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289 The Man Who Sees Through Everything!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the big screen of the game, the director gave the first perspective of Mercedes-Benz.

     I saw that he shot a precise 24 headshot, then quickly cut out a quadruple scar-l.

     At the moment when the gunfire burst out,

     The audience on the scene and in the live broadcast room saw the bloody Liu Zilang beside the jeep under the mountain, and couldn't help heart tensed up!

     It's cold

     It's good!

     Such crazy people should have been cold long ago!

     However, in the next moment, the sound of gunfire like muffled thunder suddenly rang!

     In the shocking eyes of all the audience, a group of scarlet blood blossoms burst out of Brother Benz's head!

     Soon he weakly released the gun in his hand,

     Lean back,

     The whole person rolled down from the hillside

      Without a doubt, Liu Zilang's a sniper bullet was actually moves later but arrives first,

     Between Life and Death Instant,

     Blew the head of Benz brother!

     And Mercedes-Benz, who was killed by a headshot, looked at the black and white settlement interface on the computer in front of him with a confused face.

     He really can't figure out why a person can react so quickly? This kind of reaction was rarely seen even in the team's sniper Jin Douhuan.


     Who is it?

      At the same time, the three people on the narration stage also exclaimed when they saw this scene.

     "My God! Vic's reaction is too terrible, this wave of anti-killing me really can only be a capital suit!""I was wrong! I was really wrong! When I started, I thought the 4a new Sniper Rifle method is good, but there may be some problems with my mentality, but I only know how naive I am when I see this shot. In that case, if it was stolen into that amount of blood, if it were me first reaction, he would definitely find a cover, but I didn’t expect this vic to dare to fight back!"

     "Yes, in fact, why do our overwhelming majority players hate Old Yinbi and Voldemort in this game? It's because after the opponent's first attack, we are in a state of panic, and the nature of the fps game lies here. After a little panic, there is nothing left."

     "Well, I agree with this point very much, but in the eyes of the truly top players in this game, the reason why Voldemort and Lao Yinbi are no longer scary is because their millisecond inhuman reaction can deal with many emergencies."

     "But having said so much, vic was able to complete the counter-kill with only a drop of blood left in this wave. This is quite amazing. This player really has a big heart!"

     "Huh? This reminds me of what Ze Shao said back then. Every sniper only has a drop of blood. As long as we live, we have the capital of One Hit Kill!"

     "Hehe, this sounds like the truth, that is easier said than done, but this wave of vic really gave us a perfect interpretation of what is meant by "a drop of blood"!""That's the case, but I suggest that our ordinary players should find cover first in this situation, because first of all, the fault tolerance rate is too low, and secondly, in this game, each person does not have a, in case you take it. I found the enemy with a handful of 98k, and found that the opponent is a tertiary head, so it’s still cold"

     Upon hearing the commentary, the audience around the stadium now looked at the person in a certain seat on the stage, and their eyes were full of doubt, curiosity and speculation.

     Is it really a hot man?

     In the game, Liu Zilang squatted on the jeep and hit a first aid kit, and then filled the energy bar with painkillers and Red Bull.

     At this moment, the second wave of poison has begun to shrink, and Liu Zilang and Jin Douhuan, who are on the side of poison, are not on the side of poison. He is ready to fight a protracted battle.

     But the relative distance between Liu Zilang and the next safe zone was closer than that of Jin Douhuan on the poison side, so he didn't panic at all.

     At this moment, I saw him coming from the car window from time to time, peeking at the location of Jin Douhuan.

     Not far away, Jin Douhuan couldn't help gritting his teeth!


     Is there a great?

     You can act wilfully if you have a?

     At this moment, two people swallowed the deep blue radiation net.

     Suddenly Jin Douhuan’s eyes slightly narrowed, and gradually got an idea in his heart

      It should be noted, except for the objective difference in ballistic rate of fire between 98k and a, the most essential difference lies in the ability of a to have a full blood One Hit Kill when facing a third-level head!

     But as soon as the second wave of poison is brushed over, even if they are filled with drinks, their blood volume will still drop.

     So when it's not full of blood,As long as a headshot, whoever hits anyone is shot to death!

     This is equivalent to pulling the two to the same starting line again.

     At that time, his opportunity came.

     So has to say, even under adverse circumstances, Kim Doo-hwan's combat thinking is still very clear.

     At this time, he did not hide behind the car on the slope, but hid behind a tree not far below.

     Seeing his slowly declining blood volume, he silently estimated Liu Zilang's blood volume at the moment in his heart, and gradually cocked his mouth.

     and many more

     Just wait.

     I will, send you off!

     However, Liu Zilang did not seem to hear Jin Douhuan's voice.


     There was a dull gunshot!

     Is a!

     The moment he heard the gunshot, Jin Douhuan who was behind the tree couldn't help mentioning it, and then put it down again.

     Immediately, the corners of my eyes twitched!

     Because Liu Zilang did not hit him with this shot, but hit the tires of the jeep next to him.

     This beast is going to puncture!

     Right now, the distance between the two of them is not too close to the next safe zone. In this case, if the tires are unloaded, they will really have to rely on one pair of legs when they run the poison.

     If the medicine is not enough,

     Maybe it's belching outside the poison.


     Another shot!

     Simply bully intolerably!

     Jin Douhuan took a deep breath, and a sneer of "see through everything" suddenly appeared at the corner of his mouth!


     too naive!

     Want to irritate me and let me fight your tire, then take the opportunity to shoot me up?Ha ha ha

     This is especially the leftover from the labor and management playing that year!

     Ghosts will be fooled by you!

     Jin Douhuan calmed down, and again used his full energy as a reference to estimate the calculated blood volume of Liu Zilang.

     Then he frowned, shook the head,

     Can't move,

     Also wait a little longer!

     If you meet with unexpected failure in this place, his fame will be ruined.

     However, what Jin Dou-hwan hiding behind the tree did not know was that

     At this time, countless viewers in the live broadcast room looked at the picture on his side, their eyes widened, and their mouths were so open that an egg could be inserted!


     Kim Dou-hwan seemed to smell something wrong too!

     Crouching behind the tree, he subconsciously turned his vision and saw the moment behind him,

     The sneer at the corner of Jin Douhuan's mouth instantly solidified!

     In the field of vision, he saw that the Jeep stopped on the slope, not knowing at what time, and slipped down.

     The moment he turned around,

     The car is already here!

     In the next second, before Kim Doo-hwan could get up, he was sluggishly arched by the jeep on the tree.