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254 A New Storm Has Appeared!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The countdown to the poison circle is half a minute.

     When the countdown is over and the deep blue radiation net in the north is brushed over, this part of the land, including the bridge, will be covered by radiation and there will be no place to stand.

      At this moment, Liu Zilang rode his motorcycle and came to the bridge, while Damei'er drove the jeep dilly-dally to follow behind.

     Daimei looked at the long sea-crossing bridge, and asked nervously, "Alang Xiaoguoguo, did you say that there was someone blocking the bridge?"

     "No..." Liu Zilang said roundly, "That is impossible."

     "Ah? Isn't it cold in our rushing bridge?" Damei's heart sank suddenly.

     "It's cooler if you don't shower." Liu Zilang said helplessly.

     Liu Zilang's tone was relaxed, and the dull girl couldn't help but eyes shined, and said eagerly, "You must have a way! Right!

     "I was discovered, what a clever ghost!" Liu Zilang chuckled, "wait for me a moment."

     After speaking, there was no voice on Liu Zilang's side.

     "Why did A Lang go?" The orange tree watching the game cannot bear ask.

     Although it was ranked by passers-by, after seeing Liu Zilang's headshot shot and the "one-two-two" strength in the smoke, Orange Tree rekindled the hope of eating chicken for this game, so there was no after death. Quit the game.

     "I don't know." Damei said in a daze.

     At this moment Liu Zilang suddenly snapped a finger and said in his voice, "It's done!"

     What's done?

     Damei and the orange tree dazed for a moment.At this moment, a burst of brisk, rhythmic music suddenly sounded in the game.

     "It's like sunlight through the night"

     "Dawn quietly crossed the horizon"

     "Whose figure travels through the reincarnation"

     "The road to the future is under your feet"

     Hearing this burst of music, not only Doumeier and Orange Tree, but also countless viewers in the live broadcast room were dumbfounded!

     "Vic is starting to make trouble again? Is this a man with his own bg?"

     "Why do I think this song sounds familiar? Don't you think?"

     "Fuck! Isn't this the theme song of Ultraman Tiga? How do I remember my childhood!"

     "Vic doesn't want to play this song on the bridge, right? Think you are Ultraman?"

     In the game, Damei's face was also black when she heard this song.

     She resisted the urge to curse, and smiled, "Little pot, is this yours way?"

     "Of course." Liu Zilang said without the slightest hesitation.

     "What does singing have to do with rushing the bridge?" The orange tree asked puzzled.

     Liu Zilang self-confidently said, "In my bg, I am invincible."

     I am invincible in my bg!

     Isn't this special treatment that the protagonist in the anime has?

     "It's too late to explain, the poison is coming!" Liu Zilang screamed, and immediately got on the motorcycle.


     There was a rustle of motorcycles.

     As soon as Liu Zilang got into the car, he immediately pulled up the accelerator.Daimei was also a little speechless when she saw Liu Zilang's figure of Qi Juechen in front.

     The image Liu Zilang had previously established in her heart was shaken again.

     Is this person reliable?

     Forget it!

     do not care!

     He is in front anyway!

     At this time, Dai Mei'er had made a plan to jump into the sea immediately when she discovered something was wrong.


     The other end of the bridge.

     Around an abandoned truck, there is really a group of people blocking the bridge right now.

     Seeing that no one crossed the bridge for a long time, the poison was almost swept over, and they thought about it and withdrew.

     The clinker was just then, and a hum of motorcycles suddenly came from the bridge!

     "A car is coming! People nowadays are really brave." One sighed.

     "Well, what sound?" the other person asked puzzled.

     "It seems that someone is playing a song." A humane chanted suspiciously following the lyrics, "Like sunlight passing through the night?"

     Halfway through the reading, he suddenly sang along, "Dawn quietly crosses the horizon! Whose figure travels through the cycle of reincarnation, the road to the future is just under your feet..."

     "Fuck! Ultraman Tiga!" This person was shocked!

     "Hehe, we are not little monsters!" The previous person smiled coldly, "We are bridgehead bullies! Fight! We will fight for labor and capital!"

     There was a violent gunfire at the bridge!

     Whoosh whoosh!

     Countless bullets suddenly poured down like a shower, splitting the head and covering the face, whizzing towards Liu Zilang riding a motorcycle!

     "Ah! Really someone!"

     The dumb girl driving the jeep suddenly exclaimed."It's okay! In my bg! We are invincible!" Liu Zilang's motorcycle speeded across the bridge without reducing a lightning.

     "That's your bg, not mine." Damei spit out.

     Then she saw her jeep pulled over quickly and jumped onto the front of a scrap car.

     He jumped under the bridge and jumped into the sea!

     "Little pot! See you in the next life!"

     Obviously, this was an escape route she had prepared long ago as a last resort.

     Hearing the words of the dumb girl behind him, Liu Zilang suddenly corner of the mouth twitch.

     At this time, as the distance narrowed, amidst the whistling of bullets in the ear, the motorcycle made a "dīng dīng dāng dāng ding", and a series of sparks splashed!

     The durability of the motorcycle has dropped to half, and it feels a little smokey, but this version of the motorcycle tire comes with a "dominant body" effect, and there is no such thing as a puncture.

     However, Liu Zilang's body was also hit by an oncoming stray bullet, and his blood volume suddenly dropped by about half.

     But at this moment, he quickly flew away to the middle of the bridge like lightning, suddenly turned the front of the car and rushed over to a scrap car on the middle of the bridge,

     "What about Invincible? Is this going to crash and commit suicide?"

     "Hey, let you pretend to be a dog, it's getting cold now!"

     The three people on the other side of the bridge also saw this scene as dazed for a moment, one of them suddenly reacted and exclaimed, "Fuck! This kid killed him and didn't want to kill us! Hurry up!"

     Hearing this, the person next to him who wanted to change the bomb hurriedly stopped and swept towards Liu Zilang again!However, with the obstruction of the waste car, the bullets that could hit Liu Zilang at this moment were reduced.

     But his galloping motorcycle is getting closer and closer to the scrap car, and it's about to hit it!

     At this moment, the group that followed the motorcycle galloping bg rose up,

     A man's roar suddenly sounded!

     "A new storm has appeared!"

     "How can I stuck and not moving forward!"

      bang sound!

     The motorcycle hit the front of the scrap car, but it did not explode, let alone stop, but stood straight like a dragon flying into the sky!

     Seeing the motorcycle with black smoke flying up, the three people blocking the bridge quickly raised their guns and shot the motorcycle in the air with a burst of crackle rattle!

      ding ding dang dang Ding Ding!


     There was a flash of fire in the air, the motorcycle exploded, and a wave of hot flames spread around!

     Then the black motorcycle fell into the landed weakly from the air like a lost life.

     But many times,


     Often means new life!

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