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284 How Does This Wave Blow? (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Under the attention of everyone, the airdrop box carrying Liu Zilang slowly descended from the air, but everyone on the scene couldn't help but raise the heart!

     Because once the height of the airdrop box and the ground is lower, Liu Zilang will be exposed to the death fire net formed by the three people on the right.

     At this time, Liu Zilang naturally knew this very well.

      Between Lightning Spark, he quickly had a plan in his mind.

     Shaking his hands,

     A smoke bomb slid out!


     Liu Zilang pressed the r key and opened the pull ring of the smoke bomb.

     But instead of throwing it out, he just clasped it in the palm of his hand.

     After a while, the airdrop was less than a floor above the ground.

     Just listen to the "chirp"!

     Thick smoke accompanied the airdrop box, slowly descending landed from the air

     Liu Zilang on the airdrop box suddenly seemed to be soar into the clouds and mount the mists, enveloped in white smoke, giving people a feeling of drift without a resting place.

     This Nima can still bring its own special effects?

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live and live broadcast room couldn't help but twitch their eyes, and suddenly the whole person was not good!

     "66666! Fuck! Isn't this a somersault cloud?"

     "Take it! It's the first time for Nima to see someone steal an airdrop like this!"

     "Knock in it! The same is 98. How do you feel that we are not playing the same game at all?"

     "This wave of vic really made my hair almost gone. In other words, is this really the rookie in sy's mouth?""Rookie? This Nima is the show of Dihua! I guess the three remaining buddies next to the airdrop box are all dumbfounded."

     If Liu Zilang’s "Royal Car Flying" airdrop in the rain of bullets gave them a visual shock that is no less than a good Hollywood blockbuster,

     Then to drop from the sky in this smoky wave gives people a feeling of quiet and serene.

     Of course, this is only relative to the audience off the court.

     At this time, the three people on the right side of the airdrop box in the game saw Liu Zilang actually releasing smoke all the way down.

     After a shock, they suddenly got angry and set up their guns and fired at the smoke.

     A show that makes you special!

     Do you really think of us as second fools?

      dīng dīng dāng dāng Ding-ding-!


     In an instant, the bullets shot into the smoke intensively like a pouring rain.

     Some hit the airdrop box,

     Some hit the bouncing and right tires.

     But the name that made them gnashing one's teeth, to yearn day and night is from beginning to end, they couldn’t jump out the kill prompt.

     On the airdrop box.

     Listening to the bullets whizzing by,

     Liu Zilang, who was splashed with blood on his body, was also in pain.

     He squatted shudderingly behind Bop and made a bag.

     Unexpectedly, as soon as the blood volume was pulled up, he was shot again in the shoulder.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help his eyelids beating, and his heart was full of grief and anger!

     My Nima, this is a malicious team!


     I want to report!

     At this time, he still completely without realizing how much his own operation is hateful!Malicious team?


     Labor and management want to kill you!

     Soon, the airdrop box and the ground have to be almost within reach.

     Liu Zilang jumped from the back of the airdrop box.

     Immediately afterwards, he stretched out his right hand.

     That dark green a appeared in in his hand!

     The three people on the right saw Liu Zilang using a landing airdrop box as a cover.

     The two of them were shocked, remembering the shot a just in the air, and quickly closed their guns and turned to find a shelter first.

      dīng dīng dāng dāng Ding-ding-!

      ding ding dang dang ―!

     Ding Dong!

     As soon as the two of them left, the firepower on the right side suddenly weakened.

     The remaining one did not react so promptly, and suddenly stopped when he heard the gunshots surrounding him and his "alliance".

     That person also dazed for a moment.

     But in the next moment, in his heart, an unprecedented sense of crisis suddenly emerged!


     The person who suddenly reacted quickly stopped and turned around.

     But before running two steps, the muffled gunfire behind him exploded without omen!

     Almost at the same time, the bright white second-stage head on that person's head suddenly shattered!

     The body rushes forward due to inertia,

     The legs split abruptly and fell to the ground

     "4a-vic killed bb-soaz with a headshot!"

     Hearing the sound of gunfire, the two people who had found a bunker some distance on the right side subconsciously opened the lens and glanced.

     After seeing that person's tragic death, I was suddenly afraid for a while!This time they realized that there was a problem, that is, this guy named vic seems to be really strong in addition to showing off!

     The "village folks and elders" at the scene testified that they were shown off by this kind of person. It seems that nothing else is embarrassing, right?

     After a wave of "self-comfort" in my heart.

     The two got into their car without nostalgia, and hurriedly flashed as soon as they stepped on the accelerator.


     In the solo solo competition, who had the brains to fight the gun with the sniper holding a.

     On the presiding commentary stage, the three commentators also looked at each other in dismay when they saw this scene.

     How does this wave blow?

     "I'll blow a cough and cough first! What, let me say first" sy coughed dryly, with the same expression on his face, "vic, this wave of imperial car licking bag and the cigarette behind it, really only you couldn't think, it can't be done without him."

     "Well, I also think that vic is a very different player from our current Jedi professional circle." sjoy nodded, said with a smile, "This reminds me of Xiaoxiao and Sika at the Douyu Grand Prix not long ago. His comment."

     "Oh? What's the comment?" Su Changming couldn't help asking full of interest when he heard sjoy's words.

     Sjoy solemnly said, "Unquantifiable spiritual thinking, eclectic tactical thinking!"

     "Yes, I think these two sentences are very relevant." sy nodded with a smile said.

     A smile appeared on Su Changming's face, and he subconsciously shook his head and said, "Hehe, how can it be so mysterious, this kid has more ghost ideas."Sy was taken aback, and asked somewhat curiously, "Huh? Boss Su also knows Vic? Is he someone from the fps professional circle before?"

     Su Changming's face was startled, and he knew that he had failed.

     After all, he still does not know what Liu Zilang meant, it's not easy to expose people suddenly.

     So he could only smile bitterly and hesitated, "Isn't it?"

     Sy's curiosity was immediately hooked, and couldn't help asking again.

     Sjoy, who had eaten together last time, couldn't help but interrupted, "Oh! The second circle is brushed! This circle is a little bit going all the way to the north, it's still on the upper right of the map.

     Upon hearing sjoy's words, sy and Su Changming also turned the head and looks to the big screen at the same time.

     "Tsk tusk, the circle of this game is really full of gods, and everyone will have to run again."

     "Well, the perspective of the director is given to the south. We can see that someone is still in the first wave of poison. It is azeael and brother who came out from the airport. They don't seem to have a car. If there is no car in front, then This game is a bit difficult for them to play."

     "Hey! Wait a minute! Ze Shao who came out of City P seems to be running poison, but he is almost on the edge of the circle. I feel that Ze Shao can get behind the people after entering the circle!

     Hearing the words of the commentary, the audience who were still speculating about which person Liu Zilang is in the professional circle at the scene were immediately attracted!