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241 They Are Brothers, Share Similarities! (Fifth)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After seeing the thunder that bounced towards him, Liu Zilang no longer trusting to luck.

     Because it was him, he would never give his opponent any chance.

     So hold on to the principle of "share the same".

     When he was in danger, Liu Zilang pinched a thunder and jumped in...

     The moment he jumped over the window was sprayed down, which is in his within expectation.

     But Liu Zilang did not expect that after Gao Yunyang sprayed him down, he would put away his gun and walk around him like an old man after dinner.

     He just tried to raise his head,

     I want to give the other person a look of "caring for the mentally retarded".

     In the end, I didn't expect that the other party actually squatted down and had a four eyes look at each other with him.


     I confirmed that the look in my eyes is the one I want to blow up.

     The next moment, there was a flash of fire in the narrow room!


     In the dust, the huge impact immediately blew them upside down and hit the wall.

      After smoke cleared,

     Only two boxes were left on the ground.

     "Please sign for parting gifts."

     "Blasted infantry want to know more?"

     "Fuck! Visjoy was messed up when he saw this scene!

     In this wave, he did not notice that Liu Zilang pinched a thunder at what time in his hand; second, he did not understand that after Gao Yunyang killed his opponent with a spray, he made up for it, why not, and instead circled around the house. Circle.

     Isn't it poisonous?

     "Cough cough cough..."

     Su Changming on the side could not help coughing.As the former eldest brother in the team, he knows Liu Zilang too well, and he also understands that lazy people like Gao Yunyang often do things that are not quite the same as ordinary brain circuits...for example, get nervous.

     This wave may feel a little hard to understand in the eyes of others, but Su Changming doesn't have any a trace of surprise.

     From the moment Liu Zilang greeted the thunder, he probably guessed the next story.

     However, most of the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms were a little unacceptable after seeing this scene.

     In their view, the appearance of Gao Yunyang in today's game is properly a "Return of the King" script!

     Coupled with the newly rising star vic!

     The two appearing in the same game is the rhythm of Mars hitting the Earth!

     At the very least, there must be a peak duel, winner is the king.

     But who would have thought that it was not long before the two landed,

     The first safe zone has not been refreshed yet.

     One person used thunder to force the other person in front of him, then the two looked at each other.

      in-situ explosion, both Spiralling Ascension to Heaven!

     This is too real!

     At this moment, the audience was in a daze, of course, as a commentary, they must first respond.

     Joy resisted the pain of the egg and said, "Although it is a pity, has to say vic's choice at the critical moment is still very decisive. He directly replaced the slot with thunder in his hand. Thus, the four magic boxes are only reduced by one person. Annihilated the entire opponent team."

     "Well, speaking on the whole, the magic four boxes are still earned."Su Changming on the side also analyzed rationally, "At present, the magic four box team is holding eight heads to kill, leading the audience, but the next Left 4 Dead is still long. There are still 85 people on the field. Can they survive? Finally, it depends on their next performance."


     In the competition area, on the athletes' bench of Wuhan University.

     At the moment Gao Yunyang was killed by the bombing, the atmosphere suddenly became a little stiffened.

     After a while, Gao Yunyang twitched the corner of his mouth and smiled dryly, "Well...change for another. This wave of opponents may be a little profitable, but I am definitely not at a loss."

     But I am definitely not at a loss!

     I heard Gao Yunyang to chop the nail and slice the iron,

     The eyelids of the other three could not help but beating.

     However, they still don't have any position to criticize Gao Yunyang.

     Because this wave of Gao Yunyang killed a team alone at the school, they ran from the puzzle building of the dormitory to the school, and the three of them fell to the ground without doing anything.

      Strictly speaking, it seems they are the ones who are holding back...

      Thought until here, the other members of the Wuhan University team couldn't help but feel aggrieved again.

     Gao Yunyang acted very calmly. Seeing that the screen of death was dark, he casually relieved a few people, before taking off the headphones, got up and stopped/stood from the seat.

     "Brother Gao, where are you going?" one person couldn't help but ask.

     "Shhh..." Gao Yunyang turned his head and glanced at him.

     "Hush?" The man was taken aback, and suddenly reacted, and then whispered cautiously, "Understood, Brother Gao, are you the tactics of pressing the bottom of the box?"

     Tactics at the bottom of the box?


     As a former professional legend player,"Broken the Formation Thousand Army" Gao Yunyang played the game, but still did not touch the bottom of the box?

     No one believed it!

      Thought until here, the other two were excited when they heard the words leaning the head over, and asked in a low voice, "Brother Gao, can you tell us something?"

     "What am I talking about?"

     Gao Yunyang glanced at a few people without angrily, "I'm going to pee!"


     Upon hearing this, the three of them instantly corner of the mouth twitch.

     Suddenly, there was an urge to give this tired fellow to the ground.


     Here is the match table of the Magic Four Boxes.

     "Prodigal son, did you release the water?" Chen Zhifei asked suddenly.

     Hearing this, Liu Zilang's mouth crooked, and said ill-humoredly, "What kind of water should I put in! That guy is a single-player fierce man."

     "That's not possible!" Pu Taizhuang also questioned, "I can read the news about your match a few days ago. Ze Shao and Qiu Shen were both hammered on the ground by you. What is the name of the slot so strong?"

     "Don't! I thumped Ze Shao on the ground at what time..." Liu Zilang looked speechless, "Do you believe those shocking editors on the Internet?"

     "As for Li Muqiu, um, this report is relatively objective..."

     After the school is cleared,

     There are no other people around in a short time.

     Liu Zilang was sitting on the chair with his hands behind his head, and casually tugging with the three people licking their bags in the game.

     At this moment, from the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the figure walking through the aisle in the contestant area, his face was slightly surprised.Seeing the direction the man was going out, Liu Zilang quickly took off the earphones and the three of them said, "You should be careful, stay on the ground, live to ninety-nine, remember."

     "Why are you going?" Ran Maotong asked in confusion.

     "Let the water." Liu Zilang said casually.

     Chen Zhifei and Pu Taizhuang on the side were wearing headphones, and they didn't hear the words of the two in front.

     But they heard the last sentence of Liu Zilang.

     The two of them immediately seemed to have grasped the handle, and they all said, "Okay! They said you didn't release the water!"

     My Nima...

     Liu Zilang suddenly got a black line.

     He didn't bother to take care of these two idiots anymore, and he got up and talked with the staff member on the scene.

     Then chase after that person's back, followed.