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285 Watchmen And Patrolmen! (on)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

At this time, the location between the Nanshan Mountain and the ruins of Port G.

     Shen Zeyan had just entered the circle and was lying down on the border of the first safe zone to fight medicine.

     In this single row individual solo match, Shen Zeyan chose P City as the target. Although he was not the only one to come out of P City, he was the last one to come out.

     Because after searching the city, he found the sniper rifle and lurked directly on the top of the church on the slope west of Pcheng.

     In the end, he scored five kill points for the head and walked out of P City with his shot.

     However, due to the delay, the car in the garage of City P was punctured by a tire, and a car was drove away after being brushed on the road.

     This is also the reason why Shen Zeyan is so late in entering the first safe zone at a position that is biased towards the center of the mainland like City P.

     "We can see that Ze Shao has already entered the circle and lay down on the ground to finish the medicine. This time, from his direction, there are about four people running the poison outside the circle south of the circle.

     "Well, although Bo Zeshao has a geographical advantage, if he shoots directly, once the stalemate rises, I'm afraid I will be attacked by others in the poison."

     "Yes! But Ze Shao, who is lying on the ground, seems to have discovered a person outside the poison, it is the rald of the Korean team kd!"

     "He took aim! Do you want to shoot? Do you really want to shoot?"

     Accompanied by the extended intonation of the commentary, a crisp 98k gunshot suddenly exploded!Rald drove all the way from Port P in the lower left corner of the map. He had a fight with people halfway and broke the car, so he could only walk into the circle. At this time, I didn't know that there was someone in front of me, who was squeezing his head full of drinks and running in the poison, and the dark head looked very eye-catching.

     In the eyes of a sniper like Shen Zeyan, the running rald actually only has one third-level head.

     The parts below the head are non-existent.


     At the moment the gunshot sounded, a cloud of blood suddenly appeared on rald's head!

     He was not full of blood in the poison. After being hit by this shot, his body immediately followed the inertia and fell to the ground, and rolled into a box in threes or twos.

     Headshot of moving target!

     Seeing this scene, the audience on the scene was also amazed, and could not help but cheered.

     Unlike Liu Zilang, who is currently wearing the title of "Chicken King in the Value Zone", Shen Zeyan's popularity and voice in the audience is quite high, and many female fans are excited to see this shot.


     On the commentary stage, enjoy also couldn't bear said, "I originally thought everyone was cautiously running poison. Ze Shao missed a hit here, and it would be very dangerous to freeze, but I didn’t expect him to be at this distance. Move down the target and shoot a headshot, ha ha, it seems that the strength of this peak sniper is really not what I can imagine."

     sy nodded, said with a smile, "Well, I also play sniper. To be honest, for people who only play sniper, after a long time, whether it is a fixed-point target or a moving target, there are only two results.""Either miss, or headshot. If you hit the body, I think it's a more serious mistake than not hitting someone."

     Hearing sy's words, Su Changming also cannot bear saying, "Ze Yan’s talent in sniping is the best one of the contestants I have ever seen. It’s a pity that he lost that game six months ago, otherwise he should be in the world fps circle. cream of the crop's sniper, not the peak sniper of Asia"

     "Well, I agree with this." Sjoy nodded.

     Then he looked at the game screen on the court again, frowning slightly, "However, although Ze Shao’s shot does not give the opponent an opportunity, it also exposes his position on the side of the poison. We can see the poison. Azeael, sexypig and a+ all stopped."

     Under the director’s God's perspective,

     As soon as the gunfire rang, the three azeael in different positions in the poisonous area immediately found the shelter at the same time.

     In this case, the situation on the field suddenly became a little more subtle, because without knowing each other's roots, it was impossible for the three people in the poison to reach a "ring alliance".

     Not to mention the back,

     They didn't even dare to hand it over to the other side.

     Who knows if the people who are in the poison together will give themselves a shot.

     No one can tell about this.

     Therefore, the current situation is not the "three-to-one" of the people in the poison, but the mutual guard against each other.

     In this way, time ticked by.

     The first round of poison is not painful, and it can be recovered with bandages.

     No one took the lead,

     The three of them are waiting for an opportunity.But soon, seeing the second wave of Still one more minute, the atmosphere on the court suddenly became tense.

     Finally, sexypig couldn't bear.

     Lying on the ground, he raised his hand and threw a smoke bomb in the direction of nine o'clock, twelve o'clock, and three o'clock, and then quickly got up and ran into the smoke.

      bang sound, the bullets roared!

     as predicted.

     After sexypig got up, it was not Shen Zeyan who was on the side of Kadu who did it first, but azeael who was on the "same line" with him.

     Fortunately, he had taken precautions a long time ago. At the crucial moment, a pigskin walked away and turned off a 98k shot on the side, and immediately disappeared in the smoke.

     With the attraction of sexypig, azeael and a+ behind also got up and started to run poison.

     The next moment, gunfire came from the front.

     Before sexypig ran far, she met Shen Zeyan, who was quietly lurking beside the poison.


      The gunshots of without omen sounded, and as soon as sexypig ran out of the smoke, there was a burst of blood on the third-level head!

     But fortunately, he pulled a medical box before he ran the poison. The blood volume was relatively healthy, so this 98k headshot did not knock him down, but the blood volume to drop a thousand zhang in one fall to drop a thousand zhang in one fall!


     The suddenly attacked sexypig was inwardly cursed in his heart, and quickly turned back and ran into the smoke.

     But the next moment,

     After Shen Zeyan shot, 98k pulled a bolt in his hand.

     Soon the mirror didn’t even open,

     Shot directly into the smoke!


     Pouch!A cloud of blood burst out of the smoke, and a kill prompt appeared at the bottom left of the screen.

     Under this circumstance, the "Asia's No. 1 Spray" sexypig didn't even have a chance to get close, so he died in the smoke with a tangled look.

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live and broadcast room was also amazed!

     "Wow! Ze Shao's two shots were too domineering! He actually took away the Pig King in the smoke!"

     "Ze Shao's pull bolt is really handsome! Coach, I want to learn how to fight!"

     "Coach: Nonsense! I want to learn everything!"

     "Well, but the eldest brother and azeael at the back also followed! The eldest brother confronted Ze Shao behind the stone beside the poison!"

     "It's empty! Wow! Both of them are fast! No one hit with this shot."

     "Wait a minute! On azeael, he went to the side and wanted to sneak attack!"

      It should be noted, Kim Doo-hwan is also one of the "Three Peaks of Asia". If he had the same rank as the domestic sniper strength a+ and hit a front double-team, then Shen Zeyan's situation would be quite dangerous.

     All of a sudden, the audience on the scene saw this scene and their hearts were suddenly raised.