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223 Shame On Play, Teammates Reunite! (Added By ZeJW Leader)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After opening station b, Liu Zilang opened the dance zone.

     Soon I found a video of house dance that Zhang Xiaotong had just uploaded, but was already very popular.

     This little girl knows how to operate. I am afraid that others will not know that Liu Zilang is in it. She specifically bracketed the title of "vic's friendship starring"...

     Bracket your sister!

     The corner of Liu Zilang's mouth crooked, and there was some pain at the moment.

     However, many aquatic viewers who hadn't watched the video in the live broadcast room froze when they saw the title!

     "Wow! It turned out to be the sibling house dance of Vic and Xiaotongjiang!"

     "Hehehe... everybody! I'm so excited!"

     "I'm still a child! Kneel for high-energy warning!"

     "Don't be warned! High energy throughout!"

     Liu Zilang held the mouse in his hand, and the somewhat shivering place was on the title.

     I recalled the scene of jumping Q together in the afternoon,

     I didn’t feel anything at the time,

     But at this time Liu Zilang's heart was suddenly ashamed!

     Especially with two loli jumping Q...

     What a shame!

      he cannot bear discussed with the audience in the live broadcast room, "or else just forget it? A little shame! If you want to watch it, go to station b to find it yourself?"

     Just finished speaking,

     The audience in the live broadcast room has a strong protest!

     "No! Look, look!"

     "Hurry up! Nima took off the labor-management pants!"

     "If you dare not look, it means you are gay!

     "A true warrior dares to face the bleak gay life, vic! We will always support you no matter what!""Yes! Even if you are really gay! We will always support you!"


     Seeing these barrage of everything in disorder, Liu Zilang couldn't help but get annoyed. He said ill-humoredly, "Okay! Just look at it, don't scream!"

     After opening the video, familiar music played.

     The first thing that caught my eye was a petite loli with a pair of ponytails wearing a pink cartoon mask.

     This is naturally Zhang Xiaotong.

     As the dance progressed, glasses Lolita and Liu Zilang also appeared one after another.

     However, Liu Zilang minimized the window very quickly when he appeared on the stage.

     The barrage in the live broadcast room was like watching a movie and saw that half of them were turned off and pressed to restart, all of them protested loudly and passionately.

     Liu Zilang without any choice can only cut it out again, looking at his shame, and wondering how he agreed to the other party when his brain heated up in the afternoon.

     Now think about it as if Zhang Xiaotong was ahem'ed proudly at that time, and then he softened...


      a single slip may cause everlasting sorrow now!

     Liu Zilang was secretly reviewing in his heart, this time his hand on the table shook again, and a message popped up.

     It was sent by Li Muqiu.

     "Hey! Unable to discern you are kind of multi-talented."

     Seeing this message, Liu Zilang immediately blacking out, with the urge to hit his head in front of the computer!

     Damn it!

     That guy is actually watching the screen in his live broadcast room this time!

     He shivered and picked up the phone, gritted his teeth and uttered a word.

     roll!The clinker Li Muqiu came back quite quickly.

     He just put down the phone,

     Reply comes over there.

     "Alright, I'm out of here."

     Liu Zilang raised his eyelids slightly, glanced at the news on the screen, and couldn't help but feel surprised.

     So simple?

     It's not like that kid's style at all!

      he cannot bear picked up the phone, pondered for a moment, and sent a message and asked, "Why are you lurking in my live broadcast room? An agent sent by the enemy station?"

     "Haha, guess!"

     "Don't ink! Hurry up!"

     "Well, we are short of people in the fourth row, Ze Shao asked me to ask you, but I already told him that you let us go."


     Liu Zilang suddenly twitched his eyes.

     I want to kick this kid to death!

     He sucked in a mouthful of air, calmed down and continued to ask, "How many of you? Am I past now?"

     "Hey, two, only me and Ze Shao, you call another one?"

     "Um... okay, remember not to bark in your voice." Liu Zilang replied.

     After replying to Li Muqiu, Liu Zilang pondered and sent another message to Zhang Xiaotong, ready to call her together.

     At that time, just to explain, I was indeed forced to helpless.

     Otherwise, they can't tell if they really think they have a hobby of carrying Lolita Q...

     At this moment Zhang Xiaotong just finished singing a song over there,

     After receiving news from Liu Zilang, she couldn't help but dazed for a moment.

     Speaking of it, this seems to be Liu Zilang's first time to play with her.

     She bit her lip, and then replied with two words."Ok."

     After receiving the news from Zhang Xiaotong, Liu Zilang then forwarded the yy channel sent by Li Muqiu to Zhang Xiaotong.

     At this moment, he saw that the video on the screen had been put to the end, and he couldn't help coughing twice, "All right, this Latter you know is called the Asian Dancer?"

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said,

     The barrage in the live broadcast room sparked countless barrages.

     However, Liu Zilang pretended to have not seen and continued, "Okay, OK! I've finished watching it, and it's time to continue playing the game."

     After speaking, he joined the voice channel.

     "Yeyyyyy? Is anyone there?"

     Li Muqiu's voice soon sounded, "Wow, isn't this a new generation of victor, it's a good time to be here!"

     "Ah! It's Qiu Shen! Xiaoxiaoxiaoxiao!" Liu Zilang also politely said.

     When the two were talking,

     There is a trace of it's just perfect in the tone.

     Because last time when Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu were rowing together, he used Pu Taizhuang's "Ao, Nai Wo He", and the two behaved like old acquaintances.

     But that time, Liu Zilang turned on the voice changing effect when he played with Zhang Xiaotong for the first time.

     So at this moment, the two talked again, but no one knew that they knew each other, and the audience felt more like don't fight, won't make friends in the last time the Douyu Golden Grand Prix.

     So Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan were short of people, so they got on to Liu Zilang, who seemed to have good skills.

     Hearing the words of the two "people of talent appreciate one another", Shen Zeyan, who was with yy, kept silent and didn't talk to each other at all.

     Li Muqiu and Liu Zilang are also accustomed to.Soon, Zhang Xiaotong's voice also rang.

     She saw that there are still two strangers besides Liu Zilang in yy, she couldn't help but said hello in a somewhat restrained tone, "Hello."

     Suddenly hearing Zhang Xiaotong's voice, Li Muqiu suddenly got excited and quickly said, "Ah! It's Xiaotong sauce! Hello! Hello! I often watch your live broadcast. You can call me Qiu Shen! No! Just call Qiuqiu. Up."

     Hearing what Li Muqiu said,

     Liu Zilang cannot be complexion turned black.

     He coughed dryly and took out his brother's arrogance, "It's better to call Qiu Shen, and be polite."

     Zhang Xiaotong lightly snorted, but still said, "Hello Autumn God, just call me Xiaotong."

     At this moment, Shen Zeyan, who had not spoken much, also spoke.

     Just listen to him with a steady tone, doesn’t have any mood swings and said,

     "Hello there."

     Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu couldn't help being stunned.

     They know that Shen Zeyan rarely speaks.

     In the past at se7en, when they were driving the black team together, there was no one in the team and they would pull other people into yy to play together.

     The first time I played with them, I often thought that there were only four people in yy.

     Halfway through the game, Shen Zeyan suddenly speaks at a crucial moment, often scaring others!

     But this time, as soon as Zhang Xiaotong came in, Shen Zeyan actually greeted her.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but rubbed his chin.

     Lost in contemplation...