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255 Magic Speed!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:


     The pitch-black motorcycle fell into the air and hit the bridge deck.

     The gunfire on the bridge suddenly stopped!


     "Who of you jumped and killed?"


     "Neither did I."

     The three people blocking the bridge at the bridge head look at each other in dismay. They are all unable to make any sense of the matter.

     At this time, there was another passionate singing in the middle of the bridge!

     "A miracle will happen"

     "It's like sunlight through the night"


      without omen ground!

     A dull a is dead xxxx! "

     "Vic123 died using aw xxxx!"

     And if the three people on the bridge are dead but will not close the eyes,

     Then the audience in the live broadcast room who witnessed all of this is frozen!

     They had just clearly seen Liu Zilang jumping off the motorcycle in midair when he was flying with the motorcycle, and then stood firmly on the beam above the bridge...

     Then the motorcycle continued to rise, bursting into a fireworks!

     But Liu Zilang survived miraculously!

     At that time, they were full of "Fuck!", "What the hell?", "Is there such an operation in Nima?"...

     Then next,

     A more "fucky" scene appeared!

     Liu Zilang, who was not half blooded, stood on the beam of the bridge and held up two aw shots!

     head shot!

     Headshot again!

     Soon he quickly changed the eight-fold lens to a 6, and a wave of exaggerated six-eight-fold pressure guns took away the last person left at the bridge again..."My Nima...what else can I say?"

     "My mother just came to my room, she asked me why I was kneeling in front of the computer to watch the live broadcast!"

     "Anchor please don't show off! Your shampoo makes me tingling sensation!"

     "I'm not convinced! Everyone bought the game for 98 yuan. Why can his motorcycle bring its own [Flying Dragon In The Sky] and [eject into the warehouse]!

     "Qiaotou team is also blind, you can't open your eyes and look at the bridge?"

     "That's right! Vic has almost lost my hair show. If labor and capital are bald, it is all these blind men."

     In the game, the poison behind him has already brushed over.

     Liu Zilang squatted on the bridge and made a bag, then jumped off the bridge and ran towards the end of the bridge in poison.

     After pressing the automatic run, he cut out and looked at the barrage in the live broadcast room, and couldn't help but said, "Blind? Do you know what a magic speed car is? Tsk tsk! I didn't say it, some friends in the live broadcast room are still too young!"

     "Vic is starting to attack fans again! Check it out!"

     "Turtle! Magic speed car? You seem to have something!"

     Liu Zilang raised a smile at the corner of his mouth, and after a moment of deep thought, he said seriously, "Some people still don’t believe me, okay, I will explain to you what a'magic speed car' is. I just left the motorcycle, but I was sweeping the bomb The visual effect of an aerial motorcycle is too strong and shocking, and their subconscious will tell them that I am still in the car. This is the magic speed car!"Spoke until here, Liu Zilang added, "This is actually a kind of visual magic, which distracts others and makes them doubt their own perception of reality."

     Hearing that Liu Zilang spoke earnestly and professionally, the live audiences were also stunned by him.

     Originally, they just hid casually, but they didn't expect this ratio to be really something...

     When the clinker was there, Liu Zilang suddenly grins and said, "Do you really believe it? No? I lied to you, I almost urinated just now!"

     Upon hearing this, there was a barrage in the live broadcast room, and then Instantaneous Explosion!

     "My Nima...who has the address of the anchor, I want to send him something good!"

     "Hehe, Jiang Hai's friends will form a group, we are going to fight Lu... No! It's the Dogecoin anchor who deceived the audience's feelings to kill!"

     "I'll go to Jianghai! Hey, I want to give him a taste of the big guy!"

     Liu Zilang is a button-press voice in the game. At this moment, he heard the wailing girl in the sea as soon as he switched back to the game.

     "Aaaaaaahhh! I'm going to be poisoned! Alang Xiaoguoguo save me!"

     It turned out that Daimei had just stepped aside and jumped into the sea just now at the bridge. She only swam half the distance now, but she didn't even reach half of her blood.

     To be honest, although this wave of poison is not too painful, the problem is that she can't get the medicine running in the sea, so this is especially fatal.

     The most important thing is that Liu Zilang really can't save her.

     "The farthest distance in this world is not life and death, but I am on the bridge and you are in the water."Liu Zilang sighed, and then solemnly said, "Don't worry, I will take your share to live well. By the way, do you want to say what else is there?"

     Du Meier could not help but complexion turned black, but she also knew that struggling in this situation was futile.

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Damei's thoughts, she still said her last words...

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