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228 We Have A Traitor!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Seeing that one person was beaten down, two people left quickly stopped the car while the bunker was pulling people.

     Liu Zilang immediately got in the car and greeted, "Go!"

     Zhang Xiaotong was taken aback and jumped into the car excitedly.

     Liu Zilang did not forget to exhort him, "Don't take the co-driver, switch to the number three position, and wait for the other party to hit us so that we can park easily.

     Zhang Xiaotong's small head is still very flexible, and he quickly understood the reason, and immediately cut to the third position obediently.

     as predicted,

     The two cars were just halfway through.

     After the car on the opposite side, a person appeared, and there was a burst of flames and automatic shooting!

      dāng dāng dāng dāng ―!

     A series of sparks appeared on the jeep!

     But what surprised Liu Zilang was that he, who was already ready to be shot, actually missed a shot.

     It seems to be another big horse monkey!

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang, who was about to be beaten and stopped, slammed his heart. He immediately pressed shift to accelerate, and ran into the opposite side car like a meteor catching up with the moon!


     The next moment, the sound of cars crashing!

     Squatting behind the little yellow car, who was helping and the two being supported, the little yellow car that was hit and moved suddenly swept out!

     The man with the gun was rather quick-witted.

      Between Life and Death Line, he suddenly reacted and jumped into the car.


     After the tires rubbed against the ground for a while,

     Both cars stopped at the same time!

     The person in the small yellow car on the opposite side suddenly leaned out from the window, and shot Liu Zilang here!Liu Zilang responded extremely quickly and cut to position 2 in seconds, and also leaned out of the car window.

     The k14 in his hand was too late to switch. After opening the mirror, the mouse flicked sharply, and forcibly pulled the quasi-centre onto the opponent, and a 15-fold sister-controlled pressure gun came directly!

     Suddenly -!

     Da Da Da -!

     Bright fire flashed from the guns of the two at the same time!

     This scene is practically the same level as the shootout after The Fast and the Furious!

     Zhang Xiaotong, who was sitting in position 3, was like a baby every day before he could react. He saw Liu Zilang leaning out of the car and shooting.

     When he shot a gun from his back, he exploded a few bunches of blood, and at the same time, with a 15 times sister control, he forcibly took away the last person of the other party!

     Suddenly, Zhang Xiaotong opened her mouth wide in surprise, her eyes full of small stars.

     At this time only has one word in her heart!


     Let's talk about Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu's side.

     The two used the airdrop box as a cover and found their place.

     At this time, the three cars that drove to their side seemed to belong to the same team. Seeing that there were only Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan beside the airdrop box, they suddenly developed a cat seizing mouse mood, driving around the airdrop box. Turned around.

     Someone in the car still opened the wheat in everyone and shouted, "heyguy! You are surrounded!" (Little guys, you are already surrounded)

     Obviously, this is a team of foreigners with relatively pure North American uniforms.

     But then,

     They quickly discovered something was wrong!

     It seems that the two people surrounded by the airdrop box are not the two.Instead they are!


     Shen Zeyan squinted slightly.

     With 98k in his hand, he did not hesitate.

     At the moment he turned sideways from behind the airdrop box, he suddenly opened the lens and threw a shot!


     The next moment, I saw a cloud of blood bursting out of the driving seat of a jeep that was driving, and the man suddenly landed from the driving seat!


     Seeing this scene, this team of foreigners were shocked!

     Chi Chi Chi Chi!

     There was a sound of friction between tires and grass, they quickly got out of the car and set up their guns behind the car!

     But at this moment, the location of the airdrop box suddenly threw what thing.


     Not a grenade!

     When the thing rolled twice after it hit the ground, a burst of white smoke was released.

     The group of foreigners only realized that they had guessed wrong, and the heart that was about to be raised suddenly was relieved.


     This is clearly a smoke bomb.

     But here comes the problem,

     Why did the other party throw smoke bombs at him?

     The truth will be revealed soon!

     In the game, I saw that Li Muqiu used the smoke bomb to reversely block the opponent's gun line, and immediately held the AK very quickly and rushed over into the smoke.

     At this moment, even though he doesn't have any shelter on the road, Shen Zeyan helped to set up a gun behind him. Li Muqiu didn't worry at all that his opponent, who was enveloped by smoke, would break through the smoke blockade and hit him.

     Because of that,

     The opponent will die faster!Next, when Li Muqiu approached the smoke, Shen Zeyan behind him quickly cut the 98k he had been holding in his hands into fours.

     Then I didn't see how he was aiming, the muzzle flashed out, and he fired automatically in the direction of the smoke!

     In fact, Shen Zeyan does not need to aim for this wave!

     Because he suddenly cut the gun and fired at the smoke not to draw a lottery, but to block Li Muqiu's footsteps while attracting the opponent's attention!

     Behind the jeep in the smoke, the foreigners have gathered together.

     I saw the two of them holding guns one to the left and the other right behind the jeep, and one in the middle was squatting with a teammate who was falling to the ground.

     "Damn! That man's marksmanship is really inconceivable!" Someone was surprised.

     "It's crazy! It knocked me out of the car." The man who fell on the ground smiled and said, "But they are not sensible next and throw cigarettes at us. Is this trying to cover us and save people?"

     "Oh! Maybe you want to take advantage of the airdrop."

     "Hehe, when we get up, the airdrop will return to its real owner."

     "Really two lovely guys."

     A few foreigners had a lively chat, apparently quite optimistic about their situation.

     But at this moment, a person's silhouette in the smoke suddenly floated over like a ghost!

     Da Da Da -!

     The next moment, with the tongue of fire,

     A sudden and violent gunshot exploded!

     I saw Li Muqiu who cut in from the side, and now almost stood in a line with the people behind the car.With the ak in his hand, he made a burst of automatic shooting, firmly pressing the quasi-center in the holographic mirror behind the car!

     Facing the sneak attack under this caught off guard,

     Several foreigners were dumbfounded on the spot!

     It’s okay for the two who are still saving lives while squatting.

     However, there was an unavoidably overlapping position of the two men who were setting up guns on the left and right.

     Therefore, even though they reacted quickly, Li Muqiu only shot the man in front of him twice when they shot.

     The teammate of the man behind suddenly "helped" a shot!

     Teammate accidentally injured! (English)

     Seeing that red System Notification, the person who was knocked down suddenly became dumbfounded!

     "Sao Rui! I didn't mean it!"

     The man behind immediately explained loudly.

     Later, to prove himself, he gnashing one's teeth shot Li Muqiu after his teammate fell.

     Cunning guy!

     go to hell!

     Suddenly -!

     Who ever thought that as soon as he fired a gun, another person stood up in front of the gun!

      It should be noted, in this game when the kneeling person is rescued, he will stand up automatically.

     When the man behind was shooting,

     The man squatting in the middle just helped the man who was shot from the car up

     Teammate accidentally injured!

     Seeing the red knockdown prompt that appears again,

     The man who was knocked down by the teammate behind him as soon as he was lifted up suddenly roared with anger, "Q! Walter is hot!!!"

     As soon as he finished speaking, Li Muqiu's bullets were already coming!

      pū pū pū pū ―!

     There was a sound of bullets hitting the body!in a flash, Li Muqiu first wiped out the "double kill" teammate,

     Immediately, he pulled the gun and pointed at the man who was crouching on the ground who was just drawing his gun.

     In an instant, the remaining two people fell to the ground one after another.

     After the smoke cleared,

     Only four boxes were left behind the jeep

     "666! Do these foreigners want to laugh at me?"

     "The two who were knocked down by their teammates: We have a traitor!"

     "I thought that Qiu Shen was going to kill the Quartet in this wave, but I didn't expect to kill only two, so I didn't get the cards!"

     "Is there any way this Nima family is fighting, the guy behind is rebellious in strength! It shows me tingling sensation!"

     "It seems that foreigners are not united at all. This fully illustrates the corruption of capitalism!"


     In the game, Shen Zeyan next to the airdrop box heard the gunfire gradually cease, and glanced at the kill prompt in the lower left corner of the screen.

     And when he found that Li Muqiu had only killed two, there are still two after being killed by others.

     Shen Zeyan spit out two words brief and to the point, "Someone?"

      "Un." Li Muqiu, who was also speechless, complexion turned oddly nodded, "I instigated the opposite one."

     ""Shen Zeyan.