?"

     "Neither our nearby, this group can't slip away."


     Compared with the half believing, half doubting of the 4a side in the game.

     In the God's perspective of the director at this moment, the three commentaries in the live broadcast room and countless viewers are obvious at a glance.

     "Ahem... At present, the remaining two players of lgd have chosen to retreat strategically to save the team's strength. They already descended from the other side of the hillside.""Well, it seems that the ideas of the two sides on the court at this time are somewhat coincident. The 4a side wants to use the two people who are knocked down by lgd as bait, and the two people on the lgd side also have the same idea. They took the opportunity to withdraw, but So far, they don’t have a car yet, so I’m afraid they will run in the poison for a while."

     "Hehe, I actually quite understand the choice of lgd. The avoidance of professional teams is a very common thing in the game. The most important thing is that if you change you, you will encounter vic sitting on a motorcycle. , Spinning and pulling the gun in the air swept you down, can you slip away?"

     The audience in the live broadcast room was shameless and somewhat contemptuous of LGD's abandonment of teammates.

     But after hearing Rita's words, everyone couldn't help but be at a loss.

     In the passerby game, if it is a team that is more fancy ranking,

     Slip or fight?

     It seems that it has really become a problem.


     In the game, Liu Zilang and the four of them scattered around and looked for a circle without seeing anyone.

     At this moment, seeing that the poison circle in the north was about to shrink, the few people suddenly disappeared and the lgd side continued to "hide and seek", and directly turned their heads to make up for the two people who were kneeling there "Husband and Wife Couple Worship" , Licked a wave of packets and left quickly.

     But what is more beyond expectation is,

     These two people are really fat.

     After Liu Zilang licked a wave, the equipment on his body was basically reformed and renew, the second-level first-level second-level package, and the u9 in his hand was replaced with a six, almost reaching his normal "combat suit".

     Immediately afterwards, the four quickly got into the car,Immediately they once again adopted the tactic of pulling apart in pairs, driving their motorcycles and three wheels to the south.

     Of course their terminal is not there,

     At this moment, Wei Shen had already punctuated the map, and the four decided to take down the two three-story small buildings at the three-way intersection at the end of the Dongqiao Bridge as a stronghold after they entered the circle.

     This place has a wide view of high-rise buildings, and people who can block the bridge to the south, and people who can even hold the coastline to the north. It can be said to be a quite good strategic location.

     Before arriving here, the four of them drove along both sides of the road and found a hard-top jeep halfway through. Xiao Xingmu and Aluka quickly threw off the three rounds and replaced them with hard-top jeep. Immediately, Wei Shen and Liu Zilang's two-person scooter opened the way and drove toward the bridge.

     After arriving near the three-way intersection at Qiaotou, Wei Shen drove a motorcycle to turn one round here.

     At this moment, the doors of the two three-small buildings on the bridgehead were closed, and several people couldn't help but relax a little when they saw this.

     What they don’t know is,

     At this moment, in a small house on the edge of this area, a member of the ag team rushed to hide inside, and nervously asked for help in the team chat, "Fuck! Come here! I seem to be surrounded!"

     Hearing this, the three of the three people from the farm that was not far from here in the northwest direction of the ag team suddenly asked, "Why did you go there alone?"

     "I'm not here to explore the way." The person who was alone in ag argued, and then he tried to speak again, "Why don't you come here quietly, let's coordinate outside and inside offensives?"Hearing this, the three ag members of the farm combined,

     It seems really feasible!

     So they hurriedly let the person on Sancha Road stabilize, don't move, wait for them to come.

     But what they hadn't thought is,

     Sometimes it's not that you won't be found without moving.

     For example, at this moment, Liu Zilang who wants to search for a third-level head is setting one's heart on sth.

     After confirming that there should be no one here, after getting off the car, he immediately searched the houses one by one.

     Wei Shen and Aluka their three people also vigilantly investigated the three-story small building that will be their stronghold next.

     Liu Zilang searched some small garages with no doors on the side of the road, except for a few smoke bombs and bandages, nothing at all.

     At this time, the two three-story small buildings in the north and south of the road have been searched by Wei Shen, and there is no news.

     He suddenly remembered this three-story small building in the south, and there is still one small house in the north, walking over with a gun.

     Hearing the footsteps, the person in the small room also became nervous instantly, and couldn't help but clenched his hands!