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195 Infrared Lock Blood! (1/5)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

There may be no one who is born with knowledge in this world.

     But it is undeniable that there are indeed some highly talented people who can raise one and infer three, self-taught certain things.

     For example, the extreme operation of Liu Zilang's "tree brake jumping".

     In the critical situation just now, Liu Zilang suddenly remembered the last time he doubled with Li Muqiu in order to grab the airdrop, he jumped next to the airdrop box and threw Li Muqiu into the sea.

     He still remembered that his speed was not slow,

     But after hitting the airdrop box, he didn’t lose much blood.

     At the moment when he passed the tree uphill, Liu Zilang knew that if he went down with the car,

     It is estimated that they will be swept off the car as soon as they hit the slope.

     Therefore, when a thousand pounds hangs by a thread, he jumped directly from the car decisively, and then gave the player dug behind the tree a big "surprise".

     Seeing this scene, countless spectators in the official live broadcast room of Douyu's official match were dumbfounded for a while.

     When they are sure that this is not a hell of a ghost, but true and real, it happens behind the scenes.

     The next moment, the live barrage suddenly got stuck, and then the instantaneous Explosion filled the screen.

     "Fuck! There is still this kind of operation???"

     "Mom! Why is the game I play different from this person!"

     "Why didn't you fall to death? Why didn't you die? Why?"

     "The bloodlock is hammered! There is no washing!"

     "I know this. It is a function of vic's human body implantation hook. It can emit infrared rays from the eyes and receive it on the computer screen, instantly locking the blood!"

     "23333, there is reason and evidence, I almost believed your evil!"""

     Besides, in the game at this moment, the three of Wei Shen saw Liu Zilang's operation dazed for a moment.

     They were directly transformed into boxes when the tricycle was blown up, so they have been watching Liu Zilang's first perspective from the "watching stand".

     Originally they saw their death here,

     Liu Zilang view death as a return home, rushing forward to avenge them.

     While moving in my heart,

     It is inevitable to be a little sad.

     There are currently nearly eighty people on the field, and if they are killed now, they are probably out of twenty.

     After all, although the number of teams is less than four teams, it does not mean that there are four teams less on the field.

     It's like you are playing in the finals in four rows. There are less than ten people left on the field. You thought you were in the top five, but you found yourself sixth, especially in Professional League.

     Many teams will not be completely wiped out even if fighting broke out in the early stage, and there will often be someone who survives to rank for the team.

     And tonight's finals, except for the exhibition games, there are only four games in total. a. Although eating chicken is second, currently only ig and them two armies have equivalent banners and drums, but if this game drops to about 20 next time, I am afraid the final result is very difficult to say.

     Therefore, seeing Liu Zilang killed two people in this thrilling wave, the extreme jump car hit a tree and killed one person.

     From ob’s perspective, the three of Wei Shen, who closely followed Liu Zilang’s every move, suddenly seemed to be riding a roller coaster.

     This makes them have to sigh,Life's (of market prices etc) to rapidly fluctuate is really exciting!

     As for the unpopular trick of "tree brake jumping", they have all heard of it as a professional player. But this technique is unpopular because the success rate is not high, and a mistake is the end of "jumping into a box".

      It should be noted, so many viewers in the Professional League watch.

     In the event of a mistake, even if the audience misses this "wonderful shot", it is estimated that the director will replay it specially. Therefore, in general, whoever dares to show this kind of inadvertent "complete defeat and fall from grace" operation.

     But Liu Zilang dared,

     Not only dare,

     He is also a big show!

     The dug didn't react immediately, which made people see both eyes look blankly.

     So Wei Shen and their three people at this time not only admire Liu Zilang’s on-the-spot reaction and thinking of different from ordinary people,

     What is even more admired is his courage!

     Fighting fish, in the studio of the Golden Grand Prix.

     Xiaoxiao Sika and Rita also reacted quickly after a froze.

     At this time, they were impressed by the quick response of Liu Zilang, and they also lamented the "realistic" of the game physics engine of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, explaining the principle of Liu Zilang's operation to some uninformed audiences in the broadcast room.

     "Has to say, this vic of the Wei Shen team really brought us too many surprises tonight, and it has made me a little numb. I heard that he is still the anchor of our Douyu's face value area. The pressure on the anchors in the section is greater.""Hehe, it seems that we are going to have another player like Qiu Shen and Ze Shao in the Jedi professional circle. This makes me feel a little tremendous stress."

     "Kazi is not for me to say you. You are not the same as a handsome gun. What kind of pressure do you have? If I want to be pressured, it should be other people in our PUBG professional circle, right?"

     "Uh, you're a little bit heartbroken. Okay, let's take a look at the game first. Now there are only three players left in the Wei Shen team. I think Vic is going to be a little more trivial. He is now carrying All the hope of 4a!"

     "Well, but now the resources of the two teams are concentrated on Vic alone. Now Vic is really taking off. Let's take a look. There is a three-level one. There is nothing to say. Oh! Dug seems to be from the hospital. On the way here, they licked an airdrop. Their snipers were actually wearing auspicious clothes and 24. Tsk tsk, this is all cheaper vic!"

     "Yes, and I think this auspicious suit is still very important. At the very least, it allows Vic to provide more choices in the next safe zone selection. It does not necessarily mean that he has to go to the premises with more people. Now there is only one person, and the goal is relatively small. Even if you lie down under the shade of a tree in a densely planted mountain area, it is difficult to be found."


     People are licking, the sky is watching.

     It is Liu Zilang who licks the bag at the moment,

     In the sky, it is naturally dug four.

     At this moment, the dug who just dead but will not close the eyes finally figured it out and knew how Liu Zilang appeared behind the treehas to say, when I met Liu Zilang who didn't play the cards from start to finish according to common sense, it was painful to see the dug and the two killed by the car.

     After licking the bag, Liu Zilang in auspicious clothes glanced at the map.

     At this moment, it was about two minutes before the next contraction of the poison circle, and there was still plenty of time to run the poison.

     Liu Zilang discussed with Wei Shen who was in the spectator stand, and in the end still is decided to abandon the car and start running directly with the full energy bar.

     Enter the circle quietly, don't drive.