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239 A Killer Without Feelings! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The gunfire fell.

     The scene was suddenly silent, and everyone looked hard to believe!

     In the director's God's perspective, you can clearly see the corpse lying in disorder in the smoke in the corridor and the box next to the corpse.

     And at this moment among these people,

     A man with only a trace of red blood lay there,

     I am putting a needle into my arm and spraying medicine.

     When the scene of the killing scene was played back again, the countless viewers in the live broadcast room were in an uproar, and the barrage instantly exploded!

     "Fuck! Fuck! This wave of three is too beautiful, right?"

     "Does this really play the same game as me? I can see my tingling sensation!"

     "Labor and management will convince you if they don't accept the wall of the toilet! This reaction is really terrifying!"

     "Slot said: Spicy chicken! No one can beat it!"

     On the commentary stage at the E-Sports Arena.

     Joy took a deep breath and said with a look of amazement, "It seems that I still underestimated the strength of the slot."

     Su Changming on the side also shook his head and smiled bitterly, "Frankly, just now I saw this guy throwing cigarettes and rushing up, but my whole heart was raised. I didn't expect this wave to be manipulated by him."

     "It's not me who blow! The Sloth wave is surprisingly strong, whether it's body shots or reaction!"

     Joy recalled the scene just now in his mind, and couldn't help but continue, "This is the purest thing and expresses his own views.

     Gao Yunyang, in the corridor on the second floor of the school, was licking his bags over the boxes after finishing the medicine.

     After seeing the prompt that his teammate was suddenly knocked down by a pistol,Gao Yunyang also shook the head and shook his mouth.

     The three people sitting beside him heard Gao Yunyang's indistinct chuckle, and they couldn't help but complexion turned black ...

     Embarrassment and resentment in my heart!

     Which grandson is making the cold shot?

     You’re so cute, even if you shoot cold, you need to change a gun,

     You fucking got a small pistol and made us all faceless, okay?

     However, at this moment, Gao Yunyang suddenly saw the id before the kill message.


     In an instant, Gao Yunyang was shocked!

     On the face that still seemed to be lazy as before, a pair of slender eyes narrowed slightly.

     is it him?


     "What did the prodigal son say? The opposite has already fallen, let's take the opportunity to fuck him!" Pu Taizhuang, who was ambushing behind one of the walls, be eager to give sth a try.

     "Hehe, then you have to think about it clearly." Liu Zilang smiled, "You saw the screen just now, there is still one hunk who can beat four."

     "You said that your former teammate came at such an untimely time?" Chen Zhifei said with a pained expression. "We almost decided the championship by default. He just appeared at this time."

     Ran Maotong couldn't help but curiously asked, "Boss, when did we make the championship appointment?"

     "Man, this kid doesn't have any eyesight to see!"

     Chen Zhifei smiled, "With the black cover of the prodigal son, plus the three of us, isn't that stretch a hand and grab it? What's the difference between it and the default?

     "Ahem, this is a bit swollen."After Pu Taizhuang finished speaking, he smiled honestly, "But it's really such a reason!"

     Liu Zilang shook his head while listening to the poisoned milk of a few people speechlessly.

     Seeing that the person who fell to the ground was completely covered by white smoke,

     At this moment, Liu Zilang suddenly heart trembled!

     Because of the corner he was near,

     There was a sound of gradually clear footsteps from the building.