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200 The Chicken In The Finals! (under)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Fighting fish, in the studio of the Golden Grand Prix.

     Seeing that ig can successfully break through in such a situation, the audience and the audience in the live broadcast room were also surprised for a while.

     "My God! I didn't expect the three of ig to enter the circle in the end. I still thought they were going to total defeat of an army and were stuck outside the poison."

     "It's reasonable, ig can enter the circle. The follow behind vic is definitely made a great merit. If he didn't snipe the firepower of the two teams, let douyu17 and nv team busy with helping people, there is not enough Firepower Suppression Ig couldn’t find an opportunity to enter the circle at all."

     "Well, but we can see that vic is still behind crawling. He couldn't enter the circle with ig just now, but fortunately, the attention of the two teams on the poison side was attracted by the three ig who entered the circle. They arrived So far, no Vic has been found lying on the ground."

     "But now there is a problem that the poison has begun to shrink! Once Vic stands up, he should be discovered."

     In the game, at this moment, Liu Zilang wearing auspicious clothes did not stand up, but still crawling forward on the ground.

     Soon, the deep blue radiation net will cover both his lower body and both legs, who is lying on the ground.

     It seems that he is already eating poison, but in fact he has not lost blood.

     This is actually a judgment of injury in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. When a person is lying on the ground, half of his body will not lose blood in poison.

     Even so, Liu Zilang's current situation still looks more dangerous.

     Because the poison is constantly shrinking, it seems that it may surpass Liu Zilang at any time.But in fact, Liu Zilang's current position of entering the circle is at a point close to the safe zone and the poison circle, so the contraction speed of the poison is relatively slow.

     Under the camera of the director, countless viewers in the live broadcast room stared nervously at Liu Zilang, who was lying on the ground like a caterpillar.

     Although Liu Zilang and Poison Ring kept moving relative to each other, the latter seemed to be faster, and soon came to his chest.

     In this case, Liu Zilang's blood volume also began to drop.

     Seeing this, many viewers in the live broadcast room became unconsciously nervous.

     They don’t really care about Liu Zilang’s safety, but they just feel like someone as cheap as Vic, how can they die from running drugs?

     At the very least, it has to be shot to death in order to afford general satisfaction!

     on the lawn,

     Liu Zilang looked at the border of the safe zone a little nervously.

     The people from douyu17 and nv in the front have not left. If he gets up at this moment and is seen, it will really waste all one's previous efforts, 100% dead.

     Therefore, Liu Zilang could only gritted his teeth and continued crawling, racing against death.

     Of course, if he knew the voice of the audience in the live broadcast at the moment, he might really stay in the poison zone.

     You are so angry!

     "Oh! Vic's blood volume! Why do I feel like he can't get out!"

     "This poison is too painful! Vic's blood volume is getting less and less, and now he has no chance to fight medicine, this blood loss speed is even more difficult to fight!"

     "Can this wave of Vic go out? He squatted up!"

     In the game screen, seeing the blood volume there is not much left, you will die if you don't stand up.Liu Zilang can't take care of that much.

     He quickly squatted up and moved forward!

     At the moment when he became poisoned,

     Liu Zilang's health bar can hardly see any health!

     He did not continue to move forward, but sharp-eyed and deft-handed quickly bent over and got down, forms a coherent whole!

     In an instant, he once again showed the extreme position of the lower body in the poison and the upper body outside the poison!

      At this moment, Liu Zilang’s health bar is almost invisible!

     Ran goose,

     He just survived!

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room was also in an uproar, a little stunned!

     Although they didn't want Liu Zilang to die in the poison, they never thought that Liu Zilang would be able to escape the poison so much!

     "666! Isn't this Nima dead?"

     "Fuck! You also said that you are not blood-locked!"

     "The bloodlock is hammered! Otherwise it's unscientific!"

     "Mom asked me why I was watching the live broadcast on my knees. Who can tell me how much blood he still has!"

     "One drop can't be more!"

     "One drop is too much! Half a drop is fine."

     "By the way, vic finally got down to the limit! I learned it!"

     "This is really good person doesn't live long, bad person lasts for a thousand years!"


     In the game, after Liu Zilang fell down with a tactic of poisoning, he quickly filled his health with the medical box.

      has to say, this feeling of watching your blood volume rise from empty blood to full blood all at once.

     Really a word,


     And after the border between the drug circle and the safe zone overlapped,The next safe zone was also refreshed.

     Liu Zilang, who was feeling refreshed, couldn't help but his eyes twitched!

     Because this safe area not only abandoned him again, but also brushed into a diagonal circle, brushed into the water at the edge of the reservoir and on the shore.

     Liu Zilang was in pain, and suddenly there was a violent and rapid gunshot in front of him.

     It turned out that after ig broke through the siege,

     The fragile alliance between douyu17 and nv, who had been in the gangster circle, collapsed instantly.

     Right now the safe zone is not on the two sides, and when they run the drug circle, the two teams will definitely not be able to say that they will work together.

      This time, before the poison ring has been wiped out, they naturally want a blitzkrieg strategy.

     Da Da Da -!



     In the smoke of gunpowder, the two teams threw thunder and sniped again, and the fighting was extremely lingering and intense.

     The final ending is somewhat beyond expectation,

     The nv of the trio team was accidentally bombed by the thunder thrown by Ma Niubi in this wave of confrontation, and they flew up and landed instantly.

     But when Ma Niubi wanted the fighting spirit aroused by the first roll of drums to kill a third person, he was taken away by the rest of nv who seized the opportunity to counterattack.

      At the same time, Dajing of Douyu17 took advantage of this opportunity to jump out and kill the last person left in nv.

     The result is that douyu17 changed the three of nv at the price of one down!

     "Extreme 2v! 3 wonderful anti-kill!"

     "Brilliant old iron!"

     "This wave of Team 17 is really beautiful!"

     Seeing this scene, the three commentators in the live broadcast room and countless audiences also froze instantly!has to say, the popularity of douyu17 team in Douyu is still quite high.

     However, at this moment, I only heard a "swish"!

     A cold arrow struck suddenly, and it pierced the forehead of Da Jing who was saving people!

     "4a-vic killed douyu17-dajg with a crossbow!"

     Seeing this, the previously boiling audience in the live broadcast room seemed to have been splashed with cold water, and the burning passion in the chest was suddenly extinguished.

     At this moment, the shot of the director happened to be given to Liu Zilang.

     Seeing that the "Grassman" who had been lying down for most of the game finally stopped/stood from the grass, the audience in the live room couldn't help but twitch their eyes

     Why is this getting darker than this game?

     And the two douyu17 who were attacked saw the poison side suddenly stood up alone, and the whole person was not good!

     At this moment, the audience in the live broadcast room has a deeper understanding of Liu Zilang's style of play.

     That's what makes people tremble with fear than just getting up!

     Get up,

     It is even more chilling!