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273 Common Sense Of Soldiers
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

dīng dīng dāng dāng Ding-ding-!

     As the bullets roared and flew, the tricycle was hit with a chaotic sound, splashing a series of sparks.


     The three people on the motorcycle also burst out a few blobs of blood, and they all lost about half of their blood.

     The two people on the opposite second floor window were holding two rifles with flames, and they were shouting excitedly while shooting.

     "Flying by the sky? Are you showing a Pippi shrimp?"

     "Hahaha! Labor and capital killed your turtle grandson!"

     But then, looking at the motorcycle getting closer and closer in their vision, the two people in the window suddenly felt...

     Which way seems something's wrong?

     and many more!

     Why is this motorcycle flying towards our faces!


     "Hurry up!"

     After the two reacted, they immediately stopped shooting and tried to dodge.

     But it's too late!

     Just hearing the sound of "dang", the motorcycle hit the window, and half of the front of the car was stuffed into the window!

     Before the two people at the window turned around to say goodbye, they were hit in the back by the motorcycle that rushed into the window.

     Suddenly, the two of them "duang" suddenly and flew out together!


     Liu Zilang felt guilty as well, and he blamed himself, "Sorrysn! I'm soaring!"

     "Oh! nono! itsbad!" Sin didn't mean to blame Liu Zilang.

     "No! It's my fault! Let me bear this pain!"

     As Liu Zilang said, the characters in the game have already rushed to the second floor.This...painful?

     After his death, sin saw Liu Zilang licking his bag from the viewing angle of the battle, and the corner of his eyes twitched...

     Yoona in front of the computer also laughed at pfffted. A pair of eyes almost turned into a crescent moon. The two coquettish heads below were very obvious.

     What a funny guy.


     After a wave of speeding cars entered the circle, Liu Zilang and Yoona waited for a long time after licking their bags before the sexypig at the rear finally followed.

     Speaking of sexypig is also a bit sad.

     He originally believed in his character, and ran along the road to find another car.

     But I did not expect to run for a long time, further and further away from the safety zone, but not even a car was found on the road.

     In the end, he finally wavered in his belief in character, he could only grit his teeth unwillingly while spraying medicine, and ran towards the safe zone.

     By the time he ran there, the radiation shrinking from around the desert had already coincided with the border of the safe zone, and the next safe zone was refreshed.

     But after seeing this safe zone,

     The three of them were all taken aback.

     Because the next safe area was actually brushed on the sea on the right side of the map, there were only two small islands in the land part of the safe area.

     At this time, there are only nineteen surviving people on the field. Without a doubt, the last safe zone will probably be brushed on the island.

      Thought until here, the three immediately decided to leave for the island first.

     Otherwise, if the boat that goes to the shore is too late and is driven away, the distance on the sea may not seem too far, but if you want to swim, it will really allow you to swim until the end of time ..words exceede 5100In the game, Liu Zilang went down to the sea and boarded a two-person motorboat, and shouted to Yoona, "Kang busy! Enough time!"