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179 Are You Moved? (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Seeing that Liu Zilang in the game screen was about to walk to the door, countless viewers in the live broadcast room couldn't help raising their minds, staring at the game screen nervously.

     Although Lao Yin hates more than everyone, but at the moment, there are many viewers in the live broadcast room let out a relaxed breath.

     This monster,

     Are you finally going to be yin to death!

     Why think of another point in my heart?

     But the next moment,

     These agitated people had their eyes widened suddenly and shouted in their mouths!

     In the director’s God's perspective, I saw that the person in the door ag heard the footsteps and had pointed the gunpoint of the black hole at the door.

     But Liu Zilang outside the door, like a pure and cute little white rabbit, innocently walked to the door of the big bad wolf.

     But when the door opened, I saw a little white rabbit...Ah! Liu Zilang reacted instantly,

     Immediately when he fired on the opposite side, although his 6 was a step slower, it also fired swiftly.

     The most important thing is that while he was shooting, the whole person suddenly fell on the ground!

     The little white rabbit wishes you a New Year!

     Suddenly -!

     Da Da Da -!

      Between Lightning Spark, and 6 the two guns spewed out blazing flames in the hands of two different people!

     At the distance of almost face to face, countless bullets shuttled back and forth frantically!

     The two groaned for a while, and a few clouds of blood mist burst out of Liu Zilang's body and the man's crotch at the same time!

     In a blink of an eye, a System Notification was refreshed from the bottom left of the screen!"4avi16? How does it sound like fully automatic, don't lie to me if I read less!"

     "I have served it! Now I really don't know how this vic should die? Maybe I should come to the sky to bring justice to the fun?"

     "As a five-hundred-hour old yin ratio, I just want to say to that guy ag, take your skirt off!"


     For a while, in addition to marveling at Liu Zilang's abnormal reaction, the audience in the live broadcast room also complained that Ag Yin didn't kill anyone at the door.

     In the game, Liu Zilang, who was lying on the ground, swept the person to death and continued to "suddenly" sweep a dozen or so hairs, and after he directly replaced the person into a box, he finally eased.

     At this moment, his blood volume was already severe, his eyelids throbbed, and his right hand trembling almost couldn't hold the mouse.

     The audience in the director’s God’s perspective only saw Liu Zilang opening the door, reacting quickly and shooting down.

     But I don't know that he was really scared when he was sitting in front of the computer just now, and the mouse was almost thrown out by Nima!

     Strictly speaking, this is the first time since Liu Zilang played PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, without mental preparation, he encountered this kind of real old-yin ratio!

      has to say, compared to any previous fps game, this game really brings him a brand new experience!

      At this moment, Wei Shen and Aluka and others also reacted.

     "What's the situation? Vic, is there anyone on your side?"

     "Be careful, that person seems to have been killed just now, there may be teammates nearby."

     "Vic, why did you lose so much blood? Have you just been overcast?"Hearing the eye-catching words, Liu Zilang couldn't help but said frankly, "Well, I just got overwhelmed by this bit."

     "But I don't panic at all, I just take a shuttle with my backhand!"

     "Awesome!" Xiao Xing said heartily.

     "Basic exercises." Liu Zilang said modestly.

     Seeing this, the audience in Liu Zilang's live studio was shocked by this man's shamelessness!

     Unlike the audience in the official live broadcast of the Douyu Golden Grand Prix, they just saw clearly that Liu Zilang almost threw the mouse out when he met someone, and then killed that person with great difficulty.

     At this moment, I heard him actually say that this is a basic operation, and there was a boo in the live broadcast room.


      at the same time, in ag's team chat voice.

     "Fuck! Didn't you say you don't wait for us to come?"

     "I didn't move!"

     "Why did you die without moving?"

     "He came here when I was hiding in the house! What can I do? I'm also very desperate!"

     "Wait! How many people passed by?"

     "One... right?"

     "Then in other words, you were hiding in the house motionless like a statue, he came...and you died?"

     "um, I..."

     "Brother, leave the team."


     Hearing this, the yin person who was killed suddenly choked silently.

     I didn't say anything, I just said it was tears!

     However, ridicule belongs to ridicule. At this moment, the other three of ag have already gotten closer from the farm.

     There are two paths before them at this moment, one is to rush directly to avenge their teammates,However, the thought of his teammate's death seemed to be unjustified, and this path was quickly rejected.

     The other way is to turn around and leave. I'll talk about it first, but this is a bit too embarrassing, and it doesn't fit their combat style.

     So a few people from ag chose to compromise and squatted on the grassy slope behind the three-story small building on the north side of the road to watch the changes.

     When the next circle is refreshed, if everyone is not in the circle,

     Then Liu Zilang and the others will definitely run the poison, and then they can steal a wave of ass happily.

      Thought until here, the ag's people seemed to have already saw it the picture of revenge and four neat boxes. They couldn't help but immediately suppress their excitement and squatted down behind Po.

     In the studio of the Betta Gold Grand Prix.

     "Uh... the ag players seem to want With Stillness, Move, this choice is quite reasonable."

     "That's right, because now is the time when 4a's vigilance is at its highest. If they apparently rushed forward, they would not be able to get any benefit in the 3v4 situation."

     "In addition, the poison in the first lap is almost finished. When the next lap, you should know that this game is in the end is it not airport circle. If this place is not in the next lap, ag might be there. Some action must be taken."

     "Wait! I seemed to hear the sound of a car just now! Two more teams from the north are coming!"

     "Let me see! Oh! It's ifty and tyloo!"

     Along with the commentary's words, the director's camera was suddenly pulled to the north.

     The farm area to the north,I saw two teams driving four cars fast as lightning in the grass,

     Gunshots were kept between each other along the way, but the land around the farm was bumpy, basically unable to guarantee accuracy.

     So currently the two sides only seem to be playing more intensely, but there's nothing about it substantial damage.

     But soon, when they were in the circle,

     The four cars suddenly separated from the left and one on the right, then quickly found a bunker, stopped the cars, and confronted each other.

     At this time, the position where the three ags squatted was just in the middle of the confrontation between Ifty and Tyloo.

     Seeing this scene, the ag trio were immediately confused!