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190 Kind Of You Out! The Explosion Of The Small Universe!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Because the first exhibition match is not counted in the main match, the current game progress has come to the third.

     Fighting fish, in the studio of the Golden Grand Prix.

     "Let’s take a look at this game first. The route starts from the vicinity of city z in the upper left corner of the map, passing through Shangcheng District, Ruins and City P, and the last stop passes through the airport. It can be said that it is a route with relatively even distribution of resource points. "

     "Yes, but we already have a team that started jumping in the first stop, oh! It was the ig team that ate chickens in the previous game. They chose to jump to the edge of the map of Z City. It seems that this game ig is very stable!"

     "Yes, now that the plane has passed through the upper city area, there should be many teams choosing this area as the landing point. Currently we can see the f4 and vta teams. It seems that they all chose the upper city area."

     "Wait! 4a jumped! There are sj and dug and yl teams together. These four teams seem to want to go to Xiacheng District and Port P, but there are too many people. I guess there will be a team later. Go to the hospital to the south."


     Head down and feet up.

     The wind pours into the ears high in the sky, making people unable to hear the surrounding words,

     Liu Zilang quickly switched to mute mode.

     "I punctuate accurately in Xiacheng District. When we wait, we will jump in'Sixth Six' together, and then we will clear the surrounding area after searching."

     "No problem, I'll be floating in the air to investigate, and you can search the house."


     After a quick deployment,Liu Zilang, Wei Shen, and Xiao Xingmu fell vertically to the position of the "sixth room", landed and broke free of the parachute and quickly entered the room.

     On the other hand, Aluka swayed in the air, turning his camera hand to collect surrounding information.

     "We can see that yl floated towards Port G, and dug chose Nanpiao to go to the hospital, but both teams sj and 4a chose Xiacheng at the same time."

     "That's right, and it seems that the two teams chose to fall closer together. It depends on whether someone will temporarily turn to another housing area when they land. Otherwise, I think this game is just landed. Fight."

     "Oh! 4asj didn't turn to separate. They all fell into the same area, and the distance is not too far. One is S6 and the other is Haisix. There is only a row of double buildings between them."

     In the game, after Aluka saw that the opponent chose to fall so close to them, he did not jump to the sixth room in the double, but chose a puzzle building in the middle, landed and searched.

     The reason for this is that these puzzle buildings in Xiacheng have rooftops.

     After Aluka found the rooftop from the bottom, he could just occupy a high field of vision to observe the opponent's movements.

     But what Aluka didn’t know was,

     -Aluka used scar-l to headshot sj-alber! "

     "4aaluka used s1897 to kill sj-fire!"


     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room was instantly shocked!


     Three kills!

     What the hell is this Nima!

     Cardi burst into the small universe?