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203 One Generation Is More Waves! (Fourth More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the live broadcast room of the Betta Gold Grand Prix.

     The fourth race is going on like wildfire, and now it has already entered the third finals from the bottom.

     The final round of this game swept to the wilderness south of S City, with a clear view, almost without too many bunkers, so as soon as the poison circle contracted, the battle became more intense than ever!

     "Okay, there are still 18 people on the field. We can see that the situation before 4a is very unfavorable. They were condemned to stay away from the safe zone in this circle, and there is the only 17shou hoped by the Douyu17 team!

     "Yes, in addition to this game 4avi's small eye-catching!"

     "Yes! But 17 also exposed the target because of this, and was collected by the Ifty team in the safe zone to take away the head!"

     "Well, 4a is pressing forward! This opportunity is well caught! Oh! Ifty is also attacked, they were beaten back by Tyloo who entered the circle from the back!"

     "Nighthawk's wave is very important, he snipes an ifty's firepower point when he comes up!"

     Accompanied by the words of the commentary, gunshots spread across the wilderness...

     Almost all teams chose to shoot at this point in time!

     Because when the bunkers are scarce,

     You don't hit others,

     Others will beat you!

     For a while, the path after path kill prompt was displayed on the bottom left of the screen.

     The number of survivors on the field suddenly declined.

     Soon there were only ten people left.

     Among them, there are still two that the opponent did not dare to make up after falling to the ground, and the teammates did not dare to help.

     "We can see that there is currently k!"In the next moment, the image of Douyu's official live broadcast room freezes instantly!

      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!

      ranked first, the 4a team!

      ranked second, Team Tyloo!

     Ranked third, arni team!


     After seeing the screen freeze, the ranking data statistics panel appeared on the game customization interface.

     The commentary in the live broadcast room and countless audiences also boiled instantly!

     "Wow! My goodness! 4a is 4a again. Their match was in the finals for consecutive scourges! In team vi, tonight we simply staged a textbook-style Jedi counterattack! Four main games and three games! Chicken! The total points lead the audience, without a doubt, we will become the overall champion of the second season of the Betta Gold Grand Prix tonight!"

     "Yes, and this champion is full of gold! Oh! The staff member at the backstage has already given the kill statistics! After the four main games tonight, the 4a team killed first in total, followed by ig, and then se7en. !"

     "The other four on average games with the highest number of individual kills have also come out! The 4a sniper vic is ranked first! This is the first rookie player who entered the field of view of our Grand Prix! With an average of 16 kills in a single game Achievement! Climb to the top of our killer list! Become the number one killer in tonight's Gold Award finals!"

     "Wow! Does it average 16 kills in a single game? That means vic killed a total of 64 people tonight! Putting it in a game is equivalent to killing more than half of the people on the field!""That's right, and according to the feedback from our back-end staff members, the highest killer in the Fighting Fish Grand Prix last season was the autumn god of the se7en team! His single on average kill in four games was only 14 kills."

     "Well, I remember that Qiu Shen's record was 10 kills ahead of second place at the time, but tonight, this record was beaten by vic! The anchor of our Douyu's face value area! Use a more inconceivable, more inconceivable The shocking kill record was successfully broken!"


     Among the three exciting words in the studio,

     The news of the 4a crown spread like wildfire on Weibo, Tieba, Hupu, nga and other PUBG forums!

     And the new generation of killing god vic in Douyu's face value area!

     This id is like a hurricane passing by, quickly sweeping across the network, and it became famous for a while!