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247 Do Not Seek Common Life, But Seek Common Death!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Seeing the barrage of the audience in the live broadcast room, Liu Zilang felt somewhat curious.

      he cannot bear asked, "Old girl! Ask something, are you the anchor?"

     "I..." The delicate voice suddenly choked.

     Then she said even more whispered, "Don't call me old girl! Call me a little fairy! I am not an anchor."

     Upon hearing this, the barrage in the live broadcast suddenly exploded!

     "Fuck! This voice! This tone! This must be a dumb girl!"

     "Hehehe, who is not a little fairy these years!"

     "Don't pretend the old woman! I know it's you!"

     Liu Zilang was a little panicked by her such a saying, cannot bear saying, "Well, that little... little fairy, hold on, I'll take you to eat chicken."

     "Really?" The orange tree that had previously said that it was going to retreat suddenly became energetic and complained, "I haven't eaten a chicken this afternoon, shit! The teammates are too bad."

     "Can I lie to you?"

     Liu Zilang chuckled, "Then, if you can't eat chicken, you can't py, okay?"

     "Brother, I think what you said is a bit wrong."

     The orange tree keenly discovered the problem, "You said you want to take us to eat chicken. Why can't I eat chicken?

     "Ah? What's the problem?" Liu Zilang pretended to be ignorant.

     "There must be a problem," said the orange tree.

     "I am at a loss!" Liu Zilang said solemnly.

     "Who loses? I lose, okay." The orange tree said depressed, "What are you losing?"

     "You didn't lose me!" Liu Zilang said sincerely, "Think for yourself."Hearing this, the man was taken aback.

     Somewhat speechless...

     "666, reasonable and reasonable!"

     "The abruptly arising show flashes to the waist of labor and management."

     "Stop! This Nima is not a car to the kindergarten! Let the labor and capital get off the car!"

     "Fuck pop! Vic finally revealed his nature!"

     "The female fans in the live broadcast room should all take off their skirts. Vic is no longer the vic back then."

     In an apartment near a university in Chang'an.

     A girl facing a with a neutral appearance was sitting in front of the computer with a messy expression.

     She is naturally the dumb girl among the audience in the live broadcast room.

     Hearing what the two said, she smiled and said, "You...just...what are you talking about..."

     "Don't take it seriously, don't take it seriously! Make a joke to liven up the atmosphere!" Liu Zilang chuckled, "Everyone meets because of fate, this will definitely bring you to eat chicken.

     "Let’s talk about how to call it first. A game is very long, and we can’t always call it the name of the game."

     "Is it long?" The slowing orange tree is somewhat uncertain.

     But he still said, "My name is Orange Tree, you call me Ashu?"

     His voice sounds honest and honest,

     But what he said was not honest.

     "Uncle? That... is still called the orange tree."

     Liu Zilang coughed dryly and continued, "Your words... just call me Alang."

     "Puff...what the hell is A Lang?"

     "Is it that vic has more waves than the real name?""Tsk tusk... this really as the name implies!"

     "Hey! It seems that these two people really don't know Vic's id. This is interesting."

     In the game, after hearing the words of the two, the dull girl also spoke, "My name is biubiubiu, you call me Biu."

     "Biu? This is fine." Liu Zilang smashed his lips, "Much better than A Shu."

     "Why... why is it better than me?" The orange tree refused to accept it.

     Listening to his serious tone, Liu Zilang was silent for a while, and suddenly felt that this person might not need an orange tree, but needs some other tree...

     Next, the quality square waits until the time is over.

      The picture changed, and three people appeared on the plane.

     The course of this game starts from city z at the top left of the map, passing through Shangcheng District and city p, and the final destination is near Port n.

     "Stay on the ground! Survive to ninety-nine, let's play wild in this game." Dai Mei'er glanced at the route, and said.

     "I like just...just gun!" The orange tree said.

     "No wonder you can't eat chicken." Damei murmured softly, then suddenly stretched her tone, and exclaimed, "A... Lang... what do you say?"

     Liu Zilang was a little bit tingling when he was called "A Lang", put a bold face on it, "We must have a sense of community, and the courage of a man is not desirable."

     "What does it mean?" The orange tree was dumbfounded.

     "It means jungle." Dai Meier quickly concluded.

     So the next girl marked the ruins and nearby housing areas. When the plane passed over the sky, the three of them opened their parachutes and jumped down.They originally prepared two ruins,

     One person went to search the next wooden house area.

     As a result, I didn’t expect to find out when I was about to land. The original four-man team of the two diving cities reached low altitude.

     A group of people actually abandoned Shuicheng and floated over towards their ruins.

     "This is bullying our young people!" Damei'er said angrily.

     "It came right!" The orange tree is fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms.

     Liu Zilang silently cut out and opened a plate.

     The question is not whether to eat chicken,

     It's whether teammates can survive this wave of landing.



     The audience in the live broadcast room burst into laughter when they saw the guess question!

     "Fuck! Vic is kinder than this!"

     "Come on orange tree little pot! But I choose not to goose!"

     "Puff haha! Can't keep up, I feel like this wave is going to make money!"

     "Let me! No one believes in the orange tree? I backhand...I can't press one!"

     "Those who can't be overwhelmed, are you not afraid that Vic is better than Dugu Cherui.

     "I choose to believe in vic. Isn't it a basic operation for him to kill a single team? Teammates only need to call 666."

     "I also believe in a wave of vic! Lost to work in the sea! Woke up the villa model!"

     However, after the goose landed, the audience in the live broadcast room saw Liu Zilang searching for a crowbar in his hand.

     Also known as the "Holy Sword of Physics".

     In the last ten seconds of the closing, the live broadcast room was suddenly full of guessing."Sorry! Excuse me! Goodbye!"

     "My God! Don't even give me a pistol? Vic's face is too dark!"

     "How does Nima live? Tell me how to live?"

     "It's cold! Is it going to end after a small change?"

     In the game, Liu Zilang, who was wearing a first-class suit, wandered around depressedly with a crowbar, but still didn't find what thing.

     At this moment, the voice of a dumb girl suddenly came from next door!

     "Don't chase me! I don't have syrup in a hurry, big brother!"

     "Biu hold on!" the orange tree shouted.

     "Are you coming to rescue me! Come on!" Damei'er seemed to see a straw!

     "I...I don't have a big gun, you wait." The orange tree said embarrassingly.

     "Neither did I." Liu Zilang said.

     "..." Dameier.

     Bang Bang Tied -!

     A burst of pistol sound came from behind!

     Although the man's marksmanship was not very good, the blood volume of the dumb girl now fell to less than half.

     Seeing that the man behind her was still chasing and getting bullets, the dumb girl couldn't help but despair!

     At this moment, she suddenly found that Liu Zilang was not far in front of her on the map.

     Remembering that at the beginning of the game, this person vowed to take them to eat chicken. She gritted her teeth and ran over...

     Encounter is fate!

     Do not seek co-existence, but seek co-death!

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