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269 Miss Diplomacy! (1/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The audience in the live room saw this scene, suddenly burst into laughter!

     "I'm so ridiculous about labor and capital, I heard that you want to talk about your ideals with others."

     "It's okay to talk about ideals. I first asked whether my 98k answer was acceptable."

     "Let you pretend to be! I want to fool our sister Yooner!"

     "Hahaha, this shot simply affords general satisfaction!"

     "Thanks to this old brother for his 98k shot, it was really too timely! Otherwise, Miss Yooner might really flicker."


     In the game, Yoona was also taken aback by Liu Zilang, who had a sudden change of style.

     Run over and squat down to help people.

     The sexypig in the same building had already heard the source of the gunshots, that is, he did not dare to go up to the four-story building with blue bottom.

     Liu Zilang was coughed dryly, and said in a low voice, "Some things can't be solved only by death or alive. I thought about it and felt that we should be more tolerant."

     "Be more tolerant?" Yoona was slightly surprised, curiously, "Then what should we do?"

     Liu Zilang nodded and groaned, and said to Yoona, "In this way, you tell them, the people upstairs, you are already surrounded, now put down the weapons, we sit down and talk..."

     "Hehe, it seems very fun."

     Yoona gave a playful smile, and immediately turned on everyone and shouted, "Fake upstairs! You are already surrounded..."

     The three people upstairs heard Yoona's voice suddenly, and they were taken aback, and then suddenly became excited!

     "I'm dripping tortoise! The following is actually a small change!""Wow! This voice is really great, so good!"

     "Haha, this young lady is a little naive, she actually wants to persuade her to surrender."

     This is when the three people relax vigilance, talking and laughing.

     Liu Zilang at the window slid out a grenade not a word or movement.


     The sound of the grenades sounded!

     But at this moment the three people on the stairs were talking and laughing cheerfully, and they didn't notice this at all.

     Three, two, one...

     Liu Zilang read three numbers silently in his heart, then suddenly raised his hand and threw the grenade out of the window!

      Under normal circumstances, this grenade should be thrown out of the window and then fly away. It has nothing to do with the person on the stairs.

     However, in the picture, after the thunder was released from Liu Zilang's hand, it hit the iron railing with a "bang", and then suddenly bounced upward!

     The next moment, just listen to the "boom"!

     A loud sound came from outside the window,

      with a burst of billowing black smoke.

     In the black smoke, dumbstruck yoona and others in the window vaguely saw,

     It seems that what thing fell from upstairs...

     The next moment, a swipe screen came out from the upper right of the screen.

     "Vic123 used a grenade to blow up Viagra!"

     "Vic123 killed yourself with a grenade, don't shoot!"


     Seeing this scene, the barrage in the live broadcast room suddenly surged wildly!

     "66666, lady diplomacy! I learned this trick! Take notes!""Vic’s thunder threw a bit of a show! Is this still simple geometry?"

     "Hahaha, the three brothers upstairs are probably dumbfounded, so they can sit down and talk together?"

     "I don't think there is anything wrong with it. Shouldn't I "serve food" before talking?"

     In the game, seeing the other party die directly,

     Liu Zilang also mourned for several people in his heart.

     At this time, two of the boxes of the three people were on the top, there is still one that was blown down and fell to death, so the box was downstairs.

     Liu Zilang, sexypig and sin all went upstairs, while Yoona sneaked downstairs alone, sharing a box.

     Liu Zilang on the top of the building was licking his bag, and suddenly he fluttered.

     I saw two people with their cats touching their bodies from the area south of the four-story building.

     Downstairs, Yoona was licking her bag elatedly, unaware of the coming danger.

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