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215 A Long Distance Away! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In the live broadcast room, many viewers laughed after seeing Liu Zilang's thunder.

     "666, one thunder and two kills!"

     "Distressed for a wave of these two buddies, I don't know where they are if they die."

     "Puff! Would they think someone came in stealth and threw a thunder?"

     "Vic is really too much, can't you just shoot someone to death?"

     "Yes! At least it's a little peaceful for people to walk away!"

     "Look at the corpse in Qiaotou! Dead but will not close the eyes!"


     West Bridge Bridge Head.

     Da Sima circled around from below before climbing up with great difficulty.

     Hearing the thunder from the bridge, Da Sima thought that the battle had already started, and he was suddenly excited. While running, he habitually shouted, "Charge! Charge!"

     When he got to the bridge, he was a little dumbfounded.

      In the peaceful cargo box,

     There are two peaceful boxes lying there.

     Everything seemed very quiet.

     Da Sima also hadn't thought that the two goods arrived at the bridge head and actually lay down in the cargo box, and they were blown up by Liu Zilang on the bridge with a thunder

     This is so toxic!

     Although he thought a little things turn out contrary to the way one wishes, but this did not affect Da Sima's licking the bag in the least.

     After he jumped into the cargo box, he licked and hehe,

     That's a fragrance!

     Liu Zilang, who was squatting on the bridge, was too troublesome to climb up and down, and he didn't lack any supplies, so he squatted on it.After Da Sima finished licking his bag, there was another roar of the car engine from the bridgehead.

     Here comes someone again!

     The two eyes shined, quickly raise the spirits and wait for the jeep that boomed from the bridge to approach!

     Wait until the car reaches the middle of the bridge.

     Liu Zilang on the bridge held 16, the big Sima in the carriage set up 4, and the two shot the jeep with a burst of fire!

     The two in the jeep hadn’t come to stop after the attack.

     Liu Zilang and Dasi at the bridge head immediately joined forces, to paint holding two brushes, and shot them down, and they instantly turned into two boxes.

     Seeing this scene, Da Sima chuckled, "I'll park the car for the two little bosses."

     He immediately jumped out of the cargo box with agility and ran toward the car.

     Then he licked a few picks, then drove the jeep back and hid it behind the bridge.

     The next two squatted on the bridge again,

     Waiting for the prey to come.

     But it may be that the first circle of poison has shrunk to the end of the bridge, and the people who are going to cross the bridge are almost nearby.

     Liu Zilang and Da Sima just made such a big move, and they had no reason to hear the sound.

     So when the next car appeared in sight, the two were looking forward to it.

     Unexpectedly, the car stopped at the bridge head, and then the two got out of the car and squatted down behind the bunker at the bridge head, quietly looking at them.

     However, what the two of them did not know was that Liu Zilang, who was squatting on the bridge, saw their movements be very clear about sth.Stretched his right hand,

     Eightfold 98k appeared in his hand.

     Liu Zilang took a glance at it, and the two white dangling second-level helmets squatting behind the bunker were unusually striking.

     A smile turned up at the corner of his mouth, does not hesitate at all and pulled the trigger!


     The gunfire!

     A sniper bullet shot off the bridge like an electric fire!


     The second-level head of the man on the left side of the bunker suddenly shattered, and the whole person knelt back to the ground!

     "Fuck! Who beats labor and capital!"

     "Climb to my side! Hearing gunshots seems to be on the opposite bridge."

     "You got it wrong! I didn't miss it at all, Qiaotou how can it be hit me?"

     "Ah? That's right! Is there anyone behind us?"


     The two were struggling, waiting until the man who fell on the ground climbed to a place they felt was safer.

     The man next to him is reaching out to help someone,

     The gunfire sounded again!

     A sniper bullet flew through the air and smashed his secondary helmet instantly!

     Then the man languidly fell to the ground,

     Double the box with teammates

     Until they died, they didn't figure out where they hit them!

     "Fuck! Two more dead but will not close the eyes!"

     "Woohoo! Cry! Cry for me!"

     "I didn't expect you to be such an anchor! Is it fun to squat on it?"

     "I beg you to come down quickly! Let people walk peacefully!"

     "Spicy chicken anchor bullies stealthily! Report it!"Liu Zilang glanced at the barrage in the live broadcast room and couldn't help but the corners of his mouth crooked, N said, "Hehe, with the ability to go to the bridge, why should I get down?"

     The tone was so cheap that people couldn't help but want to come to live pk.

     But at this moment,

     Just listen to a gunshot from a distance!


     The next moment, a bunch of blood burst out on Liu Zilang's head on the bridge!

     Then he suddenly squatted on the bridge,

     Become kneeling on the bridge!

     Soon, a system knockdown prompt appeared at the bottom left of the screen!

     "Rgriz knocked down vic123 with a headshot!"

     Seeing this abruptly arising scene, the audience in the live broadcast room couldn't help but stunned, and then excitedly raised the bullet screen!

     "Wow! This shot is awesome!"

     "Hahaha! Forgive me for laughing out loud!"

     "This is what a bitch has to take! Please continue your performance!"

     "Let you be more mad, dare you now? Apologize to us!"


     Amidst the happy laughter and cheerful voices in the live broadcast room, at this moment, someone suddenly wondered,

     "Huh? Is the person who just beat vic id You didn't feel a bit familiar?"

     "Rgriz? Isn't this Nima God?"

     "G god? What g god?"

     "Anchor on itch! The top Jedi gods abroad! I feel like Vic is as proficient in rifle and sniper guns!"

     "I went to watch the live broadcast of Goddess G! It really is God God!"

     "Just came back from the live broadcast room of God G! His live broadcast room was exploded! It seems that God G was shot very far from here, one of the gods is sniping!"""

      at the same time, itch live broadcast platform.

     In a live broadcast room named Griz, a handsome and handsome boy is sitting on an gaming chair, holding his head in his hands excitedly, repeating excitedly in his mouth, "ohygod! tf! oh! yes! yesyes"

     The anchor named Anthony in the line with him smiled, "Hey buddy! did you see, this is the fun of the trumpet, there are always some idiots motionless like a statue for you to practice marksmanship."

     The two are one of the teams that just sailed across the sea.

     At this moment, their location is near the coastal housing area about a kilometer west of Qiaotou.

     "No! no! Please don't insult my opponent! I think he is a very thoughtful opponent!"

     Upon hearing Anthony's words, Griz immediately shook the head.

     He immediately said proudly, "Admit it, buddy! I know you are jealous of my handsome shot! Now your distance is also a thousand meters! You can also challenge it."

     "That's not fair!" Anthony refused without the slightest hesitation, "You use a, but I am kar98. The effective range of my sniper rifle is not as far as you!"

     "Haha, if you are willing to bet something, I don't mind lending you my a."

     After hearing this, griz began to seduce his good friends.
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