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191 The Limit Is One Dozen Three, What Are You Looking At?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the fighting fish studio,

     The director in charge of switching the camera was slightly surprised, and quickly cut out the replay of Aluka's kill just now.

     In the playback screen, I saw Aluka on the corridor on the third floor of the puzzle building. First, a wave of scar-l shots took away the one that rushed to the front.

     But at this moment, Aluka also burst into two clusters of blood,

      Not surprisingly, he would be killed by another person who rushed up with that person.

     The clinker was at this moment, and after killing a person, Aluka quickly pulled the scar-l collimator that was shooting to the right.

     And the person on the right,

     He has no helmet!


     The moment the bullet blasted out, a cloud of blood mist suddenly appeared on the person's head, and he knelt down on the stairs.

     At this time, Aluka's blood volume was crippled, and ran upstairs quickly.

     After hitting scar-l with a bullet in his hand, he had no time to change the bullet, and quickly cut out the s1897 behind him!

     The third person behind sj downstairs was stuck in the corridor by the two teammates who were knocked down in front, and could not immediately follow.

     However, when the man saw a few clusters of blood blooms on Aluka's body, he also knew that his blood volume must be extremely crippled.

     So the man hurried past his teammates and chased him with a gun.

     Who would have thought that he had just turned the corner and met Aluka's extremely metaphysical spray!

     The man had been guarding the building with scar-l before seeing Aluka, but he had subconsciously ignored Aluka's spray.

     At this moment, I spray it on my face,

     He was brought to the ground instantly!

     When the rabbits and falcons fell, Aluka's wave was actually a 1v3 residual blood limit to kill three people!Seeing this scene, countless viewers in the live broadcast room also couldn't calm down...

     "666, damn it! Aluka is showing up!"

     "Strong and strong! This wave is one-on-one and three-strong Ah!!!"

     "Three fights and one is counter-killed, will you play? Huh?"

     "Distressed for a wave of sj, this Nima has eaten chicken directly in reverse!"

     "Ghost! It feels like Vic brought a wave of rhythm tonight, and now 4a Nima has turned into a macho!"

     "Uuuuuu! Aluka, the best in the world, will never use your head to sacrifice to the sky!"


     In the game, rushing over from the next door to support the site is also a bit dumbfounded.


     excuse me!


     Let's lick the bag first.

     So he quickly ran up the corridor running as fast as flying.

     The Wei Shen next door couldn't help but laughed after he was taken aback, "Yes, Kadi, you are something a little bit better than this wave!"

     After Aluka just had a tense duel, the violent The Beating Heart also calmed down now.

     Hearing Wei Shen's words, he couldn't help pretending to be calm and said, "It's okay. It's better than hitting my gun, I can Is there any way."

     "Kadi is still cheating!" Liu Zilang also liked one, and ran over excitedly, "How about it, is there a gun I use?"

     He just came to support his own two buildings in the sixth room before the search was completed. At this moment, he only had a spray and a Uzi in his hand.

     "That's not a coincidence!" The little eye-catching who was licking the bag said cheerfully, "Here is just a pair of 98k and 8x mirrors. This bunch is fat enough!""Brilliant! Aru!"

     Liu Zilang immediately eyes shined when he heard the words, and immediately ran up the corridor.

     Fighting fish, in the studio of the Golden Grand Prix.

     "Aluka is really showing off! To be honest, when I just saw the three of the two sides attack each other in a staggered raid, I thought that the two sides were going to change one."

     "Well, this wave is really beautiful! But I think there are two key points in Aluka's ability to achieve one-on-three. The first point is that he chose the card corridor instead of being stuck in the room like sj , It would be very miserable once being attacked, and we just saw this."

     "Haha, the lone wolf of sj just now was really a bit miserable by Vic! It was blown out from the door, has to say that vic is really a bit of something... We won’t comment on this, everyone Understand, then another point what is?"

     "Another point is the second person who was knocked down by sj. He didn't have a helmet! This is very important. If he has a helmet, as long as he can carry one more shot, then Aluka will pull when he knocks down the first person. When the gun passes, he will fall if he is only half-blooded at this distance, let alone a third person behind."

     "Then this can only be said to be fate. It seems that sj also ignored this when attacking the building. Haha, here is also a reminder for the audience in our live broadcast room. The next time we attack the building, we must Let those with helmets go first.""That's it. Now 4a is more comfortable. They have eaten the sj team and they can basically enjoy the downtown area alone. Wow, someone on the sj side actually landed at 98k with an eightfold mirror. Tsk tsk, this is good luck. Ah, it’s a pity that Vic is so cheap this time, it’s really fortune plays with a people!"


     In the game, after Liu Zilang picked up the 98k and eight-fold mirror, he picked a puzzle building that had not been searched and walked in.

     He searched the building from the first floor, but when there are other teams around, arranging a person to stand guard and teammates to help provide supplies. This is already a relatively common tactical arrangement.

     And the person on the elevated bridge at this moment,

     It has been a while since I stared at Liu Zilang.