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279 Reverse Eating Chicken?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The course of this game is from top right to bottom left, starting from the coastal fishing village in the northeast of the map, passing Guangmingding, Y City, and dormitory buildings. The final terminal is on the left half of the airport.

     On the commentary stage, the three commentators also began to explain the situation on the field in real time.

     "Our game has started. As you can see, the route divides the map more evenly, and there are many resource points on the map to choose from..."

     "Yes, but because it is a single row, I think the number of important resource points on the map of this game will not be too low, and it is easy to cause death at the beginning, so everyone is playing more cautiously. We can see the choices Players who have passed the jungle occupy the overwhelming majority."

     "Yes, of course, there are also some players who play more aggressively. They choose resource points with a lot of people and resources. In fact, from my personal point of view, if this is not the case, if this is not the case, it will be completely meaningless. ."

     "Hehe, sy, you are a reckless player. In fact, survival in this game is also a tremendously important part of it, oh! We can see that someone has opened an umbrella in the sky!"

     "It's ifty's tkzhun! This player jumped the coastal area at the top right of the map as soon as the plane entered the landing range, so it's normal to open the umbrella earlier."

     "Well, speaking of this, there is almost one fifth in this single row individual solo match. All of them are our Huaxia team. Haha, we often say that the Chinese don’t play against the Chinese, but in this game I’m afraid that the same team will play. stand up.""Yes, because in order to prevent team cheating, public voices are forbidden in our game. In addition, every player wears a uniform dress and bizarre dress is prohibited.

     "Well, then in other words in a one-to-one situation, before you kill your opponent, it is impossible to know who is it through any channels."

      "All right, now the plane has arrived near the dormitory and school, will anyone choose here?"

     "Oh! Jump! About eight people chose here. Let's take a look. Many of these are players from Southeast Asian and Japanese teams. Their style may be that they prefer to shoot."

     "Wait a minute! There are also players from the Huaxia team! Oh! It's the 4a sniper Vic! He dropped out of school with two Southeast Asian players and one Japanese player!"

     In the game, Liu Zilang looked around when he landed, and a total of eight people jumped off the plane.

     Four people, including him, chose the school, two people chose the dormitory puzzle building, there are still two chose to find cars on the nearby highways, after all, there are still a lot of cars in the school area.

     But obviously, this wave of landing school guns is the majority.

     In fact, think about it, the school is a famous single-row gun in pubg. If jumping at the school is not just for guns, what is the difference with salted fish?

      Thought until here, after opening the umbrella, Liu Zilang looked below getting closer and closer. The roof of the school building and the three people who hovered and landed toward the roof of the school could not help but pray in silence.

     Give me a gun!

     Not much!

     Just a handful!However, at the moment of landing, Liu Zilang was dumbfounded.

     He landed on the top of the eastern half of the school and looked around. There was not even a pistol nearby, only a grenade lying quietly on the ground.

     This is just landed, does it imply that I am self-defeating?

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but twitch at the corner of his eyes.

     At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps nearby.

     Liu Zilang, who bent down and picked up the grenade, turned his head, but saw the man who fell on the roof near him picked up a pistol.

     After seeing that Liu Zilang was empty-handed without a gun, the man suddenly seemed to have eaten Liu Zilang to death, and while holding the pistol, he ran towards Liu Zilang.

     When Liu Zilang saw this, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but sway

     Don't bring such a bully!

     It was also just sufficed, and there was such a beast.

     Before he could think about it, Liu Zilang quickly turned and ran towards the skylight of the Lecture Theater not far behind him.

     At this time, the people who jumped to the airport had not landed during the whole game, and there were few disputes in other places.

     So the four who jumped from school naturally became a major highlight of the start of the game, which attracted the attention of the director and the audience.

     "Sad! It seems that Vic may be the first player to land into a box in our game."

     "Behind vic is Singapore's 5peaks assaulter ns. This player seems to be eyeing vic and decided to give him this reverse chicken butt."

     "Oh! Vic jumped from the skylight of Lecture Theater!"


     Liu Zilang put his hands on him and fell on the floor of the Lecture Theater from the skylight.Uneasy, he looked around, his face suddenly turned dark again!

     Except for a pan, there is a chicken hairless around.



     Hearing that the man on the top of the building had been caught up with a bullet,

     In a hurry, Liu Zilang, who ran to the corridor, quickly cut out the grenade he had picked up when he landed on the ground, turned and threw it directly toward the skylight overhead with his backhand.

     But this wave of throwing him may be really anxious.

     Just listen to crash sound!

     The grenade hit the frame of the skylight and then bounced toward his own location.

     Seeing this scene, many audience members were surprised at first, and then laughed out loud.

     "Hahaha, this buddy is the rookie sy said? I think it's funny."

     "It's really pretty! It makes my face smile!"

     "Tsk tusk, I heard that it is still the anchor of Douyu's face value area."

     "It's not that I said that the current domestic e-sports environment is really messy, so your anchor can live it well. If you have to go to the international competition to be ashamed, how good it is to give the spot to other professional players.

     "It seems that today's first reverse chicken will be born in 4a. I heard that the first in the last Grand Prix 4a also had a reverse chicken. It is really a continuation of inheritance!"

     There are fans from all teams in the audience. Many people don't watch Liu Zilang's live broadcast or even watch Douyu.

     So after seeing Liu Zilang's bizarre self-exploding thunder, he couldn't help but laughed.

     Liu Zilang naturally didn't know the thoughts of the scene at this time.He was shocked when he saw the thunder actually bounced back, and quickly ran away.

     Fortunately, he didn't warm up the thunder in his hands, so he gave him time to escape from the explosion site.

     But everyone did not know that as soon as Liu Zilang fled the scene, ns, who jumped out of the sky window, arrived at the scene at the right time.

     He just heard the "gang-dang" below and knew that the other party must have thrown thunder.

     At this time, footsteps came in the corridor, thinking that no one would pit himself while holding the opponent, he quickly caught up with his pistol.

     The clinker ns had just entered the corridor, and suddenly a fire flashed under his feet.

     At the next moment, he flew up and made a close contact with the ceiling above his head, and then fell on the ground heavily and turned into a box.

     Seeing this abruptly arising scene, the smile of the audience suddenly froze!