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253 Excuse Me, Is This The Live Broadcast Room Of Yan Zhi Ji Wang?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Killed in the bombing zone!

     Seeing the System Notification at the bottom left of the screen, Liu Zilang, who was touching the airdrop, was also dazed for a moment.

     I just heard the voice of Duan Meier, it should be saved.

     What is the situation?

     At this moment, the orange tree in the voice suddenly asked in a daze, " did you close the door?"

     The voice of the girl seems to be feeling somewhat wronged.

     "You told me to press f."

     "Ah? It seems to be true." The orange tree thought it seemed to be the reason, and couldn't help but say, "Excuse me, my pot."

     Hearing this, Liu Zilang immediately recollected the scene just now...

     Seeing that the orange tree took the initiative to pick up the pot,

     Liu Zilang was also a little speechless for a while.

      have not seen such extreme bully the honest people.

     However, Liu Zilang didn't have time to think so much right now, because he was about to reach the position of the airdrop.

     At this time, the smoke around the airdrop had not dissipated, and it was estimated that the other party added another smoke bomb.

     And counting the time, the person who had just been shot headshot by him should almost be helped up.

     Then there is nothing to say.

     Liu Zilang slipped in his hand, and a grenade had already rolled out.

     Pull the strings, warm up!

     After staying in his hand for a while, he immediately raised his hand and threw the grenade out!

     In the screen, I saw the grenade cross a parabola in the air, and it burst into the smoke instantly!


     At this moment, someone on the opposite side happened to be investigating on the edge of the smoke, and the huge impact immediately after the grenade exploded and blew him out!And after Liu Zilang finished throwing thunder, he cut out 6 in his hand!

     Seeing a person's silhouette flying out of the smoke,

     He immediately raised the muzzle with extremely fast reaction, and the red dot opened the mirror instantly, dragging the mouse to follow the flying figure with a very fast translation gun!

     Da Da Da -!

     While the fire was flashing, a burst of rapid 6-three shots sounded, and a series of bullets blasted past very quickly!

     The man was originally not close to the location where the grenade exploded in the smoke, so it stands to reason that the grenade exploded him in this way and it was not dead.

     But when Liu Zilang's "human thunderbo" was shot, it instantly ruined the last hope of survival for that person.

     At the moment he landed, the man knelt on the ground, clutching his belly.

     "Tsk tusk! Throw thunder, be careful!"

     "Pull the gun carefully! Press the gun carefully!"

     "The blame has appeared! Come and kill him, everyone!"

     "A Lang is handsome in this second wave of eq! That person is probably beaten haha!"

     When the person in the smoke saw that he had just picked up one, the teammate next to him fell to the ground again, and his mentality was a bit exploded.

     "The other side is closer! Be careful!" the man kneeling out of the smoke shouted.

     The person who had just been lifted up in the smoke who was spraying medicine couldn't help but be surprised, "Huh? How many people?"

     "It seems there is only one."

      kneels down on the ground The man glanced vigorously.

     The one who just helped the people suddenly said angrily, "Fuck! One is so arrogant, we dare to rush up after a sneak attack? Are we really two fools?"

     At this moment, the sound of footsteps came!

     Someone broke in with smoke.The man immediately hugged the ak in his hand and became vigilant in the smoke.

     However, Liu Zilang, who was holding a handful of 6, was like a sharp blade at the moment, cold and decisively inserted between the two through the smoke!


     The two people in the smoke also reacted suddenly!

     Da Da Da -!

     Suddenly -!

     The sharp gunfire exploded, and countless bullets pierced through the smoke!

     In this close encounter, Liu Zilang, who was holding a handful of 6, did not choose to start the shot.

     Because it takes time to open the mirror,

     And now time is life!

     In the game, when he saw the two of them, he first leaned to the right and fired at the waist, and after launching two triples with extremely fast hands!

     Liu Zilang didn't look at the result, but suddenly leaned to the left again, and pulled his gun over instantly!

     Da Da Da -!

     Dazzling flames shot out again from the muzzle!

      In this brief moment, 6 the extremely fast rate of fire and the initial speed of the bullet are reflected again.

     I saw Liu Zilang's muzzle bullet suddenly cut through the air, and hit the man's body in a "rusty" manner.

      At the same time, he is also groaned!

     Several eye-catching blood blossoms burst out of his body!

     But his blood volume only dropped to half, and even if the blood mist still evacuated after the bullet hit the body, the blood volume did not drop at all.

     Because at this time, the two of them had all been put on the ground by his get straight to the point, and instantly turned into two boxes.

      Thus, subsequent bullets are naturally judged as invalid damage.This wave of Liu Zilang's operation can be said to be even more forms a coherent whole, extremely smooth, the whole process seemed to take only a second, and he knocked down the two in this wave of close contact.

     Seeing this scene, many old viewers in the live broadcast room and some new viewers who have just entered the live broadcast room because of the homepage recommendation were suddenly shocked.

     "I'm dripping turtles! This reaction and hand speed are too fast!"

     "The expression of being single for thirty years is kneeling for the anchor!"

     "The newcomer has just entered the live broadcast room. Is this the live broadcast room of Chicken King in the Yan Value District?"

     "The same newcomer, I heard that this anchor likes friends who love water and broadcasts at the speed of light. May I just spray it or cater to him first?"

     "The newcomer should go through the process and swipe wave 666 first, swipe the fish balls, and then they can clear the level."

     In the game, Damei'er was also surprised by Liu Zilang's operation.

     The reason for this is that Liu Zilang's performance in this game is a bit too big!

     First, the game started by saying that he would take them to eat chickens, and then hit two guns in the ruins.

     This wave has nothing to say.

     But immediately afterwards, he blew himself up in the incarnation of Lao Yinbi in Water City.

     This standard cute new Xiaobai!

     If that wave hadn't been for Damei's help in time, it would have been cold.

     Then came the more weird one!

     This person actually got off the car halfway and stole the motorcycle that was parked at the door. It was no different from those who went to the door of the Internet cafe to steal the battery car... How crude and awkward it is to do it!However, in this wave of Qiaotou, Liu Zilang first shot a headshot in the smoke, and then rushed over to destroy the team instantly.

     This is simply not something normal people can do!

     Now, the dumb girl sitting in front of the computer can't understand what this "vic123" is.

     Oh wait!

     This name seems familiar?

     At this moment, Liu Zilang's voice passed through the smoke, "Don't froze, come and lick the bag!"

     Upon hearing this, Dai Mei'er immediately threw all the thoughts of everything in disorder just behind her head, and quickly stabbed over, "Come come! People are coming!"


      has to say, Liu Zilang's fight is worth it.

     He found a handful of dark green aw in a person's bag, apparently he had just licked it from the airdrop box.

     It's a pity that it was just kept for it, and it was passed to Liu Zilang's hands without firing a shot.

     As for the people in the fishing village, they are not too fat. They have nothing to pick up except drinks.

     After the two licked their bags,

     The second wave of poison is almost refreshed.

     In this case, if you want to cross the sea, the best choice is naturally to take a boat, but the two looked around the sea, only to find two boats that had run aground...

     Who is so wicked!

     It must be too late to swim in the past this time, and you will die in the sea as soon as you brush the poison.

      Without any choice, the two can only choose to cross the bridge in the car.

     But is there anyone blocking the bridge on this wave of bridges,

     The two of them really don't have a bottom...

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