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194 Break The Enemy By Bike! (Fourth More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room burst into laughter.

     Through the director’s God’s perspective, they had just clearly seen that the yl running from Port G looked like "road rage".

     Stop when you see a car along the way,

     Then he jumped down with his gun and it was a sweeping meal!

     The three-wheeled motorcycle that was blown up in the garage just now is yl's masterpiece.

     At that time, the commentary in the live broadcast room was very shocking!

     What an enemy this Nima is!

     But thinking of 4a's conduct and deeds to Yl's two teammates in Port G, they all suddenly understood.

     There is reincarnation in the way of heaven, who will the heaven bypass?

     Hearing the news from Wei Shen ahead, Liu Zilang was also a little speechless.

      During the thoughts stirred, he also guessed the most likely suspect in this "fetus abortion incident," and he couldn't help but feel pain at the moment.

     No way, Wei Shen and the others can only drove a little bit off to see if there is a car.

     If you continue along the shortest distance, it is estimated that it is impossible to find a car with tires down the road.

     As for the latter, Liu Zilang also managed to run in the wilderness carefree and without worries. He took another painkiller to fill the energy bar, and then he followed another path to search.

      Heaven never bars one's way.

     Liu Zilang didn't expect that when he did something on his side, he found a jeep with a soft top on a hillside faster than Wei Shen and the others.

     After seeing the car, Liu Zilang couldn't help but let out a relaxed breath.The three of them spoke with Wei Shen in the voice, came to the car and squatted on the ground to make a first aid kit, then filled the energy bar again, and quickly got in the car and drove towards the safe area.

     At this moment, the first circle of poison has shrunk to the border with the safe zone, and the next safe zone will refresh when the two overlap.

     Wei Shen and the others, who were looking for a car in the surrounding area, also quickly turned around and moved on toward the safe zone.

     Soon, after their three people entered the first safe zone, they just found a place to get off the car and got a medicine. The second safe zone was quickly drawn on the map.

     The second safety zone is brushed to the northeast of City Y, including half of City Y and the southern half of the holy mountain.

     Upon seeing this, the three of Wei Shen decided to take a point in the advanced circle.

     After all, the course of this game is to the lower left, and the safety zone is brushed to the upper right. The danger of entering the lap early will be reduced a lot. On the contrary, those who enter the lap early because more and more people gather around. Always be on guard and watch your surroundings.

     Fighting fish, in the studio of the Golden Grand Prix.

     "Okay, we can see that the second safety zone has been refreshed. This safety zone is half urban and half wild."

     "Yes, I think it's actually okay now, but if it's a semi-city and semi-field in the countdown to the finals, then the people in the city should be careful. The last lap is generally likely to be scoring. In the wild."

     "Hey! It seems that this is indeed the case. It is easy to get into the city and it is difficult to get out of the city. Then I think the team coming from the air-raid shelter in the south must figure out whether it can enter this city.""Oh! In the 4a team we just saw, Vic, who was behind, finally found the car. It's really not easy. If I didn't remember correctly, Yl came all the way and just got the guide lens. Five times have they been aborting babies?"

     "Hehe, it seems that yl can be said to have completely transformed into a fetus in this game, but Vic's luck is also really good, he even found a Jeep, and now he is about to come out of the poison."

     "Oh! The Wei Shen in front of them got in the car again, are they going to go directly to the next one to grab some spot?"

     "But wait! There is someone in front of them in this direction! It was the dug team who just jumped out of the city and turned to the hospital when they landed. They seemed to have just overturned their car, and now they are spraying medicine under the slope behind the two trees.

     "Oh! They heard the sound of cars behind!"

     Accompanied by the director’s exclamation, in the director’s God's perspective.

     I saw Wei Shen driving the three-wheeled motorcycle, passing the two trees, and suddenly saw four people appearing not far in front of them.

     And the muzzle of four black holes!

     Seeing this scene, the hearts of the three Wei Shen suddenly sank.

     This Nima is cold!

     Da Da Da -!

     Da Da Da -!

     The next moment, the muzzle burst out with fire, and the violent gunfire suddenly sounded!

      at the same time, follow behind Liu Zilang, who just entered the first lap, wanted to stop and make a drink.

     As soon as I heard the gunshots in front, I quickly stepped on the accelerator to rushed over.

     But for Wei Shen and the others in the current situation at the back of Po, everything comes without enough time!But even so, Aluka, who was sitting in the "superior throne", held the scar-l dying with a wave of backhands and a wave of sweeping shots at the person who fell dug down.

     Immediately there was a flash of fire from the three-wheeled motorcycle, and the three of them turned into boxes with a loud sound of "bang"

     Sacrifice 3!

     Seeing three teammates who disappeared in an instant,

     Liu Zilang, who rushed over in a jeep behind him, had no time to turn at this moment.

     Because the people behind the slope heard the sound of the car, they had already found him.

     They didn't save their teammates, but quickly turned around while changing their bombs, and shot Liu Zilang's side.

     At this distance, I'm afraid the Jeep will blow up halfway if you turn!

     So Liu Zilang simply didn't do it, press shift to speed up, and rush forward like an arrow from the string!

      It should be noted, the distance between the two parties is already very close.

     The three people on the dug side originally thought that Liu Zilang would not run away as soon as they opened fire.

     But they never expected to meet a "stunned green" player!

     At this moment, seeing the jeep coming oncoming, two people were too late to avoid on the spot, and they were knocked out like a kite with cut string!

      Another individual is a dodge and hides behind the tree, then quickly changed a shuttle bullet, and shot at the jeep that rushed down from the slope next to the tree!

     But the next moment, a strange scene that made him unimaginable appeared!

     The man behind the tree swept up at the jeep,

     At this moment, a person suddenly came around from the back of the tree, facing him with a shuttle!

     Da Da Da -!The 16 guns spit out fierce flames, and the three bursts with extremely fast fire rate were shot directly!

     Before the person could react, he swept to the ground.

     what's the situation?

     Isn't the person in the car?

     Could someone else touch it?

     This Nima how can it be!

     At the moment when he fell to the ground, he was immediately stunned!

     The three commentaries in the live broadcast room and countless viewers were shocked dumbstruck!

     Because in the director's God's perspective, they saw that Liu Zilang suddenly jumped off the fast-moving jeep when he was crossing the slope, and then suddenly hit a tree.

     Under normal circumstances, at this speed, he should just jump and fall to death.

     However, it was not originally that Liu Zilang was full of blood after hitting the tree, but he fell a large amount in an instant but did not directly fall to his death. Instead, the residual blood survived, and he quickly cut the gun around the tree and took away the taxi driver. That person

     This is really hell!