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288 Clean Up The Portal!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

After being shot by the man, Liu Zilang quickly cut out the a behind him.

     He opened the lens and looked at the city, and he quickly found a flashing spot.


     At this moment, a cloud of blood mist splashed on Liu Zilang's body, and his blood volume suddenly dropped by a small amount.

     He couldn't help but his eyelids throbbed.

     You fucking still fight, do you know the secret code?

     Liu Zilang quickly checked the distance visually, and the muzzle of a slightly raised.


     The dull gunfire sounded, and a sniper bullet burst out of the fire from the muzzle!

     The trajectory of a was very straight, the bullet flashed through the air and crossed a straight line, but at this distance, there was still a slight drop unavoidably.

     But because Liu Zilang raised the gun in advance,

     This drop becomes it's just perfect.

     The director's perspective was drawn to the person in the room at the moment Liu Zilang shot.

     All the people at the scene only saw a bunch of blood bursting out of the person's head, and then he fell to the ground.

     This distance

     This is so good!

     "4a-vic knocked down sst-esker with a headshot!"


     After Liu Zilang shot a, he put away the sniper without looking, and then took out 16 and fired a few shots at the "dada" spot in the air again across the river bank.

     Opposite the river bank, in the factory building in Port G,

     Kotomi Misaka had just been disrupted by gunshots in the city, and she was still a little bit unwilling.At this moment, seeing Liu Zilang's shot calmed the opponent down, her eyes couldn't help but her eyes sparkled, and her mouth exclaimed sincerely, "Si Guoyi! Wet!"

     Misaka Kotomi, who was immersed in the joy of meeting Liu Zilang, did not notice that the id prefix of the person Liu Zilang killed just now was the same as her.

     Seems to be her teammate

     Immediately afterwards, Misaka Kotomi exchanged the 16 in his hand for the shuttle bullet, and fired at the sky again.

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room was a little confused.

     What's the situation with these two people?

     "Why do I hear this gunshot sound like morse code?"

     "You have watched too many e-spy movies, morse codes are here."

     "Anything is possible. Who can interpret what Vic and our nhera sauce are talking about?"

     "I have been working as a spy for many years. Now in the United States, the male is unmarried, cough cough, not to mention this. According to my analysis, the code interpretation of the few shots that Vic just now should be'a crooked river in front of my brother's door.'"

     "A sweet song is singing across from my sister?"

     "Hey, there is an old man in the live broadcast room who can detoxify the Morse code?"

     "You fucking don't leave! Your mom will have to double the grocery shopping today!"

     "2333, what the hell is vic and nhera sauce falling on the ground, is there something hidden between the two"

     "Doesn't everyone feel familiar? There was a person in the fps professional circle who liked to do this before"

     "Is the older brother talking about a hot man?"

     "Spicy man? My grandfather can't, right?"The audience in the live broadcast room suddenly started to guess at the same rhythm.

     Although no one has seen a spicy man back then, but like a heavenly steed, soaring across the skies, the style of playing that made the opponent gnashing one's teeth is a bit similar to the spicy man back then.

     At the scene of the game at this time, the three people on the host commentary stage looked at each other in dismay as they heard the gunfire.

     Although a blind man can see the tricks, the two are just "shooting guns" across the river, and there is no malicious teaming behavior. As an explanation, it is naturally impossible to take the player's rhythm in this situation.

     "Ahem" Sjoy coughed dryly twice, lie through one's teeth, "Um, I think nhera and vic may be firing warning shots to divide the territory."

     "Well, it makes sense!" Su Changming nodded quickly.

     sy couldn’t help but corner of the mouth twitch, and muttered in my heart, where did you see this?

     People’s gunshots are "devoted to each other ",

     Also fired a warning shot

     But at this moment, the scene of the on-field director was suddenly given to the hospital in the south of Xiacheng.

     The picture just passed,

     One person on the court was killed by a headshot.

     "4a-cpt used kar98k to headshot 4a-godv!"

     This extremely real scene suddenly stunned the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms!

     Da Da Da -!

     Before they had come to their senses, there was a sudden and violent gunshot in their ears!

     At the next moment, I saw a few clusters of blood mist burst out of Xiao Xingmu who had just handed Wei Shen.

     He hurried around the bunker to avoid the bullets.However, at the last moment, he was hit by a bullet to emptied his blood, and fell to the ground and turned into a box.

     "4a-aka killed 4a-cpt with 16a4!"

     Is this to clean up the sect?

     Seeing this scene,

     Everyone on the scene will not be able to.

     At this moment, thinking of the lingering gunfire on both sides of the river in Hong Kong, everyone could not help but sigh how important it is to master a code word!


     After Liu Zilang said goodbye to the sky,

     I quickly jumped on the jeep,

     Step on the accelerator and drive towards the poisonous side.

     The man’s journey is a fierce battlefield,

     Can't continue to play with the stupid apprentice here.

     At this time, the second wave of poison is about to shrink in half a minute. If there are still people in the first wave of poison to the south, then it is a good time to harvest the poison.

     In the 1v1 single row solo, Liu Zilang, carrying a hand of a, only if he died to death

     You can really act wilfully.

     Facts quickly proved that Liu Zilang's guess was correct.

     He really saw a jeep driving out of the first wave of poison on the slope near Nanshan Mountain in Port G.

     Or to be more precise, the two discovered each other at the same time.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi -!

     The tires rubbed against the ground,

     Two jeeps stopped at the same time!

     "Huh?! Vic met azeael who just came out of the poison!"

     "Hehe, it's unlucky to say that this azeael is too bad. Both runs poisoned and got stuck in the circle.""Then what do you say about this wave? Although azeael is the pinnacle of Asia, but vic has a, and the strength is also very strong, I feel that azeael is not necessarily an opponent."

     "Oh! Wait! We can see there is still one person on G mountain, it's the Benz brother of the Korean team Royalad! He seems to be looking at Vic!"

     "Vic hasn't noticed yet, then he feels a little dangerous!"


     The commentary has not yet fallen,

     Just listen to the sound of a silenced 24 gunshot suddenly sounded!

     The stapler is online!

     The Mercedes-Benz on the g mountain, holding a dark iron sniper, shot Liu Zilang directly!


     Liu Zilang's third-level head was bleeding, and the blood volume suddenly to drop a thousand zhang in one fall!

     On the g mountain, after seeing a shot hit.

     He immediately put away the 24, and immediately cut out the scar-l behind him and wanted to shoot a wave to close the head, which is also a regular play of many people.

     Take a shot and then shoot a wave.

     But Mercedes-Benz Gowan never expected,

     After Liu Zilang was shot by him with 99 points of blood exploded at 24, he had only a trace of red blood, and he didn't have any panic to avoid or fight drugs.

     Instead, he held up the big sniper in his hand and found his position on the mountain extremely fast.

     Soon Liu Zilang flicked his heart sharply.

      doesn't have any Aim, directly pull the trigger!


     In an instant, a sniper bullet blasted toward the mountain like an electric fire!