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266 Boom Blind Karaka! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Who is singing?

     It's warm...Ah!

     At the moment when they heard this voice, the audience in the live broadcast room could not help being taken aback.

     In the game, Liu Zilang stared at Yoona, but she didn't expect that she could still sing Chinese songs, and her pronunciation was much cleaner than before in Chinese.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang could not help but ignite his fighting spirit!

     Fighting song?

     Haha, who I am afraid of Eason Chan?

     "Because of Love, will not easily be sad!"

     Liu Zilang's voice suddenly mentioned!

     Yoona full of smiles, soon sang, "So everything is happy!"

     "Because of Love, simple growth!"

     "I can still be crazy for you at any time!"


     Hearing Liu Zilang and Yoona suddenly began to sing duet.

     The live broadcast audience was dumbfounded,

     Sin in the game was stunned,

     The sexypig who just raised yoona was even more convulsed...

     "People coming, people going ~" Liu Zilang stretched his tone and sang the last sentence leisurely.


     After singing, he clapped for a while, "Comfortable! What a meeting one's match! It's been a long time since I was so happy!"

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, Yoona suddenly chuckled, and she asked somewhat playfully, "Really? What do you think...the nests...sing well?"

     "Hmm..." Liu Zilang groaned and slowly said, "The high pitch is sweet, the midrange is accurate, the low pitch is deep...

     In a word, it is transparent! "

     "Copper head?" Yoona was stunned.

     Obviously she still can't understand such Chinese words.However, the audience in the live broadcast room, Naturally possible, understood, they were shocked for a while! They have seen shameless people, but they have never seen someone as shameless as Liu Zilang.

     "Sorry! Excuse me! I chose to die!"

     "Anchor anchor, may I ask if this is Eason Chan's live broadcast room for e-sports!"

     "Is the navy room in front not sealed? It was rushed out for vi16.

     The three people behind looked at Liu Zilang's back for a moment. Sin and Yoona looked at the boxes scattered in the boxing gym somewhat reluctant to part with.

     Sexypig suddenly reacted and quickly followed.

      At the same time, he secretly scolded Liu Zilang for being treacherous.

     On the surface, she pretended not to know Yoona, but now she started to behave positively again.

     What a shameless person!


     "Home Apartment" are two four-story red high-rise buildings.

     At this moment, the people who jumped into the game hall and the people in the apartment building found each other, and they sparked.

     Taking advantage of the gunshots, Liu Zilang turned in directly from the window behind the apartment building.

     Because the windows of the apartment building were not glass, Liu Zilang didn't make any other noises except for slight steps after entering.

     Hearing the continuous gunfire upstairs in this apartment, Liu Zilang didn't bother to walk quietly when he saw it, so he rushed up with 6 directly. The sexypig with two sprays on his back followed closely behind sb or sth.

     However, the team in the apartment building was also somewhat alert.

     They are on the fourth floor,

     But when Liu Zilang touched the corridor on the third floor, the gunshots upstairs suddenly fell silent.Obviously, the above team had heard the footsteps downstairs and knew that someone had touched it closer.

     Liu Zilang suddenly stopped when he heard the gunfire, and naturally knew that he had been discovered.

     He originally thought that the upper part was playing righteously, but a wave of late coming from his side brought them all "suddenly".

     But now it's a bit tricky to be discovered.

     Listening to the gunshots just now, there were at least three people on it.

     Liu Zilang's blood hasn't been full yet, and now he went up and was hit by the opponent's door, which was probably choking!

     Squatting in the corridor hesitated a moment, Liu Zilang opened his bag and glanced at.

     Sure enough, there is no thunder,

     He remembered just licking two flash bombs...

     Liu Zilang glanced at the sexypig who followed, "hey? pig! doyouhavebobobo?"

     "Bopobo?" sexypig was asked in a daze.

     "Yeah!" Liu Zilang added, afraid that the other party would not understand him, "justthis...bo blind Karaka!"

     "Oh!" sexypig was taken aback, and then suddenly, "fantasticbaby? Bo blind Karaka! Bo blind Karaka...dandandandandance! I will do this!"

     ? ? ?

     Liu Zilang was convulsed in his "bo" heart.

     Turned around and didn't bother to take care of this idiot, and simply took out the flash bomb in the bag.


     Suddenly there was a slight pulling sound from upstairs.

     Liu Zilang was taken aback. He lifted his hair and hit the wall of the corridor with what thing, and then bounced back into the corridor.

     Damn it!

     These guys are playing math!You must know that the corridor of the apartment building is very narrow. At this time, sexypig is behind Liu Zilang, and he will definitely hit him when he turns his head.

     At that time, maybe the two of them are stuck in the corridor, then they will kill two lives properly!

     In a hurry, Liu Zilang had no time to think!

      He clenched his teeth, squeezed the flashball in his hand, pinched the time to open the string, and rushed directly into the room on the right upstairs.

     Hearing the footsteps, the three people in the room immediately pointed their guns at the door with alert at the same time.

     Suddenly, a person's silhouette appeared at the door.

     The three of them suddenly one's hearth is happy!

     It's a melon baby!

     They hadn't shot the clinker yet, they just heard a "bang"!

     At this moment, the three people in the door, including Liu Zilang at the door, opened the door to the white new world at the same time, and the "buzzing" in their ears kept on...

     And at the same time, the sexypig who was "bo blind Karaka" in the corridor was stunned when he saw the flying grenade, he had not had time to run.


     The fire flashed, and the gunpowder was filled!

     He was instantly blown up so that he was blinded by Karaka.

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