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216 Human Body Hanging VS Mouth Hanging! (Fourth More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

"I reject!"

     Anthony without the slightest hesitation said.

     Then he shook his head and said, "Now that the other party is vigilant, it is impossible for me to squat over there like a target like I did just now, and I can't do it."

     "Hehe, buddy, it seems that you finally admit that my shot is not something ordinary people can do." Griz teased.

     "Damn! I may not!" Anthony argued.

     In God's live broadcast room, two friends are bickering with each other.

      at the same time,

     On the bridge, Liu Zilang knelt over there and clutched his abdomen, looking miserable. He was very different from the high-spirited and vigorous just now.

     He glanced at the bridge deck below, feeling that the height should not be enough to fall to death, and quickly moved his body and jumped down.

     Since the other side was hit by the shot just now,

     If you stay on it again, you may be shot again and then it will be really cold.

     Da Sima, who was squatting in the cargo box, hurried over and bends down, holding down Liu Zilang and starting to help others.

     And after confirming that it was God who had just shot Liu Zilang headshot, the barrage in his live broadcast room also exploded.

     "Fuck! God's score shouldn't be low, right? Can Vic and Teacher Ma be ranked to God's now?"

     "It seems that Anthony, a good friend of God G, opened the trumpet. This Nima is cold!"

     "I was in the live broadcast of Goddess G just now, that shot really made me look handsome!"

     "Also in the G-God live broadcast room, G-God is really fierce! Just a slap in the mouth, a shot came!"

     "Push your mouth? I said, how can Nima be so accurate! It turned out that'Push Mouth Hanging' came online.""Haha, isn't vic more powerful than human implants that claim to be at least one week ahead of the earth's technology? I don't know who is more powerful when you encounter the guts of God?"

     "Human body hanging vs. mouth hanging? Fuck! Humanoid wall hanging battle! I'm excited just thinking about it!"


     On Qiaotou's side, Liu Zilang was fighting drugs after he was beaten to death and helped him. He took time to go out and glanced behind the bullet screen, realised immediately in his heart.

     This Griz is a well-known anchor of the game on itch. Unlike most fps professional players, he tried many games on live broadcast, and finally found his own belonging. And because of the handsome guy and the funny style, he quickly became popular and attracted. He has a large number of fans, and he is also a talented player. He has won the championship in another official online contest of survival shooting game, and has a gun named after him.

     And he often habitually pursed his mouth when he was aiming seriously, so he was jokingly called "pursing" by some domestic audiences.

     Just a headshot from this kilometer away,

     It is undoubtedly a manifestation of his peak strength.

     After helping Liu Zilang up, Da Sima looked at the barrage in the live broadcast room and knew that they seemed to have encountered a monster.

     "Hey! This team should have just sailed past." Da Sima shook the head, "I knew it would have been better if I had just found a chance to blow up their boat, it was a mistake!"

     "It's kind of interesting." Liu Zilang cocked his mouth and said.

     He took a first aid kit and didn't even drink a drink, so he turned around and opened the mirror to look over there."Hey! There are cargo boxes and helmets over there." Da Sima couldn't help but reminded him.

     "Opposite a." Liu Zilang said not a word or movement.

     Da Sima is also realised immediately.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang squinted slightly, searching for the target in the magnifier.

     At this moment, his pupils suddenly shrank, and immediately squatted down!


     At the moment he squatted down, a sniper bullet suddenly flew over his scalp!

     It turned out that a very small figure just appeared in his field of vision. Although he could see where he was aiming, he could see a motionless like a statue stood in place.

     That inherent sense of smell made Liu Zilang instantly sensed danger!

     It turns out that

     This squat did indeed save his life.

     But at this moment, Liu Zilang's heart is there's nothing about it, but an inexplicable excitement surges.

     Got you!

     He looked at the screen in front of him, and the corners of his mouth curled up again.

     itch platform, griz's live room.

     "Oh! My goodness! He just squatted!" Griz suddenly said in a surprisedly voice.

     Unlike other snipers who like to lift their guns to calculate ballistics when hitting long distances, Griz is one of the few players in PUBG who are accustomed to adjusting the distance to zero when hitting long distances.

     He just knocked down Liu Zilang with his first headshot, which shows that the zero point distance is appropriate.

     Although Liu Zilang got off the bridge and moved a certain distance, compared to one kilometer away, this error is actually not a big deal.It also means that his second shot is very likely to hit the opponent with a headshot again.

     However, Griz was in the field of view of his eightfold lens just now,

     Seeing that the man on the bridge shot a shot in his hand, he made a squat movement.

     His aiming shot was also empty.

     Thinking of this scene, griz was suddenly surprised again!

     Is it a coincidence?

     He was thinking like this when a 98k gunshot suddenly came from the bridge a kilometer away!

     griz was slightly surprised, and a bullet flew over his helmet.


     But the other party is fighting back!

     Seeing this scene, Anthony on the side couldn't help but smile, "I said, man, it seems that the shot you just didn't make the opponent scared!"

     "Haha, I like tough opponents!" Griz grins.

     Immediately, I saw a in his hand quickly pulled the bolt, raised the lens again and aimed at the bridge!

     But at that moment when he opened the lens, before he had time to aim, Griz's pupils shrank suddenly!

     In the next instant, he heard the sound of bullets in his ears suddenly sounding, and his vision suddenly shook with a bloody head burst!

      At the same time, griz's blood volume is also to drop a thousand zhang in one fall, turning into red blood!

     Was hit!

     Seeing this scene, his good friend Anthony also forgot to laugh, and suddenly opened his mouth in surprise!

      It should be noted, the reason why Griz was able to make a headshot of the opponent by adjusting to zero at a distance of 1000.In addition to his own strength, it is also due to the a in his hand. The zero adjustment range is 100-1000, which is just enough distance.

     But listening to the gunshots just now,

     The opponent's hand is obviously 98k.

      It should be noted, the straight-line range of 98k is only 300 meters, and the maximum range of the zero point is only 600 meters.

     So in other words, the opponent basically unable to achieve an effective headshot by adjusting the range of the zero-return point precisely like Griz.

     The opponent of this gun completely relied on the trajectory of lifting the gun to predict the whereabouts of the bullet, and it hit Griz in the head.

     And from start to finish, the opponent only took two shots!

     One shot test!

     A headshot!

      if this is not the case coincidentally,

     Then what a terrifying sniper level this is!

      thought until here, Anthony couldn't help but took a deep breath.

     For a while, it was the same as Da Sima in Qiaotou, and a feeling of encountering a monster suddenly rose in his heart!