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220 Occupying The Room Is King, Fighting The Cows Across The Mountain! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

At the beginning, Da Sima didn't know much about Liu Zilang's strength, and he didn't pay much attention to the "chicken king" in the audience in the live broadcast room.

     But after a brief contact in this game, he is now really convinced of Liu Zilang's strength, especially for various show operations. Gasp in amazement!

     At this time, seeing Liu Zilang backing into the warehouse, Da Sima couldn't help but curiously said, "Huh? What are you doing?"

     "Haha, take some defensive measures." Liu Zilang said casually.

     Next, Da Sima looked around,

     Suddenly the corner of his eyes twitched.

     After Liu Zilang drove the jeep to the corridor on the first floor, he pulled down the handbrake and blocked the stairs.

     Then he switched from the driving position to the second position and appeared in the corridor directly when he got off the car.

     "Do you want to block the corridor?"

     Da Sima in the corridor was taken aback, "But people got in the car and drove away won't it be fine."

     "Then make him unable to drive." Liu Zilang said with a smile, "Teacher Ma helps."

     At this time, he suddenly cut out groza from his hands standing in the corridor, and shot the jeep in a burst of bursts.

     Da Sima also reacted at this moment, couldn't help but chuckled, and started shooting with Liu Zilang with the gun!

     After the two guns were fired, the jeep soon began to smoke, and a flame burst from the front of the car!

     Immediately afterwards, I saw a flash of fire on the body!


     The jeep exploded, and the whole car burst into flames.

     Obviously, it is basically impossible for others to get into the car and drive away."Fuck! Vic is starting to make trouble again!"

     "Dip! Your good friend Master Tacticians vic is online!"

     "This is too crude, right? It doesn't give others a chance to attack buildings!"

     "Attacking the building? Ha ha, it doesn't exist!"

      It should be noted, now the safe zone has been brushed to the third from the bottom,

     There are 17-18 people left on the court.

     The spot where Liu Zilang and the others are located is the only real estate in the current safe zone.

     If the next safe area is still here, then they will undoubtedly become a piece of "sweet pastry" in everyone's eyes, and there will be many people who will take a risk out of desperation to choose to grab some blasting buildings.

     So Liu Zilang looked at the corridor a thought flashed through the mind, before it rains, bind around with silk, and arranged such a hand in advance.

     At that time, even if the next safe area does not reach here, they can choose to jump off the platform on the second floor and evacuate safely.

     The next step is to wait.

     However, during the waiting time, the two were not idle.

     I saw them set up their guns on the third floor rooftop and started shooting at high points.

      no matter who you are, where are you.

     Seeing people is just a pounding, which can be said to be enemies on all sides.

     The people around saw that the two of them were so arrogant, their eyes fired, but they had no alternative.

     Because the location of Liu Zilang and Da Sima is really great!

     Not only did he have a wide field of vision, but he was also able to avoid the opponent's line of guns from enough shelter, and sometimes even if he was hit, he could just get down on the ground.

     For a while, people around are gnashing one's teeth, but they are jealousy, envy and hate in their hearts!I was thinking about waiting if you were not in the safe zone, and seeing labor and management not beat you out when you run the drug!

     However, when the next poison circle was swiped, everyone was dumbfounded again!

     The area where Liu Zilang and Da Sima are located is actually in the next safe zone!

     "Fuck! Mandate of Heaven Returns?"

     "No reason! Vic is so cheap, so he can still enjoy the treatment of the Fate Circle?"

     "This Nima is not fair! Why is it that a person with such a good labor and management character is a damn every time!"

     "Protest! Strong protest!"

     In the game, Da Sima was also happy to see this circle, "Destiny Chicken! It seems that it is God's will to make me glorious to broadcast!"

     Liu Zilang, who had been observing the surroundings, said, "It's not time to eat chicken, oh! It seems that a team has come over. It seems that they want to grab territory with us."

     "Scramble for territory? It doesn't exist." Da Sima chuckled, "Then they have to come."

     "They can't get up, but what if thunder is thrown." Liu Zilang said cautiously, "We still have to be careful."

     Da Sima thinks that the same is true, so hurry up and nodded.

     In a short while, a group of people arrived here first by car.

     Liu Zilang and the others swept a few shots on the top of the building, and hurriedly got down.

     Because the safety zone is so small, they are too eye-catching at this point. I don't know how many guns are standing here.

     The two of them just got up and before they had time to fire a few shots, they were stolen by people from other positions, so they had to get down to fight the medicine first.As for the car that rushed over, it was also attacked on the road, but they really have to thank Liu Zilang and Da Sima on the rooftop for attracting firepower for them, otherwise it would be really hard to say whether they could rush into the fake garage alive.

     "Go in and fight medicine first, then attack the building! As long as the two upstairs are cleared, we will eat chicken!"

     "No problem! I have thunder and flash bombs here, and I will throw them in when the time comes!"

     The two exchanged quickly when they got out of the car.

     But as soon as I walked in, before I had time to fight the medicine, I looked at the burning fiercely jeep stuck in the corridor.

     The corners of their eyes twitched!

     "What did the two people upstairs do?"

     "Probably it is! But Nima is really talented, this game tx sells him 98 absolutely at a loss!"

     The two felt speechless for a while, and after finding a place to take the medicine, they said in one person, "Think there is nothing we can do if we don't let us go up? See if labor and capital will not blow you up today."

     He was saying that he was going to throw thunder outside.

     At this time, another person stopped him, "You don't seem to be stupid! You go outside and others won't beat you!"

     The man was right when he thought about it, and he couldn't help but said depressed, "What should I do?"

     "Look at me." The other person drew a grenade and threw it at the scrap car that was stuck in the corridor.


     The waste car moved, but it was not moved.

     When the two saw this, it was one's hearth is happy!

     There is a play!

     Fake garage upstairs.

     Hearing the "boom boom boom" movement downstairs, Liu Zilang was taken aback and quickly reacted, "They are bombing the car!""Huh? This is very spiritual!" Da Sima smashed his mouth, "Then What we do? Do you want to jump down and directly attack them."

     Liu Zilang imagined the situation of going downstairs, suddenly a thought flashed through the mind, cocked the corner of his mouth and said, "Don't be so troublesome, they explode, we explode too!"

     How to fry?

     Da Sima just wanted to ask about this problem, but saw that Liu Zilang had already found a thunder in his hand. After pulling it out, he threw it directly on the second floor platform separated by a wall from the downstairs.

     "Try it!" Liu Zilang encouraged.

     Da Sima half believing, half doubting, also pulled out a thunder and lost it.

     Damn it!

     Damn it!

     The two people who were bombing the car downstairs were stunned when they heard the familiar sound, and looked around subconsciously.


     They were wondering, but there was a with a bang sound over their heads!

     The person near inside only felt his whole body shake.

     Suddenly fell to the ground!

     The other person was taken aback, lose one's head out of fear and retreated several steps!


     The next moment, he also blacking out,

      thumped to the ground!

     Just a breath blink of an eye, the two become two boxes one after another

     ? ? ?

     ? ? ?

     But until they die, let alone people,

     I didn't even see the thunder that I threw!

     This Nima is simply

     Seeing the kill prompts popped up on the screens of Liu Zilang and Da Sima, the audience in the live broadcast room was instantly stunned!

     "*WTF*! Is there such an operation?""Hitting the Cow Behind the Mountain? Wall bombing? I'm Nima"

     "It's over! It's over! Hang through the wall! This time it's really hammered!"

     "There are two dead but will not close the eyes again. Can't Vic make people walk more peacefully?"

     "But is it what's going on? It's the first time I've seen this kind of operation!"

     "Mengxin asks the same! Isn't it really going through the wall?"
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