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210 Don't Bully The Young Man! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     There was a flash of fire in the muzzle, and countless shots burst out like Rainstorm Flower!

     But Liu Zilang is not a reckless man.

      Naturally impossible, he rushed across the wall and punched the man with his fist.

     At this time, he quickly ran towards the jeep.

     But even so, his body was rubbed by a shotgun bullet, and his blood volume instantly dropped by half.

     The person holding s1897 sprayed out,

     It seems dazed for a moment.

     He immediately sneered, pulled the bolt and filled the bullet, and quickly followed Liu Zilang in pursuit!


     Liu Zilang is short.

     It's empty!

     The man was taken aback again, and immediately chased up again very dissatisfied!

     At this moment, with the sprayer in his hand, he doesn’t worry about being hammered to death with his fist by Liu Zilang.

     Unless Liu Zilang’s fist is made of iron,

     And faster than his bullet!

     So next,

     A very dramatic scene was staged.

     I saw the two people next to the jeep circling the car and playing with them.

     Just after the man hit three shots in a row, he reluctantly stopped on the other side of the car and shot the shots.



     One after another, 12-caliber bullets were pushed into the barrel, and the man stared at Liu Zilang angrily, wondering how to tender him after this wave of bullets!

     The clinker was at this moment, and Liu Zilang, who was in the front of the car, suddenly disappeared on the spot.

     As if teleporting, the driver got on the car and got off at position 4, suddenly appeared in front of the person on the other side of the car.

     Damn it!The man was dumbfounded, and immediately wanted to stop shooting.

     But s1987, this spray gun could not be shot immediately when it suddenly stopped loading in the middle.

     Instead, there will be a brief jam.

     Liu Zilang seized this jamming opportunity and jumped up in front of the person, his fists constantly enlarged in the person's eyes.


     After he hit the man's head with a fist, another Black Tiger Rip Out The Heart hit the man's chest.

     This combination of punches came down, and the person holding the sprayer suddenly tilted the head and belched on the spot.

     I saw him limp on the ground weakly,

     Turned into a box

     Isn't it a second fool to be knocked down by a fist?

     Thinking of this sentence, the person suddenly felt extremely bored, and almost squirted out a mouthful of blood!

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room was also a bit dumbfounded. They really didn't expect that Liu Zilang could actually take that person away with their fists.

     "666, I will take this wave of teleportation combination punches!"

     "This Nima is fake? Vic is not dead?"

     "One Punch Man is too much! Don't think that you can act wilfully by implanting a personal external hanger."

     "Vic: I'm sorry, labor and management can really act wilfully!"

     "Hahaha, this can survive. I thought Vic and Teacher Ma were about to land into a box again."

     "Just escape from calamity bound for good fortune, ah, tut, I can smell chicken!"


     In the game, Da Sima also shook his whole body, watching this scene with a little astonishment.After he saw Liu Zilang rushing out, the mouse had already predicted the place where he would appear in the return hall, ready to return instantly.

     However, Liu Zilang's combination of punches almost made him tremble, and accidentally clicked back.

     "That person is going to fish!" Da Sima lost his sentence first, and then said to Liu Zilang, "You Lianjiazi!"

     "Just a little Kungfu Skill." Liu Zilang said modestly.

     "Uh" Da Sima choked, unexpectedly Liu Zilang answered so calmly.

     But seeing that he was still kneeling there, he quickly said, "Save me, save me! Oh! There is still one person over there!"

     In the game at the moment, there is still one at the bridgehead, seeing that the situation is wrong, and ran towards the bridge.

     This person is the teammate of the "Autumn Mountain Bike God" who drove the jeep and hit someone but was killed by a sprayer.

     Hearing this, Liu Zilang quickly picked up the s1897 in the box under him. Before he could catch the bullet, he jumped into the jeep and started the car and chased the man running on the bridge.

     Seeing the death of his teammate on the bridge, he originally wanted to survive and took the share of his teammate to eat chicken.

     So I took the opportunity to drive away when I saw something was wrong, and I wanted to cross the bridge first.

     As a result, he never expected that Liu Zilang would let his teammates be saved, and followed him to catch up.

     The man suddenly cursed in his heart!

     Is this person crude?

     Is it necessary to kill them quickly?

     Soon, Liu Zilang, who was driving a jeep behind him, caught up with him in the middle of the bridge.At first, the man hid behind the waste car on the bridge. He wanted to prevent Liu Zilang from hitting people and sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat.

     But Liu Zilang was on the brakes.

     Just jumped down.

     "Hey hey hey! Brother dei! Have a discussion, see how is it in the finals?"

     The man tried to launch a "language offensive",

     beg for mercy.

     "I don't think it is necessary."

     Liu Zilang smiled, said, "Well, don't run, I will give you a chance for a fair duel."

     "A chance for a fair duel?" The man couldn't help but his eyes twitched.

     Because after Liu Zilang got out of the car, while saying this, while approaching the person, he took out the spray on his back and started bombing.

     This sounds so unconvincing!

     The man knew that the roughness of the man in front of him was far beyond his own words.

      Thought until here, while he was talking immediately, not a word or movement, he moved towards the waste car by the bridge beside him.

     Then when Liu Zilang approached, he suddenly jumped onto the front of the car.

     While leaping toward the guardrail of the bridge, he shouted, "thirty years on the east side of the river thirty years on the west side of the river, do not bully the youths just because they are poor, the dog Don't get caught by labor and management!"

     He just uttered the clinker, and only heard a "bang"!

     Behind Liu Zilang's s1897's muzzle flashed fire, and countless shots shot at the man suddenly!

     Puff puff!

     The body of the man who jumped out of the railing instantly burst into a cloud of blood, then he stagnated in the air and fell abruptly.

     Liu Zilang walked over and looked under the bridge.I saw the sea under the bridge,

      a wooden box, floating with the waves.

     In the live broadcast room, countless viewers were dumbfounded when they saw this scene!

     Force people to jump into the sea!

     Return Nima quickly to kill!

     "Fuck! Vic is getting more and more beasts than this!"

     "This wave is simply inferior to a beast|pervert! But I still want to say well done!"

     "Hahaha, that is better than LMAO, do not bully the youths just because they are poor, read more novels!"

     "By the way, vic is really a squirt! He actually killed that person in the air and let that person fall into a box."

     "It's okay to fall into a box! Others are landing into a box."


     In the game, Liu Zilang quickly got into the jeep after killing people, turned the car and drove back.

     After rescuing Da Sima, Liu Zilang picked up five bandages when he threw it out and licked the spray.

     "Shall we go to the airport?" Liu Zilang asked.

     "Go! Of course we are going! Otherwise, our car was not robbed for nothing!" Da Sima said simply after putting on the bandages, "And I analyzed that we finished the fight at the bridge here, the airport must be ours, this one There is a high probability that the route of the airport is the airport circle, so the airport we circumstances require action!"

     Hearing Da Sima's analysis, Liu Zilang has nothing to say.

     The two got on the jeep and drove all the way towards the airport.

     Halfway through the drive, the first circle was brushed.

     Really an airport circle!

     Da Sima suddenly chuckled, "Look! What am I talking about?"

     But when I arrived at the airport,The two were stunned.

     I saw several cars parked by the fence outside the airport, and it seemed that someone was already the quick-footed climb up first.
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