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265 Because Of Love!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

has to say, the person on the corridor is very sensible in this wave of sneak attacks,

     After knocking down one person, he did not greedy the gun, but quickly pulled the gun and aimed at another individual!

     At this moment, there seems to be a voice in his heart!

     I will kill this wave!

     However, he underestimated Liu Zilang's reaction speed.

     Liu Zilang reacted almost at the same time that the man shot.

     But at the moment his gun was pulled over, Liu Zilang suddenly jumped forward.

     The moment the body is in contact with the ground,

     He suddenly bounced again!

     "This posture! This posture! Appeared! Legendary zz sliding!"

     "Wow! vie!" (Go! Go! Leave me alone!)

     "I knew that the one who should come will always come! But your girl should also follow the Basic Law!"

     "Take it! Take it! A man who uses his life in acting, this wave of disobedience is not acceptable!"

     After Liu Zilang shouted, his heart was also cold.

     Unexpectedly, the person who rushed up from the corridor was about to make up for him, and two "bangs" sounded like natural sounds suddenly sounded under the corridor!

     Before that person could react, he was sprayed from the corridor by the huge impact from the shotgun.

     The corpse rolled weakly on the ground twice and came to Liu Zilang who was kneels down on the ground.

     Both eyes were round.

     Brothers go!

     Liu Zilang mourned for this man in his heart.


     A system kill prompt was swiped on the upper right of the screen, which made Liu Zilang, who was used to the lower left, look a little uncomfortable.After seeing the id clearly, Liu Zilang realized that it was sexypig who supported him.

     as expected.

     Sexypig's figure appeared soon, and came straight to Liu Zilang.

     "Help! Help!"

     Liu Zilang immediately be pleased beyond one's expectations.

     However, the next moment, his smile on face froze instantly.

     I saw that sexypig went around him blindly, and hurried to Yoona's side, still saying, "Good risk, good risk! Finally caught up!"

     My Nima...

     Asibal! ! !

     But fortunately, Sin, who had just been lifted up by him, hadn't forgotten him. He ran over and squatted down on him, finally giving Liu Zilang's wounded soul some comfort.

     At this moment, Yoona suddenly said, "I really thank you so much just now."

     "No thanks, no thanks!" sexypig showed a little shyness.

     "Uh...Thank you of course." Yoona was stunned, only to realize that she was speaking Korean just now.

     She couldn't help but smiled playfully, "But it was Sin's friend I just thanked."

     Hearing what the two said, sin squatting over there to save Liu Zilang couldn't help but giggled.

     Liu Zilang heard strangely and couldn't help asking in English, "sin, what are you laughing at?"

     "Nothing, nothing." Sin said with a smile, "By the way, you are just so brave, why do you want to block the gun for Yoona?"

     Liu Zilang barely understood sin's non-standard English, and talked random nonsense, "Why? Why? Because of Love!"

     The Chinese he used to say,So I am not afraid that they will understand.

     However, yoona's Chinese level seems to be beyond Liu Zilang's expectations, especially for some aspects.

     After hearing the four words "Because of Love", she couldn't help but mind shook and said joyfully, "Because Oh! The nest survived this pot! The nest is still gray!"

     Liu Zilang had a painful translation of "Chinese to Chinese" in his mind, and finally understood what Yoona had just said.

     He a thought flashed through the mind, and he couldn't help humming, "Give you a past CD~Listen to our love at that time, sometimes I suddenly forgot~I still love you."

     "You started? E-sports Eason Chan? Please stop singing!"

     "Knock inside! Beast, you! Sing if you don't agree!"

     "Turtle! The e-sports dead song is cleared, and it slipped away!"

     Some viewers just wanted to drive off after posting the barrage,

     At this moment, another sweet and clear voice suddenly sounded in the live broadcast room.

     "I can't sing that kind of song again~ I will blush and avoid it."

     "Although I often forget ~ I still love mud~"