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218 Block Lore!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Seeing the "Mandate of Heaven Returns" drop box slowly falling in the air, Liu Zilang and Da Sima immediately rushed over without hesitation.


     762mm bullets,

     Rifle silencer,


     Geely service.

     Seeing these materials and equipment in the airdrop box, Da Sima couldn't help but sighed saying, "It's a pity, there is no a, otherwise 24 will do."

     "I think it's okay." Liu Zilang said with a smile, "Teacher Ma, do you not fight a dog? If you don't fight, I will pick it up."

     "You take it, I will pick a lucky suit." Da Sima chuckled said.

     Liu Zilang replaced 16, picked up the groza and installed the silencer, cannot bear ask, "Teacher Ma, how many 762 bullets are in your bag? I will give you all 556."

     "I didn't bring too much, so I will save 30 rounds and hit 98k, and the rest will be given to you." Da Sima said.

     "Thank you so much."

     "you are welcome!"

     On the hillside, the two are squatting behind the airdrop box elatedly to divide the loot.

     When the clinker was there, a three-wheeled motorcycle suddenly rushed out of the poison ring of West Bridge, followed by an orange car.

     "Wow! Someone is poisoned at this point? I'm afraid I smoked the other side for a long time?" Da Sima's tone was somewhat astonished.

     Then he repented and said, "I knew I would stay at Qiaotou. Aren't these two people stretch a hand and grab it?"

     "It's not too late." Liu Zilang suddenly smiled and said.

     Da Sima was taken aback,

     Then his eyes widened!In the picture, the two cars were not the slightest stop to fight the drugs after they were poisoned, and they drove directly toward the airdrop box on the hillside.

     At this moment, both Liu Zilang and Da Sima were squatting on the back of the airdrop box. The airdrop box exuded strong red smoke. In addition, they ran over and did not drive. It can be said that they were perfectly fused together with the airdrop box.

     Obviously, these two people did not find them, but regarded the airdrop box in front of them as a gift from God for their hard work!

     After approaching,

     The person driving the tricycle in front got out of the car first, and quickly ran towards the airdrop side.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang and Da Sima on the back tried to squeeze together, trying not to make a slip.

     The man ran to the airdrop box and glanced at, and found that there was only a handful of 16s on the ground. He immediately knew that the airdrop had been picked up by someone, and felt disappointed in his heart.

     Then he squatted down on the spot again, bandaging the band around left and right.

     At this time, the person driving the sedan also drove up the hill. After pulling down the handbrake and stopping the car, he also ran towards the airdrop box teammate.

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang and Da Sima, who were stuck in the field of vision behind the airdrop box, were somewhat uncertain.

     Didn't his teammates say that the airdrop has been licked?

     Immediately afterwards, they were stunned for a while.

     It turned out that the second person who came came to the airdrop box. After squatting down, Qe tilted his head, like a puppy begging for food.

     Then I saw the man who was squatting on the ground stopped his hand and went to the ground

     A few bandages were lost.

     puff!Seeing this, Liu Zilang and Da Sima, who were stuck behind the airdrop box, almost didn't laugh.

     This is really a pair of hard to differentiate between elder and younger brother!

     It is estimated that the medical supplies in the two boxes on the road of the bridge have been licked clean by Da Sima, otherwise the two brothers would not be so miserable.

     Next, listening to the sound of the two buddies squeaking bandages across the box.

     Da Sima cannot help but laugh and said, "These two melon skins are too funny, hehehe, I can't bear to kill them."

     "Uh, it's really not appropriate for us to carry out a sneak attack in this situation." Liu Zilang nodded, and then he eyes shined again, "Well, let's not bully them."

     I was talking,

     Liu Zilang pulled out a black pan from behind his ass.

     When Da Sima saw this corner of the mouth twitch, he felt a little nervous and said, "This will not happen, right?"

     Liu Zilang said with relief, "Teacher Ma, have you forgotten that wave at the airport? The pan is very lethal, and it comes with a [Shield Wall] to block it!"

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Da Sima was also a little moved.

     So next, in the eyes of countless viewers in the live broadcast room.

     I saw two people holding a dark pan, sticking out their bodies from the back of the airdrop box.

     The two buddies on the back of the airdrop box were immersed in bandages, seeing that the blood was about to defeat the white blood state.

     Isn't it a good time to drink a bottle of Red Bull?

     However, at this moment, the two suddenly realized that something seemed to be wrong!

     Damn it!The next moment, seeing the two figures holding pans next to them, they suddenly became stupid!

     What the hell is this Nima?

     The man squatting on the left immediately stopped spraying drugs and quickly drew his gun from behind, but at this time he did an operation that even Liu Zilang could not understand!

     I saw that he first pulled out the 4 behind him with his left hand, and then suddenly put it back, then his right hand began to pull up the 98k behind him again, half of that person realized that something is wrong again, and then put it back and pulled out the 4 on the left again.

     "Puff haha! What about this buddy doing acrobatics? I'm afraid I'm scared!"

     "Are you surprised? Was it unexpected? Are you nervous?"

     "Vic is really doing this, and it scares everyone's hands!"

     "If I change my medicine and fight well, and someone suddenly rushes out of the side, I will kneel down for the uncle with a backhand!"

     In the game, Liu Zilang felt a little unbearable when he saw that man was so frightened.

     So he called over with a pan!


     The clear and sweet voice of the pan sounded, and the man with great difficulty took out the 4 in his hand, but found that he had fallen to the ground.

     My Nima!

     Ten thousand beasts galloping past suddenly appeared on the prairie in that man's heart!

     However, Liu Zilang smashed his mouth, recalling the crisp sound of the pot just now, secretly nodded.


     It's a good pot!

     The clinker is at this moment,

     Da Sima suddenly cried out!

     "Wow! He actually tilted his head! This person is too skinny!"Liu Zilang turned his head and took a look, and saw that after Da Sima emptied his pot, when he went up to the second pot, the man had already pulled out his gun, and suddenly stopped/stood.

     Da Sima suddenly hit his chest with this pot.

     Suddenly -!

     A rush of gunfire suddenly sounded, and the fire from the muzzle of the scar-l in the man’s hand burst out.

     Countless bullets roared out!

     However, Da Sima is not as lucky as Liu Zilang at the moment. The pan [Shield Wall] in his hand has not had time to trigger the blocking effect.

     He knelt to the ground in a blink of an eye!

     "Help, help me!"

     The four-down Da Sima looked at the amount of blood he was losing, and he was so scared that his soul flew out!

     At the critical moment, Liu Zilang on the side jumped up suddenly, and once again held the pan with both hands and blocked it!


     The melodious voice of the pan came suddenly!

     As soon as the man with the scar-l muzzle pulled over, he was headshot by Liu Zilang and killed again!

     Pan Kill 2!

     And after he landed, he rushed to hold down the moment when Da Sima's blood volume fell to the last trace,

     Pulling him back from the brink of death again!