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230 Chariot Girl!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Seeing this scene, the audience in the live room was also shocked!

     "I'm dripping tortoise! Isn't this too pretty?"

     "Vic's car skills are so good at what time? Please drive?"

     "On behalf of the driving is okay! This wave of flying dragon riding face is so handsome for me!"

     "What flying dragon riding face, if I read it right, this should be the legendary Nine Heavens Thunderclap double pedal!"

     "This is too real! I didn't expect Vic to have even practiced his car skills! It feels like a monster!"

     "Zej presented an airdrop supply box to the anchor-the Jedi Rollover Party asked the anchor to introduce the driving school."

     "Ranwu R gave the anchor an airdrop supply box-Gongshu Driving School want to know more? Principal Sun teaches himself!"

     "Randy gave the anchor an airdrop supply box-even if the hearse is drifting!"

     In the game, Liu Zilang did not stay after a wave of landings and double kills, and the motorcycle drove away again.

     At this time, not only the two people on the mine were stunned, but even Li Muqiu and others at the foot of the mountain were also stunned.

     Zhang Xiaotong, who just had a face of be eager to give sth a try wrinkled her little nose in dissatisfaction, lightly snorted!

     But then Liu Zilang, the "Mining Speeding Party" sneaked into the enemy's rear.

     The two remaining on the mountain don’t talk about guns,

     Didn't even run.

     After a wave of attacks by Li Muqiu and others up the mountain, the mine quickly changed hands.

     The four of Liu Zilang quickly broke through their defense.

     After licking a wave of packets, the four once again established a new line of defense in the mine.This time, the second wave of poison also gradually began to shrink.

     From time to time, there is a convoy coming from the north side of the mine, trying to make a circle through this approach.

     But at this moment, Liu Zilang and the others are like night watchmen on the Impassable Great Wall in the north.

     Four person pair in a group,

     As for Shen Zeyan with a gun on the side, the other three don’t have to worry about too much, and it’s impossible for the other person to stop and fight back.

     They just need to sweep it!

     For a time, mine bullets roared and flew, covering the vehicles like a pouring rain.

     There was an explosion in my ears from time to time!

     Several people wave after wave to resist or harvest vehicles passing by around the mine.

     During the period, some snipers in the team were beaten and stopped the car very dissatisfied, hiding behind the car and trying to take off the firepower on the mountain.

     As soon as he showed his clinker, he was taken away.

     Then the car exploded in an instant

     When the poison ring shrank, almost every distance from the north of the mine, you could see the scrap cars burning with raging flame.

     In the live room of a few people,

     Countless viewers were shocked when they saw this scene!

     "I'm going! This is too beastly!"

     "666, it's a massacre!"

     "Huh! No one can fight!"

     "These three people together, in this kind of passerby game, it's like beating the children!"

     "What do you mean by that many people run poison? I feel that this one has to enter the finals ahead of schedule!"

     "Fuck! Only half the people are left in the second lap?"

     ""In the game, seeing that almost no one passed by the poison in the north, Liu Zilang and the others quickly went down and started licking their bags.

     They are not lacking what thing right now,

     The main one was Shen Zeyan helping to set up the gun. The three of them swept away and the bullets ran out in a while.

     Especially Zhang Xiaotong, who was next to Liu Zilang, was standing there with a 249.

     Except for the change of bombs, the girl's gunshots never stopped.

     It is estimated that in her eyes this is no longer PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but a large-scale 3D tower defense game.

     Next, wait until the drug circle overlaps with the edge of the safe zone,

     The next safe zone was refreshed soon.

     It is strange to say that the safety zone of this game seems a bit "all the way south".

     At this time, the next safety zone was brushed at Port P and the coastal area, forming a diagonal circle with Liu Zilang and others at the far north.

     Although the cars passing by were all blown up by them, fortunately, the team who blocked people in the mine before also hid a jeep and a car on the back of the hillside.

     The four immediately requisitioned and Drove over towards Port P.

     However, they just blocked the poison side of the mine. It was too hard. It can be said to be with great fanfare. Naturally, some teams with a more "circular" style of play heard the gunshots and avoided the mine in advance. Make a detour.

     But after entering the circle, these teams lurked between Port P and the mine.

      If it’s possible from the God's perspective, you will find that these teams have opened a long line of defense along the edge of the safety zone north of Port P and silently lurked.There seems to be a tacit understanding between each other.

     Because their thoughts at the moment are almost similar,

     That's the beast of the mine!

     no way!

     Liu Zilang's behavior of playing PUBG as "tower defense",

     It is so hateful!

     Especially when their movement is still so big, almost all the surrounding teams know that there are team members on the mine side, and they have been waiting for them here.

     Next, Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan, who were exploring the road in an orange car, were the first to attack.

     The two quickly stopped to find a shelter, and confronted the person in front of them.

     Liu Zilang heard that someone stuck in front of him was blocking the way, and he glanced at Zhang Xiaotong, who had not had a lot of fun next to him.

     Suddenly he a thought flashed through the mind and said, "There seems to be someone in front of you, do you want to have fun?"

     "What?" Zhang Xiaotong was taken aback.

     "See the slope ahead." Liu Zilang smiled, said, "I drove the car aside, and you jumped from the slope to the roof."

     "Why did you jump to the roof?" Zhang Xiaotong asked dumbfounded.

     "Wait you will know." Liu Zilang chuckled.

     In the safe zone, the two teams were hiding behind the bunker, confronting Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu who had stopped outside the circle.

     It seems to have tasted the bitterness of Shen Zeyan's sniper,

     At this moment they pulled their teammates up.

     Neither go nor retreat.

     You are stuck on the poison side.

     Before they want to come,

     Anyway, when the poison comes, don't you have to come over?

     But the next moment, everyone on the court saw a scene that was unforgettable for life.I saw a jeep suddenly drove up slowly behind the northern hillside!

     This is not the point!

     The point is that there is a man lying on his stomach in the jeep!

     That person is still carrying a 249 pineapple on the roof of the car!

     The audience in the live broadcast room who witnessed all of this was even more stunned at this time!

     "Fuck! There is this kind of operation?"

     "This is not a jeep! This is a main battle tank!"

     "How do I feel that Vic is better than Xiaotongjiang in the pit. Doesn't he really fall down on the roof of the car?"

     "I tried it. If you drive faster, you will fall off and die. If you slow down, it will be fine.

     "Really? It feels like being cheating!"

     Just when the audience in the live broadcast room was worried about Zhang Xiaotong’s life safety,

     She herself is not the slightest conscious.

     At this time, she was lying on the roof of the jeep, and the two brackets under the 249 shots were opened on the roof.

     Excited and dangerous light jumped in the eyes!