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280 The Road To Becoming A Master Of Learning! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"4a-vic killed 5peaks-ns with a grenade!"

     Seeing the kill prompt that popped up, the faces of the audience couldn't help but twitch wildly!

     "Fuck! Isn't this a landmine?"

     "You throw me to pick it up, how do I feel that these two people belong to Nima's group!"

     "This vic seems to have something, do you think he just calculated it in advance?"

     "That can be counted as well? You didn't see that guy threw the bounce back and was scared like a grandson. I think it's some kind of special fate."

      At this moment, Liu Zilang, who was running wild in the hallway, heard the movement of someone jumping from the skylight behind him, and he was so nervous that he didn't even dare to look back.

     But when he heard with a bang sound!

     When I turned around, I saw only a corpse lying sprawled out on one's back in the corridor, staring at him roundly with a pair of eyes.

     Is this killed by me?

     After reacting, Liu Zilang couldn't help chuckled and hurried back to lick the bag.

     But seeing the body of the man in the corridor still staring at him, Liu Zilang couldn't help but seep in his heart.

     You don't blame me, Xindao buddies, you have to catch up, why are you staring at me, hurry up and reincarnate.

     He was thinking so, when suddenly footsteps came from the skylight of Lecture Theater!


     Liu Zilang was startled, and quickly dragged the p1911 and bullets from the man's bag into his backpack.

     He has not had time to bullet the clinker,

     The skylight flickered,

     A person holding a scar-l to drop from the sky!Without a doubt, this time if he continues to play, or turns around and runs, it will be too late.

      When a thousand pounds hangs by a thread, Liu Zilang suddenly gritted his teeth, pulled out the pan behind his butt and turned to go up to welcome.

     Isn't it?

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live and live room couldn't help but their eyes widened!

     This is the game, brother!

     Is it really good for you to die like this?

     In the next moment, the skylight jumped down and the man squatted down, his hands slightly supported on the ground!

     Da Da Da -!

     However, there was already a blazing fire from his muzzle, apparently from the waist.

      Between Lightning Spark, Liu Zilang dashed up, raising the pan to shine his head!

     The moment the black pot was facing, a bad feeling suddenly rose in the heart of the person holding the gun!

     as expected!

     Just listen to "duang"!

     Crisp and sweet!

     Make people pore opening limp!

      Only one face to face, that person was instantly put on the ground by Liu Zilang, and fell down with a hard to believe face!

     "4a-vic used a flat pan to kill sst-olis with a headshot!"


     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room was in an uproar!

     On the commentary stage, the three commentators also took a breath, and their faces were full of inconceivable.

     They are really a bit unbelievable. In this kind of world competition, there are professional players with guns.

     Killed by a flat pan!This Nima is not a funny collection of anchors. How can we explain how you kill someone with a pan?

     "Uhhhhhh! Facts have proved that the flat pan is indeed the king of cold weapons. In this wave, I can only say that the Japanese player of sst is a little careless."

     "Yes, but this is only one aspect, on the other hand I still think Vic's reaction is very nice!"

     "Well, to be honest, I just saw someone chasing him before his bullet could be loaded, I already felt that he was going to be cold, but I didn't expect that in that situation he didn't choose to continue loading or running away. Just take out the pan and it's on. Tsk tsk, this kind of on-the-spot reaction is really few people can do it."

     "Yes, two of the four people who jumped to the school have been there. Only vic and one Korean player are left. One of them is in the Lecture Theater in the eastern half of the main building of the school. There is still one in the western half. Part of the basketball court."

     "Haha, to be honest, it's the most terrifying situation like a school like this. You clearly know that someone is there, but you don't know where it is. This makes you dare not even search."


     In the game, Liu Zilang's blood volume was shot twice by the man, and his blood volume was less than half now.

     Fortunately, the second person who came down still had a bandage in his bag. Liu Zilang hurriedly pulled it into his backpack, and then squatted in the corner while listening to his steps, bandaging his arms round after round.

     He naturally didn’t know how far away the person left from the school was.

     After the bandages were almost hit, Liu Zilang got up and carried the scar-l cautious and solemn and searched the school.Knowing that there is still one person in the school, every time Liu Zilang enters the one room, Liu Zilang will look at the inside with his vision at the door before daring to enter.

     This way, his speed of searching for materials is naturally extremely slow.

     And the air battle of wits and bravery,

     Liu Zilang only found a second-level armor and first-level first-level bag, and a pistol silenced.

     Fortunately, a bottle of Red Bull was found. Liu Zilang drank it on the spot and slowly recovered his blood volume, so that he would not feel too guilty when searching for things.

     Otherwise, with his 70 percent HP, the armored rifle on his body would be crippled by one shot, and three shots would be taken away directly.

     Can this be worthwhile?

     In fact, Liu Zilangxu,

     The yureka of the Korean team in the school is even more fake!

     He just clearly heard the sound of the grenade exploding and the killing screen on the screen.

     Know more clearly that this is a ruthless character holding a pan and headshot someone!

     Therefore, compared with Liu Zilang, the speed of searching things in the school is definitely not faster.

     Although the school is not small for two people,

     But you can still meet if you are destined.

     At some point in the next,

     When the perspective of the director was drawn from the airport, the hearts of the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms were suddenly lifted.

     Don't know at what time,

     Liu Zilang and Yureka actually touched together!

     Right now, one of the two is on the top of the building and the other is downstairs. They are less than ten meters apart. They both realized the existence of each other, and stopped moving!Da Da Da -!

     At the next moment, Liu Zilang suddenly leaned forward out of the building very quickly, shooting at the bottom.

     Suddenly, a spark came from the rooftop of the building, blocking the shots in front of Liu Zilang, but the remaining bullets were still downpour to drop from the sky!

     However, Yureka downstairs obviously has a very good sense of alertness.

     The moment Liu Zilang leaned forward, he quickly retracted back, avoiding Liu Zilang's abruptly arising burst of fire with the slightest difference.

     Then his eyes shrank,

     Seize the opportunity to come back and pull the gun upwards quickly is a wave of counterattack!

     However, Liu Zilang's reaction was also reaching the extreme!

     As soon as the silhouette of the person downstairs appeared, he quickly retracted back after his guns were exhausted, avoiding the opponent's backhand!

     Seeing this intense wave of guns from the director's perspective, the audience at the scene and in the live broadcast room stared at the screen nervously, and even their breathing became urgent.

     Because they don’t know who will fall next moment

     Win or lose in milliseconds,

     Live and die instantly!

     This is also the charm of fps games!