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199 The Chicken In The Finals! (Top) 5/5
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

When the poison ring counted down for about thirty seconds, the gunshots spread from the wild to the city of Y city.

     Most of the teams not in the safe zone chose to run poison at this point in time.

     In the live broadcast room of the Douyu Golden Grand Prix,

     In order for the director to give feedback to the audience in the live broadcast room on the real-time situation in various places, the game screen has been divided into three parts at this moment.

     In the city of y, I saw that the four teams not only had to face the enemies in the safe zone when they ran the poison, but those who ran the poison together were also stumbling each other and playing black hands.

     By the time they finally ran out, there were only two or three people left.

     All the rest fell on the poisonous road, under the bullets of the enemy in front of or behind him.

     And among these two or three people,

     It just so happens that there is Bai Shaobin from Tyloo.

     Speaking of Bai Shaobin's position just now was actually quite poor, he should have been killed with his teammates, but when he was out of town, Bai Shaobin found a small motorcycle parked on the roadside.

     At that time, although he knew that he would be swept down when he got into the car, his blood volume was less than half, and he didn't have a chance to fight medicine. If he didn't get into the car, it would be even cooler to be shot twice.

     Therefore, Bai Shaobin held the idea that "stretching one's head and shrinking one's head is also a knife". During the melee, he rushed over to ride the motorcycle and broke through the side.

     At that time, the battle was fierce, and the people around really didn't immediately notice the "Motorbike" who had run out halfway.

     When they reacted and pulled the gun to sweep over, Bai Shaobin had already rushed out of Y City.However, after he was shot again by the fate of Fu, the remaining blood drove the motorcycle out of the siege and plunged into the reservoir in the west of the city.

     His two teammates were all killed in battle.

     Bai Shaobin has also become a lone wolf wandering underwater

      In comparison, Liu Zilang, who is also a lone wolf, has a much better life.

     In the God's perspective of the director of the live broadcast, I saw that he was still in front of him with three steps and one squat, five steps and one squat.

     When approaching the safe zone, he lay directly on the ground, incarnate as a reptile

     In sharp contrast with Liu Zilang’s stability,

     It was the four of ig who fought blood in the smoke and rushed to kill.

     "We can see that there are currently two teams blocked in front of ig, namely douyu17 and nv. Among them, douyu17 is left with Dajing and Ma Niuniu. It is a double team. On the other side of nv, there are still three people left. ."

     "Well, the two teams seem to have reached a certain consensus at the moment. In the case of each having a cover, there is not much conflict between each other, but it is stuck on the ig side outside the circle. I think it is here. With this kind of firepower, it is difficult to press forward even if the smoke is closed. Is this game going to stop here?"

     "Oh! Coco tried to pull the gun line to the left, but he was knocked down as soon as he smoked! This is bad! This kind of place doesn't even have a bunker, and it's just a cool place to fall on the ground!"

     "Yes, although Ze Shao also used the opportunity of Coco to pull the gun line to fight back with a shot, but the two nv players who just played Coco are three-level heads, and Ze Shao's 98k does not have enough deterrent power! The other party can Take turns shooting against your sniper.""Yes, I feel that I can't stand the two of douyu17. Are there smoke bombs on the ig side? Now the more add hail to snow is that the poison is about to shrink at the back. I feel stuck here again. everything bodes ill, no positive signs!"

     In the studio, the three commentators saw ig's situation, and they all sang badly for a while.

     After all, the reality is in front of us,

     In this case, ig really there's nothing about it. It’s a great way to get into the circle, almost nine deaths and still alive.

     But at this moment, there is no warning!

     Suddenly a system kill prompt appeared at the bottom left of the game screen.

     "4a-vic knocked down nv-jiaozi with a crossbow headshot!"

     Seeing this sudden burst of sight,

     Not only the audience in the live broadcast room, but even the ig who are struggling to break through at this moment are stunned!

     Is this vic again?

     But why did he suddenly help us?

     At this moment Liu Zilang was not too close to them, and the sound of the crossbow shooting arrows had long since disappeared.

     I naturally didn't know that the person who had just shot the arrow was lying on the grass not far behind them. They thought that Liu Zilang was like the previous wave, hiding in the safe zone from the people who attacked the drug ring.

     "Why does this kid like to steal chickens?" Although the illusion said that, the joy on his face is exhibit one's feelings in one's speech.

     Because Liu Zilang’s robbery was really timely,

     It is simply to save them from water and fire!

     As for the illusion, Shen Zeyan's cold mouth seemed to suddenly become softer.

     Shot Coco, who fell to the ground, seemed to suddenly see a ray of light.He said excitedly, "It looks like a bitch still needs a bitch to grind! This vic is very good, this one has the opportunity to reward him with a chicken butt."

     The clinker is at this moment,

     Suddenly, a piercing sound in the ear!

     The next moment, a sharp arrow pierced the head of the fallen Shot Coco, instantly making up for him to death.

     "4a-vic killed ig-kitties with a crossbow headshot!"

     The three of Ig Illusion and Xiao Jue were stunned when they saw this, and they were a little dumbfounded. On the side, the corners of Shen Zeyan's mouth that had become somewhat soft became even more stiff.

     ? ? ?

     this person

     Which end is it?

      At this moment, Liu Zilang, who was lying obliquely behind the ig, was loading the next crossbow towards the crossbow.

     Which one is it?

     In fact, he really didn't think so much.

     Liu Zilang's idea is simple, the enemy's enemy is a friend.

     Right now the people next to the card poison are enemies, and ig is their enemy, so ig is a friend.

     Of course, friends should help!

     But just now the "friend" was knocked down. In order to prevent the enemy from getting the head, Liu Zilang naturally wanted to grab This human head.


     It seems that there is still one professional term explanation,

     It's called denying!

     At this moment, if you shoot Coco and know that Liu Zilang defines this wave of operation as "denying", I am afraid that you will be vomiting blood for three liters of anger!

     I am against your brother-in-law!

     But in any case, with Liu Zilang's secret arrow behind, the way into the circle from ig seems a lot easier.It should be noted, although Shen Zeyan's 98k is not too many persuasive in front of the third-level leaders of many teams in the finals.

     But Liu Zilang's incredible finals crossbow, at this moment, is no less than a terrorist deterrent!

     When Liu Zilang looked for an opportunity to knock down the two with a crossbow in an instant, the two teams in the safe zone did not dare to openly and without fear openly and without fear to set up guns.

      has to say ig's grasp of timing,

     Still quite keen!

     As soon as the gunfire of the other party weakened, they immediately threw out the last two smokes and ran towards the reservoir.

     Now enter the safe zone of the circle from their side,

     The limited slopes and stone shelters were occupied by douyu17 and nv.

     So as soon as the three of them entered the circle, in a burst of gunfire, they quickly thumped into the water like ducks.


     They saw Bai Shaobin practicing underwater swimming.