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196 Not In The Show! (2/5)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

words exceede 5100This ratio is too much.

     Fortunately, at this moment there was another encounter elsewhere on the field, and the director quickly pulled the camera over.

     "Oh! It's the two teams of ig and 7ts. The game of ig was developed steadily in the city of Z in the upper left corner of the map. They selected the time for the drug run relatively late, and they have just entered the first lap. It's 7ts on the side of Cardu."

     "Yes, but both ig cars stopped in time. The current situation is that both sides froze a little bit on the side of the poison in the first lap. Several ig players were taking medicine and blood after the car. Oh! 7ts chose to have a tire. , They directly knocked out the tires of a car from ig."

     "If you don't agree, you will hit the tire. 7ts is a bit of a loss. There is still a car on the ig side. Do they want to hit it?"

     As soon as the director's words were finished, another person at 7ts revealed his head from behind the stone beside the poison ring.



     The clinker guy just fired a shot,

      without omen,

     A crisp sniper rifle suddenly exploded!

     Under the director's God's perspective, Shen Zeyan, who was behind the car, decisively cancelled the action of spraying drugs at the moment when the other party appeared.

     Immediately stretched out his right hand, the 98k behind him suddenly appeared in his hand, before he saw how he aimed, he shot out!

     The next moment, a System Notification came out!

     "Ig-olves used kar98k to headshot 7ts-yueyue!"

     Seeing this scene, not only the audience in the live broadcast room,

     Even the 7ts players in the card drug circle in the game at the moment were startled!After seeing each other's id, they felt a little relieved, but at the same time there was a twitch.

     Why did you provoke this great god?

     What has to say here is that 7ts is different from other teams.

     Compared with other teams that have competed in various PUBG online and offline events before, 7ts is a new team created by a well-known Betta anchor who just entered the second season of the Golden Grand Prix.

     Although they can break through the group stage, the team is still in a running-in period. In the first two games tonight, 7ts' strategy has always been to stay on top of it.

     But after implementing this tactic for two games,

     The effect is not ideal.

     Especially in the second game just now, 7ts was hit by a 98k shot by Liu Zilang and his team at Qiaotou. The Jeep was destroyed by a single player.

     Therefore, 7ts, who was placed behind in this game, finally changed his style of play and chose to get a wave of poisonous circles.

     When they thought about it, at this point in time, the second safe area was brushed, or the first round of poison must be some weak junglers.

     But they didn’t expect that the team they met was not only not weak,

     Instead, it was the ig who ate chicken in the last game!

     This is a bit embarrassing!

     "Oh my God! Ze Shao's shot was too fast! I shot it before I could see it clearly. It seems that 7ts really hit the iron plate in this wave!"

     "Well, in addition, I found that there are very few shots of 7ts fights in these two games. Maybe they have not adapted to the rhythm of professional fights. If this wave of card poisoning meets other teams, it would be nice to say, but when you encounter teams like ig , I was knocked down by a sniper, and 7ts’ current situation is something not going well!""Oh! I've basically finished the medicine here. Ze Shao hasn't gotten the medicine yet. He is still holding the gun, but Xiao Jue and Coco ran towards the car that was not hit. They seemed to be Go to pull the gun line!"

     "What? If they get in the car in this situation, aren't they afraid of being beaten by 7ts?"

     In the studio, Xiaoxiao saw this scene suddenly a little doubt in his heart.

     But it was not someone else who answered him next, but the 98k shot in Shen Zeyan's hand!

     In the game, only a "bang" sound was heard, and the crisp gunfire of 98k exploded again!

     A sniper bullet swept across the plain very quickly, and another person 7ts behind the stone exploded a cloud of blood on his head, and then weakly fell to the ground.

     After a shot, Shen Zeyan closed his gun silently, and once again held the 7ts side.

     His sniper style is like his man,

      doesn't have any fancy,

      doesn't have any extra operations.

     Quickly, silent, cold!

     You must know that compared to other positions, the power of the sniper lies in the one-strike one-kill ability!

     During Shen Zeyan’s sniper career, he has always believed that sniper is not in "show".

     It lies in "killing"!

     His two shots just now undoubtedly performed this to the extreme!

     In the fighting fish studio,

     I just saw this scene with a doubtful smile,

     His Adam's apple suddenly rolled, and the words in his mouth were held back abruptly."Shao Zeze fell down again!" Sika on the side was also called out in alarm, and then quickly analyzed, "In this case, the two sides will reduce the number of personnel on the 7ts side before the official exchange of fire, they The situation is very dangerous now."

     "Well, ig's two assaulters, Xiao Jue and Coco, have already drove to the side. Ze Shao blocked the front and pressed a bunker before taking advantage of the illusion. ig chose to attack actively and his style of play was very stable."

     In the live broadcast room, under the director's God's perspective.

     I saw that after 7ts fell two people, the remaining two did not fight the guns, but chose to cheer their teammates behind two stone bunkers.

     However, Xiao Jue and She Ke Ke, who quickly drove to the side, prevented the stone from becoming an effective cover for the 7ts.

     The two of 7ts who were supporting their teammates quickly let go, and moved towards a corner of the stone that could just jam the front and side gun lines.

     The two men who were kneeling on the ground by Shen Zeyan's headshot were suddenly desperate, but they could only crawl toward the corner with their heads buried in their heads.

     However, they have not had time to climb over,

     There was a burst of rifle firing from the side.


     For a while, the two people behind the stone were suddenly covered by a burst of bullets from the lasing, and in a blink of an eye, falls to the ground became two boxes.

     The illusion in the ig team couldn't help but excited, "beautiful! I continue to press forward! Dare to block us! You are not tender!"

     However, he just spoke,

     Just listen to the sound of a gunshot that is almost inaudible in the safe zone far away!

     laugh!At the next moment, a system kill prompt appeared at the bottom left of the screen!

     "4a-vic knocked down 7ts-client with 24 headshots!"
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