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243 Sniper Rhythm! (under)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Arriving at the mountain road, "The same goes for the top."

     On the commentary stage of the E-Sports Arena.

     "It's a pity, none of these teams rushed over."

     "Well, I think the team squatting at the crossroads is too overcast. When the bridgehead first hit people, they didn't shoot. It created the illusion that there was only one checkpoint for those who crossed the bridge. Kaiyueming, the result was unexpected..."

     "Hehe, so strategy is still very important in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, this is called unaware of the oriole behind."

     "Now Qiaotou also knows that there are oriole behind them, they seem to be unable to lick their bags, oh! The team blocking the bridge directly withdrew from the'toll booth' and they jumped up from the bridge."

     "This height should drop a lot of blood, but it is also a more decisive and safe choice, because the safe area has been refreshed, and the bridge head is not in the next safe area. If they don't go in time, very possibly Might faced the danger of being blocked by the team at the crossroads closer to the safety zone when running the drug."

     "Well, the people in the crossroads area have also come out. It looks like they want to clean up the battlefield."

     "That's right, but have you noticed that the observatory has a bird in a bird?


     We must know that although the two teams that just crossed the bridge were killed by the car, after the explosion, the car followed its inertia and slid elsewhere. The boxes of the few people who were killed naturally remained on the empty road.

     Among the three people who were licking their bags on the road just now,

     After one person was knocked down by Liu Zilang with a headshot, he who kneels down on the ground has nowhere to hide at the moment.The 98k gun of Liu Zilang also functions as a flare gun.

     There was a gunshot from his side!

     Pu Taizhuang and their three people immediately set up two quadruple rifles and one quadruple sks.

     The muzzle flashed,

     There is a crazy burst of fire at the bottom!


     In an instant, the dense bullets suddenly fell down from the mountain like a pouring rain!

     The shooting accuracy of a few people at this distance is naturally not too high.

     But I can't bear to be full!

     It was just a round of shots, and the person who was knocked down by Liu Zilang's headshot instantly fell to the ground.

     One of the remaining two did not run a few steps, and a few bloody flowers rose on his body, and one knelt down on the ground, clutching his belly.

      Only has one person in the Periphery Zone of firepower, and a tertiary suit was shot twice without falling to the ground.

     The man was about to run into the room, when the clinker shot suddenly sounded!

     A bloody flower burst out of that person,

     Then he fell to the door of a house!

     Seeing this scene, there was also a burst of exclamation!

     "Fuck! This shot is a fraud!"

     "It seems that this wave of magic four boxes may not know at all and walked through the ghost gate."

     In the game, after seeing this safe area, the faces of the people on the top of the mountain are also happy.

     Liu Zilang smiled and touched the grenade on his waist, looked at the mountain and said, "Go, we should pick up the guests."

     Seeing Liu Zilang holding a grenade, the three of Chen Zhifei also reacted instantly after being taken aback.

     "Hehehehe!"On the top of the mountain, a wretched laughter floated into the distance with the wind.

     The Wuhan University team at the foot of the mountain.

     In the safe zone with only 21 people left, their team is very rare to keep full.

     However, after seeing this safe zone, several people could not help complexion turned black.

     "Brother Gao, what should I do?" one person asked.

     "Tsk! What can I do, go up and chant." Gao Yunyang lazily said.

     "What if there is someone on it?" someone asked.

     "Do you still use Gao Ge to say? Someone made a special meow!" the other person exclaimed.

     In this game, Gao Yunyang led three people in and out at the airport. As the macho who walked out of the airport, the confidence of several people in Wuhan University was unprecedented.

     Soon, they touched it along the mountain road.

     At this moment, on other sides of the mountain, there are a few teams that obviously have the same idea as Wuhan University.

     "Well, it seems that everyone has realized the superiority of the field of vision of the top terrain in the finals, and now they all want to seize the commanding heights."

     "Yes, but there is already a team of magic four boxes on the mountain, hehe, do you think it feels like six martial arts besieging Guangmingding."

     Around the mountaintop observatory at this time, Liu Zilang and others, "incarnate in Mingjiao", lurked on the top of the mountain.

     "Someone is here! In sw175 direction, under the tree at the foot of the mountain, three!"

     "Don't worry don't worry! Wait until they climb up for a while."

     After a while, several grenade pulling sounds sounded.

     Liu Zilang said, "I'm counting down four seconds! 4! 3! 2! 1! Go!"

     The next moment, only a few people waved their hands!At the same time threw the thunder in his hand!

     The team on the mountainside was cautiously touching upwards, unexpectedly several black spots appeared on the top of their heads.

     When they found something was wrong and wanted to run with a "fuck" in their hearts,

     But found that it already comes without enough time,

     The grenade exploded in the air before it landed!

      hōng hōng hōng hōng!

      The ear-splitting explosion sounded into one piece, instantly forming a small scale bombing zone above the three people's heads!

     Soon, three kill prompts appeared on the bottom left of the screen.

     When the other teams on the mountainside heard the explosion, they couldn't help heart tensed up.

     What the hell is this special cat?

     For a time, several teams hesitated on the mountainside.

     I thought that going up is heaven,

     But it doesn't seem to be the case now.

     They hesitated,

     Liu Zilang did not hesitate.

     After a wave of thunder killed three people and declared the "territorial sovereignty" of the top of the mountain, Liu Zilang quickly cut out 98k, and a pair of sharp eyes surveyed the surroundings.

     Find the goal!

     Raise the gun!

     Open the mirror!

     With a quasi-heart, a shot!

     The second-level helmet on a person's head on the mountainside immediately shattered and fell to the mountain.

     After a while, the familiar gunfire sounded again!

     For a moment, he who occupied the commanding heights turned on like a "sniper rhythm"!