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222 Iron Man! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Through the wall?


     That's right!

     This is through the wall!

     It is just a kind of wall penetration within the system damage determination.

     Usually in the game, when facing grenade damage, you can effectively avoid damage by hiding in the toilet with a wall.

     However, the damage release of the grenade is three-dimensional in all directions, not only horizontal damage but also vertical damage. In the current version of the grenade damage determination mechanism, longitudinal damage has a certain penetrating effect.

     Especially in a low place like a fake garage, the damage caused by the explosion of thunder thrown on the second floor can even blow downstairs. There is no explanation in the game.

     This has to say that this game still has many hidden mechanisms that need to be discovered.

     Liu Zilang was also inadvertently bombed once when the US server attacked a building in a single row, but he had not taken it seriously at the time.

     But at the moment when the opponent can only squat on the first floor and can't get out or get up, he a thought flashed through the mind, but he just thought of this.

     So I greeted Da Sima and gave the two people downstairs a meal.

     Besides, in the game at the moment.

     Even as a party and participant, Da Sima is in a rather daunting state.

     Seeing the doubts of the audience on the barrage in the live broadcast room, as a gold lecturer, Da Sima instantly has no doubts.

     He showed a meaningful smile and slowly explained, “This wave of operation actually needs to be explained a lot, ah! Let’s not talk about the details! It boils down to only four words, that’s'Hitting the Cow Behind the Mountain '!""Or it's easier to understand, Cun Jin! Have you heard of Cun Jin?"

     "In this wave, we just attach Cun Jin to the grenade, release it through the aftermath of the explosion, and then create a penetrating killing effect!"

     Hearing what Dasima said,

     The audience in the live broadcast room was completely messed up...

     This Nima is here!

     You are talking about across the screen,

     How did you bring Cunjin up?

     At this moment, even Liu Zilang, the first person to bury funerary dolls, heard Da Sima’s "reasonable" explanation, also couldn't bear.

     I thought to myself,

     It seems that what I thought before was too superficial...


     After the two people were wiped out effortlessly, they once again declared sovereignty over this area.

     Next, the countdown ends, and the poison ring shrinks.

     The rest of the people in the safe zone can no longer do "work with a common purpose", and they all face Liu Zilang and the others.

     As long as they meet each other when they run poison, it is a "crackle rattle".

     Under such circumstances, Liu Zilang and Da Sima, who were squatting on the third floor of the fake garage, immediately stole chickens frantically and tried to persuade them to fight with them.

     Soon, there were only four people left in the safe zone.

     Liu Zilang and Da Sima are a double team, and the remaining two are two lone wolves.

     When the border between the drug ring and the safe zone overlapped, the next safe zone was brushed in the middle, which was the open space in front of the fake garage door.

     It seems that even the "Chicken of Destiny",

     In the end, it needs a little test.A trace of enlightenment emerged in Liu Zilang's heart.

     When the drug circle contracted next, he was thinking about sharing his life insights with the audience in the live broadcast room.

     Unexpectedly, he and Da Sima just jumped down from the stairs, but there was a burst of gunfire in their ears.

     Da Da Da -!

     Suddenly -!

     The next moment, two system kill prompts suddenly appeared at the bottom left of the screen.

     "Fire_rw killed arbat with ak!"

     "Fire_rw fell to the ground outside the safe zone!"

      great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!

     Seeing the settlement interface suddenly jumped on the screen in front of me,

      Before the two people having high fighting spirit had time to figure out what happened, they suddenly ate chicken...

     This is too sudden!

     So boring!

     At this time, if those who were desperately fighting in the drug circle, but eventually fell on the road of poisoning, knew the thoughts of the two at this moment, I am afraid that a mouthful of blood will spray out!

     This is so typical that you get cheap and sell well!

     But anyway,

     Liu Zilang in the end still led Da Sima to eat chicken successfully.

     Da Sima’s live broadcast time is from afternoon to night, and he will broadcast it with honor after playing this one.

     But before leaving, Da Sima gave Liu Zilang another brush to express his gratitude...

     Uh... brushed his remaining 500 fish balls.

     Liu Zilang twitched his eyes when he saw this, and thanked Teacher Ma for the 500 fish balls sent by him.

     After bidding farewell to Teacher Ma, Liu Zilang was thinking about continuing his lonely "journey of kings" in the United States.At this moment, the live broadcast suddenly showed up a large piece of barrage like "Is Vic you?", "Fuck, I took two loli", "This is better than gay!" .

     What the hell is this Nima?

     Seeing the inexplicable rhythm of the barrage, Liu Zilang couldn't help but wonder.

     He scratched the head and suddenly noticed that there was an unread message on the phone screen next to the keyboard.

     He played the game too seriously just now and really didn't notice this.

     After opening it, Zhang Xiaotong sent it.

     "I just uploaded that video to station b. It's in the dance area. Well, you can go and watch it if you have time."

     Seeing this information, Liu Zilang recalled the rhythm of the "two loli" on the barrage, and he also reacted right now.

     It turned out that the audience in the live broadcast room saw the video uploaded by Zhang Xiaotong on station b.

     Soon I remembered that the barrage behind Liu Zilang was complexion turned black again!

     You look like gay!

     Your whole family is like gay!

     Liu Zilang said angrily, "Okay, don't brush it! The housekeeper is out to work! Seal those rhythms! Saying gay, Yongfeng!"

     As soon as he finished speaking, Liu Zilang turned his head and took a look, and the corners of his mouth suddenly crooked with anger.

     It turned out that several housekeepers in the live broadcast room took the lead in making trouble.

     At the moment, they are the one who has the most exciting rhythm!

     My Nima...

     Liu Zilang suddenly paused, hurriedly said, "It's me! It's me! Xiaotong asked me to dance with them. I can't help but dance?"

     I heard Liu Zilang personally admit that the barrage was blown up again!

     "I wipe it! It's really this ratio!""You know by looking at your hands? You didn't see that man's hands are exactly the same as Vic's!"

     "Say it! Except for Xiaotong sauce there is one more who is Loli!"

     "To be reasonable, Vic is actually quite handsome!"

     "Housing management! We have mixed in the fine work inside! Quickly seal up the handsome brush in front!"

     "To be honest, it's really handsome, and the more you look at it, the more it tastes. As a female fan, I feel so happy!"

     "Female fan +1, vic's husband wants to hug! Huh!"

     "The same girl fan, I know that Vic has such a good-looking hand, he must be very handsome! Is Xiaoguoguo online dating? My loliyin!"

     "You can pull it down! Labor and capital are still Tieguanyin!"

     "Fuck! The live broadcast room has fallen? Why are they all female fans?"

     "Shhh! Don't talk! Vic is so gay! Maybe those guys in the front are pretending to be cute girls and want to bend him!"

     "It makes sense! It makes sense!"

     "What video did you guys talk about earlier? Don't pretend to be dead, vic! Show us!"

     "Precisely! Take us a look."

     At the moment, the popularity of Liu Zilang's live broadcast is about 500,000.

     Only a small part of people just happened to watch the video at station b, but most people don't know at all what they are talking about, and they asked Liu Zilang to show them.

     Liu Zilang was too lazy to pay attention to them, but seeing the gay rhythm in the live broadcast room became more and more terrifying, many viewers who did not understand the complete truth were taken crooked and followed the trend to catch the gay rhythm.

     In order to see and hear,

     He had to gritted his teeth and opened station b.

     Hemp egg!Labor and capital will show you what a "steel macho" is today!

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