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    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

At this time, after Liu Zilang was behind the "Domination" school, he originally wanted to run poison in the northwest direction, but he heard the sound of planes rumbling by.

     As a dream player, Liu Zilang will naturally not easily miss this airdrop.

     Just halfway through, Liu Zilang was happy when he saw the killing prompts of Li Muqiu and Bai Shaobin at the bottom left of the screen.

     But in a blink of an eye, he noticed the roar of cars on the left and right, motorcycles, bandages, and jeep.

      Without a doubt, there are so many dream catchers for this airdrop.

     Of course, there may be some people who don't want to chase their dreams, they just want to stand in the distance.

     If one is killed, the next "dream chaser" is invited.

     At this moment, the God's perspective of the director was naturally given to the airdrop side. Seeing this scene, the three commentators on the stage quickly analyzed the situation on the field.

     "We can see that this airdrop is on the opposite side of the river north of the city of r. There's nothing about it around the place where the airdrop is located. The location is not good."

     "Well, it is true, and now everyone in the middle of the r city and the northern shooting range has discovered this airdrop, and everyone is moving closer to this side."

     "Hehe, I think in this case, everyone's ideas should be the same, that is, hold the airdrop and wait for someone to come over, shouldn't have people want to pick up this airdrop, right?"

     "The airdrop has almost landed. There are currently six people who are relatively close to the airdrop. Almost all of them have parked and prepared for guns!"

     "Wait! Someone rushed towards the airdrop! In this case, dare to grab the airdrop? Is this a bit unimaginable?""Oh! This man is the 4a sniper Vic! My God! He doesn't stop yet! Does he really want to lick this airdrop?"

     With the exclamation of the director, the audiences on the scene and in the live broadcast room also raised their minds one after another, watching Liu Zilang's death behavior somewhat anxiously!

     But the next moment,

     The scene that made everyone dumbstruck appeared!

     I saw Liu Zilang, who was driving at full speed toward the airdrop, suddenly turned the front of the car and rushed over to a sloping stone on the slope when he passed a gentle slope!

     What the hell? Slipped?

     This is so cold!

     Seeing this scene, the three commentators on the stage were all taken aback, and immediately mourned for Liu Zilang.

     After all, if it is somewhere else, let alone hitting a stone, even if a pig hits a tree, no one will care about you.

     But here is where the airdrop falls.

     There are at least five guns around.

     You roll over a car in this place and it's too cold.

     But at this moment, someone suddenly called out in alarm at the stadium match scene!

     Under the director's God's perspective, I saw Liu Zilang, who was driving and bumping on a rock, didn't overturn or stop abruptly. Instead, he jumped up suddenly from the rock, and the body turned over and over again in the air!

     What the hell is this?

     Vigorously charge!

     Whirlwind charge tornado?

     Seeing this scene, the hearts of the audience in the live and the live broadcast room were confused.

     However, the next moment, not only the audience off the court, but also the few people who set up guns near the airdrop box during the game match are dumbstruck, with an inconceivable look!In the game game screen, I saw Liu Zilang, who was driving in the air "tornado", rushed straight to the airdrop box that had not yet landed in the air!

     Seeing this scene, the few people parking around the airdrop box in the game could not help but slightly open their mouths.

     Suddenly a strange hunch surged in my heart!

     I can't Nima!

     In the next instant, the expressions on everyone's faces instantly solidified!

     In the game scene on the huge electronic screen on the stage.

     I saw that Beng Beng suddenly rushed to the airdrop box about four stories high, and was immediately blocked by the cord connecting the airdrop box and the parachute.

     Liu Zilang stepped on the brake!

     Bouncing paused on the airdrop box, and then it stopped in a frantic jitter!

     Seeing this, the audience was in an uproar!

     The emotions in almost everyone's mind can be expressed in one sentence at this moment.

     Damn it, Nima has this kind of operation?

     During the game, the few people who stopped to mount guns near the airdrop box were also stunned, because they were suddenly a little unsure that they were playing in the end is it not the same game on the airdrop box.

     What if everything in front of you is an illusion projected after another game breaks the space wall barrier?

     The next moment, Liu Zilang sitting on the bounce suddenly appeared on the edge of the airdrop box, and his whole person seemed to be half floating in the air.

     He bends down twice,

     There is a big dark green gun in his hand!

     Seeing this scene, a few people around couldn't help but one shivers instantly, and they all reacted from their stunnedness.

     Da Da Da -!I don’t know who started it,

     In an instant, the surrounding gunshots spread!

     However, the airdrop box is still a certain height from the ground, and not all people on the ground can hit Liu Zilang.

      At the same time, at a certain moment when the surrounding gunfire sounded, a "muffled thunderous" gunshot suddenly came from the air!


     Next to a jeep on the ground,

     The fire of a rifle shot suddenly stopped.

     A cloud of blood burst out of the head of the man holding the gun behind, and his body fell back beside the car.

     "4a-vic killed bdg-rapiacta with a headshot!"


     On the airdrop box, Liu Zilang, who opened the mirror and shot out a shot without any hesitation.

     At the moment the bullet hits!

     He suddenly pressed the "f" key and appeared in the bouncing driving position.

      ding ding dang dang 丁丁-!


     A dense rain of bombs poured down on the edge of the airdrop box, and the two wheels on the left side of Beng Beng exploded one after another.

     However, Liu Zilang, who relied on getting on the car to complete the "teleshift", escaped this wave of hail of bullets to the limit!

     Seeing this scene, the audience suddenly experienced a wave of (of market prices etc) to rapidly fluctuate in their hearts.

     Because Liu Zilang's "dynamic charge + whirlwind charge tornado" way of playing is really eye-catching!

     At that moment when he rushed to the airdrop just now, he has firmly grasped the hearts of all the audience in the live and broadcast rooms.

     If you pretend to be forced and you are immediately swept to death by guns, no one feels comfortable!Maybe I will scold it a lot.

     But at this moment, Liu Zilang's incomparable spiritual switching of seats is to let the audience in the live and broadcast rooms let out a relaxed breath.

     But in a blink of an eye, Liu Zilang, who was sitting in the driving seat, suddenly appeared on the edge of the airdrop box.

     Then he pulled a bolt in his hand, and teleported to the driving position again when the people below beat him.

     Immediately afterwards, before the people below could react, he cut towards the back seat again.

     Open the mirror eight times, quasi-center!


     The dull thunderous gunfire blasted into everyone's ears again!

     The second person on the left was shot headshot by him in an instant, and under the huge impact of the bullet, the whole person was taken upside down!

     But after Liu Zilang shot out, the man disappeared in the back seat instantly and appeared in the driving seat.

     Seeing the extreme, dazzling moment switching, the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms were shocked and dumbfounded!

      This afternoon, before they came to watch the game, they thought that there might be some "monster type" players in this game, but Liu Zilang's performance is no longer a monster, okay?

     This is really "Avatar"!

     However, as the airdrop box and the ground get closer and closer, Liu Zilang's situation has become more precarious.