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274 Peace Chicken! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Whether it is impossible to put sexypig here, Liu Zilang is not such a merciless person.

     He was sending Yoona to the opposite shore, then quickly turned around and drove back in the motorboat.

     After sexypig recovers from the white world, she is gnashing one's teeth and swimming together in the sea.

     Seeing Liu Zilang coming back in the motorboat, sexypig was suddenly angry!

     Even if my sexypig died of exhaustion, drowned in the water, I would never get on your black boat!

     After Liu Zilang came back in his motorboat, he couldn't help but see sexypig plunged into the water.

     What is this scenario?

     Immediately afterwards, Liu Zilang curiously drove the motorboat around the top of the sexypig a few times, and found that he was still not coming up underwater, so he could not help scratched the head and was ready to drive away.

     The underwater sexypig was thinking about you and blinded me twice, so please apologize to the labor and management!

     Otherwise, don't think I will get on your boat!

      Faintly, he seemed to have already saw it Liu Zilang weeping bitter tears and confessed his crime in his voice.

     However sexypig million never expected is,

     After Liu Zilang drove around him a few times, he turned and drove away without saying a word!

     and many more!

     The script is not like this!


     sexypig turned her head and glanced at the already contracted poison circle, and immediately the whole person was bad!

     I, sexpig, the first double jet in Asia!

     Is it really going to be poisoned to death in the sea?

     Imagine the desperate feeling of sinking to the bottom of the sea after being poisoned...sexypig couldn't help but shiver all over!

     In the next second, a strong desire to live dominates his brain.

     sexypig shouted loudly, "hey! hey! brother! eon! inbsp;here!" (Hi! Old iron! Come here! I'm here!)

     Seeing that the "patient" behind him still had a desire to survive, Liu Zilang also developed a trace of compassion in his heart.

     After getting on the boat, sexypig hugged Liu Zilang's waist.

     The motorboat brave the wind and the billows on the sea, galloping all the way, leaving behind waves of white waves.

     Facing the sea breeze, sexypig felt a completely different speed when swimming with him.

     I couldn't help but sighed in my heart, "Really fast!"

     However, at this moment, there was a burst of rapid and violent gunfire on the coconut island where they all went.

     Whoosh whoosh -!

     In the next moment, extremely dense bullets roared towards them!

     It turns out that some people on the island heard the sound of the boat just when Liu Zilang took Yoona ashore, and noticed the movement on this side of the coast.

     When Liu Zilang sailed back to pick up sexpig, the people on the shore just rushed over and saw the two Liu Zilang who wanted to go ashore.

     In this case, blindly rushing is to block character.

     Liu Zilang never bet on character!

     He quickly turned around and headed to Drove over on another factory island.

     On Coconut Island, Yoona, who was hiding in a small house on the shore, heard gunshots shiver coldly nearby.In a blink of an eye, he found that Liu Zilang had left her with sexypig.

     Liu Zilang, who drove away in a hurry, did not forget yoona, and still shouted in his voice, "yoona! I am pregnant!!!"

     Pregnant? !

     Hearing this, Yoona, who was thrown on the island alone, was dumbfounded.

     who am I?

     where am I?

      what should I do?

     "Yoona wait for me! I'll save you!"

     "Wow! This is a beast! You actually left Yoona on the island alone!"

     "Also say you are not gay!!! Abandon Yoona and elope with sexypig! Gay anchor Shihammer!"

     The audience in the live broadcast room expressed strong condemnation for Liu Zilang's behavior of "going and never returning"!

     However, Liu Zilang and sexypig had reached the side of the factory island at this time, and they quickly disembarked and landed.

     But the next moment,

     The people on Factory Island also found them.

     For a while, both sides hid behind the bunker and handed in the fire, and the gunfire spread quickly.

     The team from Coconut Island had already cleared the island. Hearing how fierce the next door was, they were immediately itchy as a four-man team.

      It should be noted, this game except per.fd"

     Obviously, Liu Zilang was the first to refuse at this time!

     After .fd was knocked down, there was a trembling in my heart, panicking crawling behind the rocks on the side of the coast, complaining in his mouth, "Don't come over, don't come over! We just stayed there, hiding far OK!"

     "Then you just didn't say it! Did we gag you up?""I...I'm eating!"


     But with Liu Zilang's "98k warning"!

     These people knew that someone was holding them up, so they didn't dare to act blindly without thinking.

     Fortunately, there are many rocks on the coast. As long as they squat and don't move, Liu Zilang and sexypig will not be able to hit them here.

     After a while,

     The teammate who fell to the ground was also rescued by his teammates.

     Of course, the calm is only temporary.

     As the time for the poison contraction became more and more urgent, the people around were also a little unable to hold back.

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang was a thought flashed through the mind, with a familiar smile rising from the corner of his mouth.