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256 The Wind Today Is A Bit Noisy
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

"Will you die with me?

     In the next life, we are still together. "

     Facing the dull girl who is shy and timid,

      loving and adoring words,

     Liu Zilang only said five words,

     "excuse me,

     Goodbye. "

     After licking the wave packet at the bridge head, he quickly jumped into the car and drove towards the safety zone without turn round.

     Seeing this scene, the dumb girl who was swimming and suddenly sinking to the bottom of the sea suddenly felt that her whole heart was also sinking into the bottom of the sea.

     She was just planning that Liu Zilang's tone would just loosen just a little bit, even if it's just catering on the surface.

     She would cut the voice changer in seconds, incarnate as a greasy middle-age uncle, and give him a "surprise".

     At that time, no matter how Liu Zilang reacts, then today's video recording not much difference is over perfectly.

     She thought about the title of the video, and it was called "Jedi Life and Death".

     But what Doumeier never expected was that, in the face of a young lady's full of tender feelings, the spicy man did not even seem to be perfunctory.

     After leaving the same five words, he drove away without any nostalgia.

     At the moment when the body sinks to the bottom of the sea, looking at the box on the sea, the dull girl has only one thought in her mind.

     This person... isn't it gay?

     The audience in the live broadcast room heard Liu Zilang's response to the "affectionate confession" of Damei'er, and laughed after a moment.

     "Puff haha, Vic is better than an absolute firm straight guy!"

     "Vic: I do what I want to do with chickens, and I do what I want with my sister. You can't have both, and those who donate the sisters and fetch the chickens!""This biubiubiu must be a dumb girl. I feel distressed for a wave of old women. After a long time, I was killed by a lore!"

     "You are still too young, don't you realize that Vic is left alone now? By that time, I will take my lady sister to eat a chicken in four rows! I fulfilled the promise of the man when I turned around, and steadily responded Fuck!"

     "The invisible sex girl is the deadliest! Tortoise! Vic's routines are so deep! Social society!"

     In the game, Daimeier "successfully meets up" with the orange tree in the VIP viewing stand.

     Liu Zilang drive a The jeep wandered around the whole area for a while, then found a housing area and stopped.

     "Be steady!" The orange tree said nodded with approval, "A Lang, you must stay, let me eat a handful of chicken before going to bed."

     Liu Zilang looked at the time when he heard the words and found that it was only after eight o'clock, and couldn't help but wonder, "Brother sleeps so early?"

     "Cough..." The orange trunk coughed and said honestly, "My wife is urging me."


     When the dumb girl heard it, chuckling immediately stretched her tone.

     Then she found that both Liu Zilang and Orange Tree were talking, and she couldn't help but pretend to be ignorant, "What... What does it mean?"

     "Got food." Liu Zilang concise and comprehensive.

     "Hate!" Dai Mei'er groaned.

     Orange trees are also coughed dryly, some embarrassedly said, "You think too much, don’t talk about it, I’ll add some water to the wolfberry in the thermos, Alang be steady, you must eat chicken."

     "Brother, don't worry!" Liu Zilang assured.Who ever thought that as soon as the orange tree walked, there was a hōng lóng lóng's voice over the house.

     Liu Zilang raised the head to look and found a plane slowly flying in from a distance.

     When the plane passed by the hill not far in front of his house, a black spot suddenly appeared below!

     "It's an airdrop!" Damei'er suddenly mind shook, "Go, go!"

     "Brother Orange Tree, let me be steady, isn't this bad?" Liu Zilang seemed hesitant.

     "Hey! He's not here anymore!" Damei said in the right and self-confident, "What is the difference between not picking up the airdrop and salted fish?"

     "Something makes sense." Liu Zilang nodded, "Sure! Then let's go and take another trip."

     When I heard Liu Zilang's words, Dui Meier was not secretly happy.

     Oops, the young man is young and angry,

     Still can't be excited!

     What to do if you are dead then!

     Naturally, Liu Zilang didn't know what the girl was thinking. He didn't turn around after jumping into the jeep, and just reversed to Drove over on the hillside not far away.

      This time is already the fourth circle, and the range of the safety zone is not large.

     Therefore, after seeing the airdrop falling, the surrounding teams took a wait-and-see attitude and did not take the initiative to pick it up.

     In such a tense atmosphere, a Jeep suddenly reversed free and unconstrained into their field of vision.

     The people around were not taken aback when they saw this.

     This buddy... running on the wrong field, right?

     The next moment, Liu Zilang instantly cut to the second position in the car, and dropped three smoke bombs in a row under the airdrop.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi -!The smoke bomb rolled several times on the hillside, and suddenly released a large amount of smoke.

     In a short while, the landing spot below the airdrop was completely white.

     Liu Zilang knew that there must be a team around him, so as soon as the smoke bomb was thrown out, he quickly switched back to position 1.

     Reversing into the fog.

     This Nima is when we don’t exist!

     Seeing this scene, the surrounding teams suddenly couldn't bear it.


     The surrounding fierce gunfire suddenly spread, and the dense bullets were submerged in the smoke like downpour.

     However, the three smoke bombs that Liu Zilang threw in the Covered Area were too wide. The two teams staring around here couldn't figure out where Liu Zilang was. A wave of bullets swept past and many of them landed in the empty space.

     Soon, the gunfire around stopped.

     Because at this time both teams suddenly wanted to understand a problem.

     That is you can smoke in this time,

     But when the smoke clears,

     What do you do if you smoke?

     Hehe, can you still seal the entire hill?

     For a while, Liu Zilang suddenly became a bird in a cage in the eyes of the surrounding two teams.

     The thump is only temporary, in the end still even given wings, you couldn't fly.


     In the smoke, the airdrop landed.

     Liu Zilang looked at the things in the airdrop box and couldn't help but corner of the mouth twitch.


     Eight times the mirror!

     Good luck!


     Ninety points airdrop, but unfortunately he has already scored 60 points.

     "What is? what is?" The dumb girl who is watching the battle cannot bear ask.Liu Zilang put on the auspicious suit, and said casually, "Eh, don't slip away!"

     "Wow! Big sniper!" Dai Meier exclaimed, "Pick it up! Why don't you pick it up!"

     "I already have one, why pick this up?" Liu Zilang asked rhetorically.

     "It's a waste of not picking it up!" Damei'er seemed to be somewhat reluctant to part with, and then whispered, "Two aws are cool! Brother Alang, people want to see it."

     "Do you really want to see Sniper?" Liu Zilang said like a smile yet not a smile.

     "Hmm!" Damei'er nodded quickly.

      I want to see you die!

     "Well then..." Liu Zilang reluctantly sighed saying, "Today's wind is a bit noisy."

     "Huh?" Damei'er was taken aback.

     When Liu Zilang was silent, he cut out of the live broadcast room and opened a game with his backhand.

     Can Snipers eat chicken in this game?



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