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268 Why Fight?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Holding a chopper to cut the wire, all the way with a lightning bolt!

     Although Liu Zilang is holding a 6 at the moment, but he shot this wave to drop from the sky all the way down, but he really hit this kind of feeling!


     Fell to the ground.

     Liu Zilang’s mouth a groan,

     Most of the blood volume has dropped.

     "Vic123 knocked down Villa with 6a4!"

     "Vic123 knocked down twisted with 6a4!"

     Immediately after that, two kill prompts were flashed on the screen.

     Seeing this scene, countless viewers in the live broadcast room were shocked and dumbfounded!

     For a time, countless 666 suddenly hiding the sky and covering the earth, filling the entire live room screen.

      has to say, Liu Zilang's to drop from the sky's one through two, it is an almost bursting visual effect to the audience in the live broadcast room!

     "This is... Faji has grown?"

     "This is the upgraded version of Feitian Dacao 2.0!"

     "This operation is too terrifying, I am silly to Nima, and the reaction is simply invincible!"

     "My hands have been washed, can I touch your trophy?"

     There was an uproar in the live broadcast room,

     The team who attacked the building in the game is even more stunned!

     What the hell is this Nima?

     If a person falls to the ground,

     They won't have such a big reaction.

     The point is that two people in the team were knocked down after only less than a second.

     Especially if they are not on the same floor yet.

      what is this?

     Wall penetration?Suddenly, the cognition that the team in the building had formed since playing this game collapsed!

     The sexypig who had just gotten a first aid kit on the fourth floor was also stunned.

     He had just watched Liu Zilang jump from the balcony with a puzzled face, and then only heard a burst of gunfire, and two kill prompts popped up at the top right of the screen.

     As a top fps player, sexypig naturally quickly made up the picture that might have just happened.

     But even so, it is difficult for him to imagine that someone could seize the opportunity of flickering in an instant in the falling air and kill two people in a row!

     Suddenly, sexypig had another shivers in his heart!


     People are almost killed by this kid, what will happen to me then!

     Me, sexypig, the first double jet in Asia!

     Can't be a salted fish who can only shout 666!

      Thought until here, sexypig quickly drank a bottle of Red Bull, hugged the s686 in his hand and screamed and rushed down!

     With sexypig's cooperation, Liu Zilang hit a bag after landing, and then quickly attacked from below to upstairs.

     And after Liu Zilang took the two of them away by a wave of justice, the second floor and three of them were helping others.

     Sexypig opened the way, even if he knew that the other party might be stuck in the door, he rushed forward without being counseled.

      has to say, as an assault on the anarchy professional team, sexypig still has two brushes in his hands.

     Hearing the footsteps, the man in the door immediately gave up to save people, pulled out a gun and jammed the door.However, at the moment of entering the door, sexypig reacted faster than the person, and suddenly squatted and sprayed!


     The person who stuck the door in the room fired a shot and was instantly thrown to the ground.

     And almost at the same time,

     Liu Zilang also touched the second floor.

     Since he had just punched a first aid kit downstairs, when he entered the room, the person inside just helped his teammate up, and the two of them simultaneously drew their guns from behind.

     Suddenly -!

     Liu Zilang immediately raised the muzzle of 6, a frantically shaking left and right guns swept across, and instantly knocked the two people who had not drawn the guns to the ground!

     "Tsk tusk! These two people still want to draw their guns in front of Vic, they are a bit naive!"

     "It feels like Vic is getting more and more sorrowful than the 6th. This wave of left and right shaking makes my eyes hurt!"

     Upstairs and downstairs is clear,

     Rujia Apartment suddenly became quiet.

     Just at this time, Sin and Yoona had already cleaned the battlefield, and the two of them quickly came to "support" and talked while walking on the road.

     "Eh! Sin, where did you pick up this short sleeve? It looks so beautiful!"

     "It's in the box on the first floor just now. I thought you didn't like this one."

     "I didn't see it! Forget it! But I also found a pair of very beautiful shoes, can you see it with my clothes?"

     "Um... I think those blue high-top sneakers are more styled."


     Obviously, Sin and Yoona have played this game as "Jedi Warm".Liu Zilang didn't understand what they were talking about, but it was okay.

     Sexypig heard that it was a corner of the mouth twitch, finally knows the reason why they did not go out even once after they danced pecado this afternoon.

     Although they are in the same team and on the same map, they are not playing the same game at all...

      Thought until here, sexypig couldn't help but feel grateful for the newcomer Liu Zilang in the team.

     But the next moment, he suddenly remembered the scene of Liu Zilang just jumping around on his body, he couldn't help but complexion turned black.

     The inexplicable gratitude disappeared instantly.


     After finishing the wave of Rujia Apartment, the pecado, who was "ten thousand people airborne" when it landed, now the gunfire gradually faded away.

     At this time, the first safe area has been refreshed. The pecado they are in is still in the safe area. In fact, the pecado is located in the center of the desert map. The first safe area is usually inside. This is why the new map of the test server is just On the line, many teams like to jump here.

     On the one hand it is very fat;

      On the other hand, naturally, there is no need to run laps.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang was standing on the balcony on the fourth floor of Rujia Apartment, like a person who just woke up in the morning.

     He looked around for a while, then glanced at the big sun above his head, lost in thought.

     Yoona came behind Liu Zilang and asked somewhat curiously in Chinese, "What is the pressure of the mud?"

     "I'm thinking." Liu Zilang said lightly.

     "Thinking? Thinking what?" Yoona asked curiously."I think about why we fight in this game? Why do we fight?" Liu Zilang said seriously.

     "For... what?" Yoona seemed to be taken aback.

     After playing chicken for so long, she has never thought about this problem.

     "Turtle tortoise! Have you started?"

     "Why are you fighting? Of course it's for Namiko!"

     "This opening! It's so dazzling! Quick! Get out of the way! Vic is about to pretend to be a match!"

     "How do I feel that Vic is teasing Yooner! Aaaaaaahhh! The old man's 40-meter machete!"

     "The salted fish team draws their swords! If you want to tease Yoona, eat me first Death Spiral!"

     In the game, Liu Zilang's character suddenly turned around and stared at Yoona behind him.

     He slowly said in a low tone, "Do you think it makes sense for us to hurt each other in this game?"

     "This kind of rules of the game...is it really correct?"

     "Meaning? Correct?"

     Yoona felt like she was being asked.

     At this time, the sun was shining outside the window, and Liu Zilang's figure standing on the balcony was stretched, and it seemed to suddenly become tall and majestic.

     "We are all loved by someone so much that we have come to this Game World. Why do we kill each other? Could it not be to be gentle with each other, sit down and chat together, basking in the sun, talk Reason..."

     He hasn't even finished his sentence,

     Gunshots from tall buildings in the distance suddenly exploded!


     At the next moment, Liu Zilang suddenly burst into blood on his dangling second-level head!

     The helmet suddenly shattered,The whole person thumped and fell to his knees.

     "Fuck!!!" Liu Zilang exclaimed, and roared angrily, "Which dog is better than attacking me, yoona help me help me, see if I get up and don't stupid him!!!"

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