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202 Debut Is The Peak? (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, there has been a rumor that he holds Thunder and the enemy Perish Together, and then "eat two chickens".

     In fact, from theoretically speaking, Perish Together is possible.

     One chicken for two is not necessarily.

     In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, there are countless computers running calculations. This calculation can be accurate to every millisecond, every nanosecond, etc., which means that there will always be a moment when the blood volume of the a player of the two players is zero. of.

     It seems that the people who ate chicken were also killed by bombing, but in fact, the data after eating chicken did not stop computing, which led to the death of the people who were killed by no means, and naturally there is no so-called "one chicken, two have eaten.

     In other words, whoever eats the chicken in the end depends on who dies first.

     And who will die first,

     It depends on who is closer to Ray.

     In front of Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan, this wave of confrontation,

     It depends on who the bullet is further away.

     The same two 98k!

     The inhuman reaction of the fps peak player in the same millisecond level!

     The reason why Liu Zilang survived this wave,

     It's because after he fired a shot, that seemingly small step took him a big step away from death.

     The bullet hit Shen Zeyan first,

     First emptied his blood.

     Although the bullet he blasted towards Liu Zilang also hit, it was judged to be an invalid attack by the system!

     Betta Gold Grand Prix, in the official live broadcast room of 6 million people.

     When the director gave the replay of that wave of peak kills just now for the third time, Sika in the live broadcast room suddenly let out an exclamation!"Wei Shen, who was transformed from the vioba game,

     And xxx and xx...

     What has to say here is that the id of professional players are generally fixed, and they will fight one after another game.

     Among the large number of famous or unfamiliar players, all the viewers in the live broadcast room have never heard of a vi sniper. It can still steal the players who are more powerful, but they cannot become lyb is stronger than the latter.

     However, this wave of Liu Zilang is different. There is little difference in both gun blood volume and equipment, and they are even more fair and just 1v1 direct confrontation.

      Thought until here, not only the Wei Shen trio, but also the countless viewers in the live broadcast room overwhelmed by emotions.

     Will they witness the birth of another "Jedi Sniper" tonight?

     At this time, the person in charge of Douyu's face value area can't sit still!

     He quickly found the contact details Liu Zilang left when he opened the live broadcast room in the backstage of Douyu,

     Originally he wanted to call him hesitated for a moment, but he chose to send a text message first.

     This is not a temptation, but an attitude,


      at this moment, in the bedroom of an apartment somewhere in Jianghai.

     Liu Zilang is completely without a kind of consciousness at the center of Storm Vortex.

     Perhaps in the eyes of the audience, Liu Zilang’s last slight regression that subverted the war was extremely spiritual, resemble nature itself,

     Without a trace of fireworks.

     So after the playback, many people think that Liu Zilang's operation looks ordinary at first.

     But the more you look, the more amazing it is!But to be honest, Liu Zilang seemed to have swiped a lightning in his mind during the Life and Death Instant just now. It was a blessing to make such an operation.

     So he is now in a shock and aftertaste.

     And at that moment that just killed Shen Zeyan,

     It also made him seem to have returned to three years ago, and the feeling of shaking body and mind returned to Liu Zilang's body.

     If Liu Zilang's attitude towards PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds was just casual.

     So at that moment,

     He seemed to have found a sense of belonging.

     It seems to have found the lost self in this game, or the passion and blood that has been lost.

     You remember that when Liu Zilang first entered the se7en base three years ago, in order to prove that he was scoring day and night, and to train and improve his ability to play as soon as possible, he fell asleep on the gaming chair in front of the computer for about a week. of.

     At that time, he had a dream of e-sports. Although he was the youngest in the base, anyone who saw that tenacity had to be convinced, otherwise Shen Zeyan would not give him the position of captain.

     But six months ago, Liu Zilang’s dream was shattered, and the pressure at home in reality made him choose to escape.

     In the end it became a puddle of slime.

     But at this moment, between dream and reality,

     Liu Zilang picked up this 98k.