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229 Antelope Flies Across!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

After picking up the airdrop, several people joined together again.

     Their luck was not good. Although they successfully defended this wave of airdrops, there's nothing about it in the airdrop boxes of Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu, with only a handful of 249 large pineapples.

     If it is groza Li Muqiu will use it,

     In this game, he has a kind of almost paranoid enthusiasm for the 762 bullet gun.

     But naturally, 249 couldn't get into his eyes.

     As for Shen Zeyan, not to mention, in addition to all kinds of snipers, such as spray submachine guns and rifles, in his eyes, there's nothing about it.

     In the end, this 249 was cheaper than Zhang Xiaotong, who had been secretly watching the airdrop box.

     After learning that no one wanted the gun, she immediately jumped over with joy and replaced the scar-l on her body, and immediately installed 249 on it, and then she headed high and chested out behind her back.

     At this time she is 249k on the left and 98k on the right!

     The wind was blowing under his feet when he walked, and he looked at the wolf.

     It seems that he has become a very powerful firepower in the team!

     Liu Zilang, who was licking the bag in front, turned his head and saw Zhang Xiaotong standing dim-wittedly next to the airdrop box, not knowing what he was thinking.

      he cannot bear reminded, "There is still a box over here, but would you just lick it?"

     Hearing this, Zhang Xiaotong suddenly reacted.

     She rushed to the ground, and then fell down with a skilled tactic, lying next to the box.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help being speechless for a while, wondering how this girl developed the habit of lying down and licking the bag 100%.

     Just when Zhang Xiaotong lay down and licked her bag,The first poison circle has shrunk almost there.

     During the period, there were cars coming from the east from time to time, but there were three of Shen Zeyan, Li Muqiu, and Liu Zilang fighting with guns. Zhang Xiaotong’s bag licked only two words.

     That is ease.

     After the poison circle shrank, the second safe area was also brushed out.

     This safe zone is brushed between the mine and Port P, as well as the seaside.

     At the moment, Liu Zilang and others are still not in the safe zone in the north of town g.

     After Zhang Xiaotong finished licking the bag, several people decided to go to the high place in front of the mine to jam the poison side.

      At this time, there are obviously many people in town g. As long as they can get one step ahead, they can go to the mine in advance to take advantage.

     That waiting for them will undoubtedly be a wave of harvest.

     After making a plan, a few people quickly got into the car.

     Drive all the way to the south.

     However, at this moment, they have the same idea,

     There is more than one team.

     As soon as they reached the edge of the mine, the four of them received a warm and grand "salute" welcome!

     After encountering the enemy's attack, Shen Zeyan, Li Muqiu and Zhang Xiaotong in the jeep immediately flicked and stopped, using the jeep as a shelter to confront the people on the mountain.

     But Liu Zilang, who claimed to be a "Swift Scout," driving a motorcycle in front, did not stop.

     He was driving extremely fast under the hail of bullets opposite,

     After rushing up the hillside, making a turn, Drove over rumbling towards the side like a streamer, rushing to the other side of the mountain, and rushing back again.

     "Wow! Doesn't this stop? Vic is going to make trouble again?""I feel cold! Who remembers the third round of death in the exhibition game with Wei Shen tumbling?"

     "Please don't show off! How about your car skills, don't you have any idea about it?"

     "Cause of death: nothing to force a tree!"

     Seeing that Liu Zilang didn't agree with him, he drove a motorcycle and turned into a "Mining Speeding Party".

     The barrage in the live broadcast room suddenly exploded!

     Since Liu Zilang rode a three-wheeled car with Wei Shen in the last exhibition game, he overturned and fell to death, and let 4a come to an exhibition game to eat chicken in reverse. His driving skills have been criticized by the audience in the live broadcast room.

     In the game, Liu Zilang suddenly cut out and glanced at the barrage while driving, which scared the audience ashen-faced even more.

     Dare to cut the screen while driving!

     This ratio is simply crazy testing on the edge of death!

     The next moment, Liu Zilang quickly cut into the game again.

     At this moment, the motorcycle just crossed a slope, and Liu Zilang steadied his body in the air and landed safely.

     He got out of the car and muttered, "It seems that I have to buy a split screen, otherwise you guys mock me doesn't know at all."

     Then he said again, "Since you don't believe me like this, then I must prove it!"

     After speaking, Liu Zilang drove a motorcycle very thrillingly on the mine in the horrified eyes of countless viewers in the live broadcast room!

     Somewhere in the mine.

     The team in ambush fired crazy fire at the jeep below!

     They obviously want to scrap the car first,

     Not let Shen Zeyan their chance to transfer again.In this way, when the poison comes, they can frame Shen Zeyan and die outside the poison.

      has to say, this strategy is very good!

     But unfortunately they were at the right time,

     Encountered the wrong person.


     Suddenly, a crisp sniper rifle was mixed into the chaotic shooting on the mountain!

     As soon as the gunfire sounded, a bunch of blood burst out behind a stone on the mine!

     "Ig-olves used kar98k headshot to knock down eating grapes without spitting bones!"

     After a shot,

     There was a short pause in the gunfire on the mountain.

     When the opponent was shocked, he didn't panic too much, but left the two of them to continue the gun.

     One person stuck Shen Zeyan's vision on their side from the other side of the hill, and ran behind the bunker and began to support his teammates.

      "Fuck! This is not good! They can still help if you defeat one." Li Muqiu said immediately, "I'll be closer, Xiaotong, you and Ze Shao have a good gun."

     "Hmm!" Zhang Xiaotong quickly nodded his little head, with excitement in his heart!


     It's finally time for me to play!

     But at this moment, there was only a "buzzing" motorcycle sound coming from the mine!

     With a dazzling effort, I saw Liu Zilang drove his motorcycle all the way on the steep and bumpy mine, rushing towards the team of people on the mine!

     When the other side discovered that something was wrong and wanted to turn the gun, Liu Zilang suddenly rushed up a rocky slope, soaring high into the air like a dragon with a car!

     In the next moment, I saw him lift the front of the car in the air!The whole motorcycle suddenly turned upside down and rotated 360 degrees in the air, and then slammed it down towards the back of the rock with a kneeling and a squatting two people.

     Horse stepping on Feiyan!

     "Fuck! What the hell is this Nima!"

     The person who squatted to save someone instantly turned into a superficial brother, and turned around to slip away.

     "Don't run! Save me!" The man kneeling on the ground and holding his belly saw the motorcycle splitting the head and covering the face in the air.

     Suddenly struggling to move away with a horrified face

     However, manpower is sometimes exhausted, and the fate of heaven is difficult!

     Liu Zilang's face was so fast and sudden!

     When he landed, he saw his rear wheel hit the struggling person on the ground, but the front wheel suddenly flew out the "superficial brother" who was about to turn around.

     Fell directly into the mine

     One car double kill!