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201 As If Retreating And Advancing, Live Toward Death! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Liu Zilang did not expect that his own style of play would bring this kind of "cold all over" perception to the audience.

     If he knew it, he would probably ask again,

     Don’t you usually play like this?

     Why can't I?

     But at the moment he can't control these off-field "rumors and slanders".

     In the game, Liu Zilang didn't run a few steps toward the front, he saw a scene that made people "love to hear and see".

     I saw three people standing near the reservoir not far in front, throwing mines into the water and frying fish.

     "We can see that there are only nine people left on the court. There are five people in the water. They are three people from ig, one from Tyloo, and one from Lyb."

     "Well, the three people who are throwing thunder on the shore are se7en's three people, two of them set up guns, and one threw thunder. If I didn't remember correctly, they were also the people who got stuck outside the city of Y. It seems that Qiu Shen has cleared up with his teammates. I dropped the people around the reservoir, so now I can fry fish safely here."

     "Yes, but se7en obviously doesn't know the specific number of people in the water. They seem to think that the rest of the people are in the water, but they didn't expect someone to come by the poison side."

     "Look! Vic is here! He still has a crossbow!"

     "My God! Isn't he still changing his sniper? Is he really going to play this game with a crossbow?"

     "Huh? Vic seems to have changed his sniper! Wait! I'm not mistaken! He is now 98k with left hand and crossbow with right hand! Isn't that kidding?"

     Hear a series of exclaims from the commentary!

     The audience in the live broadcast room also looked in that direction.In the picture, I saw that Liu Zilang was holding a 98k that he had just licked.

     But what he carried behind his back was a crossbow!

     What the hell?

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room was instantly messed up!

     This is going to cause trouble again!

     However, Liu Zilang's next move was to tell them that he did not want to cause trouble.

     After approaching the edge of the safe zone, Liu Zilang quickly got down and climbed into the safe zone again.

     And when he climbed into the safe zone,

     Not far ahead, the three of se7en and Li Muqiu were furiously fried fish!



     Another thunder was thrown down!

     As soon as se7en came over, he fought around with the people stuck at the reservoir.

     Seeing the previous kill prompt, Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin in the water naturally knew who was throwing thunder on the shore so high at the moment.

     Thinking of this, the corners of their eyes twitched when they were blown up as fish in the water.

     Bai Shaobin slandered the se7en "Gemini" back then, one is really cheaper than the other!

     Shen Zeyan narrowed his eyes slightly, and the corners of his mouth became more and more cold.

     At this moment, lyb's lone wolf suddenly touched the shore, apparently wanting to go ashore early.

     The few people behind saw this suddenly a thought flashed through the mind,

     The opportunity is here!


     So in the next moment,

     The gunshots around the reservoir spread in an instant!

     The man on the shore fired a gun,

     The person in the water wants to rush up!In an instant, the number of people on the court dropped sharply!

     "My God! This wave is a big melee! The lone wolf that lyb rushed ashore first was taken away by se7en! But on the ig side, Xiao Jue and Illusion, who rushed ashore on the Second Echelon side, also fought each other!"

     "Oh! Pretty Xiaojue and the illusion have great firepower! They knocked down the two se7en! But their own health is not much."

     "But this wave of ak pressure shots from Qiu Shen! My God! You deserve to be the king of melee combat, this wave is too accurate! He actually took away Xiao Jue and Illusion in an instant!"

     "Yes! And Qiu Shen is still full of blood so far! Ze Shao and Nighthawk are half of their bodies in the water. To be fair, this wave of Qiu Shen on the shore has a great advantage!"

     "Yes! Very big! It can be said to have an advantage over the sky..."

     The clinker laughs hasn’t finished yet.

     In the game screen, only Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin, who were half of their bodies in the water, went ashore at the same time!

     The next moment, the crisp sound of sniper guns suddenly exploded!

     In the director’s God's perspective,

     At the moment when Shen Zeyan and Bai Shaobin landed, they cut out a handful of 98k at the same time.




      in a flash, two sniper bullets burst out of the gun!

     Li Muqiuak, who was standing on the bank with a "bigger advantage than the sky," was just pulled by the commentary.

     The next moment, the dark third-level helmet on his head suddenly burst!

     The whole person was hit back by the huge impact of the two sniper bullets that hit his head almost at the same time!

     Then he fell to the ground feebly,Turned into a box...


      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!

     Seeing this scene, the countless viewers in Douyu's official live broadcast room did not boil or cheer...

     But all were stunned!

      At this moment, thousands of words converged into three words in their minds!