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227 That Day, Mankind Finally Remembered... (fourth More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

After turning Port G upside down, the first poisonous circle also shrank slowly from the sea in all four directions to the middle of the map.

     The first safe area of this game was brushed at the bottom left of the map, including the mine and the trenches of town g and the area west of town p.

     And because the course of this game is from left to right from the middle of the map, the map is divided into two sides.

     So when the game started, it was not just Port G, but there were at least two teams in Xiacheng.

     The few people originally planned to clear the g port and then block the city.

     But as soon as they circled, they knew that this plan was out of play.

     Because people in Xiacheng can enter the circle all the way to the south, they don't need to be close to Port G.

     Liu Zilang and the others were too lazy to trouble them.

     After coming out of Port G, I found two cars and drove all the way south.

     Sitting in the car, Zhang Xiaotong stared at Liu Zilang's head somewhat curiously. He always felt a little déjà vu.

     Then she bit her lip looking thoughtful and there was a gleam in her eyes, but silent.

     The car drove up and down in the mountains,

     At first, a few people wanted to go to the poison side of the east to catch the people who were brought into the circle from the school r city.

     As soon as the car entered the circle, an airplane flew over from far to near.

     A few people suddenly mind shook,

     In an instant, he left behind what card poison.

     If you don’t have a dream,

     What is the difference between that and salted fish?

     Liu Zilang in the driving position immediately turned around, stepped on the accelerator, followed the airdrop and chased him.What they didn't know was that at this moment, there were probably three teams who had just entered the circle from the city of R City and City of P. Seeing the airdrops from the sky, they immediately looked like cats smelling fishy, and they followed the wind and caught up. .

     If you look down from the sky from the God's perspective at this moment, you will find that these convoys formed a long dragon on the ground, winding along below the plane.

     And the jeep that Liu Zilang and the four of them drove in the front was undoubtedly the leader of this team.


     "Fell! Fallen!"

     In the voice, Zhang Xiaotong exclaimed excitedly.

     The next moment, she exclaimed again, "Wow! It's still a double yolk!"

     In the sky above the front of the car, I saw that the plane dropped a second airdrop after not flying far.

     Seeing this scene, the few people in the car were also mind shooks, and felt that this trip was not for nothing.

     However, at this moment, Zhang Xiaotong suddenly felt a little bored and said, "It would be fine if four were dropped. Only two are not enough."

     Upon hearing this, the three smile on face suddenly froze.

     Liu Zilang utmost feeling in the heart cannot help ridiculing, do you think it's "arranging to divide the fruit"?

     Not enough points?

     These two goals are so big,

     Whether it can be obtained or not is not certain...

     Next, after driving below the airdrop.

     Liu Zilang stopped the car at a sudden stop, and said, "It's the station, it's the station! Ze Shao and Qiu Shen right here, let's go right here, Xiaotong and I will go capture one airdrop."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said,

     Shen Zeyan not say a word, and jumped out of the car coolly.Sitting in the passenger seat, Li Muqiu yelled, "Why not you and Ze Shao are getting off here, Xiaotong and I will go to get an airdrop."

     Liu Zilang in the driving position not saying anything further, cut to the fourth position in seconds, and pulled out a 6 to hit the back of his head.

     Li Muqiu couldn't help but froze, and muttered, "Let's go down, why are you so violent."

     Then pester and chirp jumped down.

     Liu Zilang instantly cut to the No. 1 driving position, and when he stepped on the accelerator, he sprayed Li Muqiu's exhaust gas behind the car.

     Seeing this scene, sitting behind Zhang Xiaotong also couldn't bear "chuckled" and laughed.

     "What are you laughing at?" Liu Zilang asked in confusion.

     Zhang Xiaotong stopped smiling and blinked, "Are you familiar with Qiu Shen?"

     "Uh...not very familiar, didn't you play the game together last time." Liu Zilang said nonsense. "He was yelled by me that time. He had to add me to WeChat and worship me as a teacher... eh... . Hard to explain in a few words!"

     "Puff!" Zhang Xiaotong held back a laugh again, said ill-humoredly, " talk nonsense again."

     Li Muqiu heard Liu Zilang arranging himself there, and his eyelids throbbed with anger.

     But considering that the brother wanted to save Liu Zilang some face in front of his sister, he still forcibly endured it, thinking at what time to take this matter to kill him once.

     But he hasn't finished thinking,

     Shen Zeyan suddenly spoke over there, "A car is coming!"

      at the same time, just listen to "gang-dang"!

     The airdrop box fell behind them,

     The thick red smoke slowly spread out.However, Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu did not move this airdrop.

     Because they suddenly found the car coming,

     There seems to be more than one.



     7.62 bullets!

     Sniper quickly expand the magazine!

     Fifteen times lens!

     Three-level package!

     The airdrop box was just landed, and Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong rushed up quickly.

     After Zhang Xiaotong glanced around, he couldn't help but curl his lips and said, "What kind of airdrop, not even aw."

     The corner of Liu Zilang's mouth crooked,

     Heart aw is not something you can have if you want.

     "You can take it if you don't want me."

     As Liu Zilang said in his mouth, he licked the 14th and 15th magnification mirrors and the sniper bullet.

     Then he replaced the 98k on the back, removed the cheek support and sniper compensation and installed it on 14, just to make up a full set.

     Shen Zeyan is in this team, and the 98k behind Liu Zilang has little effect.

     Besides, Zhang Xiaotong still carries a 98k behind her back. After developing her into a small follower, she can borrow it when she wants it.

     Zhang Xiaotong also put the Level 3 bag in the airdrop box on his back, and followed Liu Zilang, turning it into a "level 4 bag that can move."

     At this time, there were other teams around who jumped over the airdrop behind and rush forward directly towards Liu Zilang and the others.

     Liu Zilang raised the eyebrow and raised the eyebrow 15 times 14!

     Seeing this, the viewers in the live broadcast room suddenly raised their hearts!

     Da Da Da -!

     The next moment, a burst of rapid gunfire suddenly sounded!Under the camera in the live broadcast room, the extremely tilted keyboard placed on Liu Zilang's desk undoubtedly left a huge Spatial Displacement for the mouse.

     I saw his bright and white hands holding the mouse across a layer of paper towels, time and time again pulling the mouse toward the bottom of the table.

     Almost pulled from upstairs to downstairs!

     And the little yellow car galloping from a distance was hit by a shower of bullets.

     The person in the driver's seat burst into a bloody mist, and then he fell down!

     Upon seeing this, the co-pilot and the two people in seat three hurriedly stopped and crouched behind the car with shocked faces.

     And seeing this scene of make one's hair stand up in anger, the barrage in the live broadcast room also exploded in an instant!

     "Appeared! The spicy man finally appeared!"

     "Fuck! Vic's wave of pressure guns is too terrifying!"

     "I knew it! When Vic picked up this gun, everything had been determined already!"

     "I was wrong! It turns out that vic didn't lie to me! It turns out that there really is Person And Spear United As One! That is when the sister control meets the sister control!"

     "On that day, mankind finally recalled the fear of being controlled by the sister!"