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291 Fight With Bayonet!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

At this moment, squatting in the toilet is ayg from Thailand's kiz.


     The car stopped outside and footsteps came.

     Ayg suddenly froze the chicken, and squatted against the wall behind the door.

     Because when the opponent opens the door, most of what you see is the left field of vision, so that he can come to a wave of death shots behind the right door!


     The perfect old yin ratio plan!

     "Hehe, ayg is really overcast! It seems that vic is everything bodes ill, no positive signs."

     "Yes, Vic doesn't know that there is someone in the toilet, oh! He has got off the car and went to the toilet!"

     "This is the disadvantage of the back-in circle, because you don't know where there are people. It is too easy to be overcast. This wave comes without enough time no matter how fast the reaction is."

     Hearing the words of the three people on the commentary stage, the eyes of the audience at Liu Zilang were almost equivalent to looking at a corpse.

     After all, the reaction of the players is also based on circumstances.

     If it is the kind that has enough distance and the opponent does not directly kill you in a wave, then maybe it is indeed possible to fight a wave by reaction.

     But like this kind of old Yinbi who is motionless like a statue squatting behind the door, he will take you away with a shuttle.

     Tell me how does this react?

     This person, in the end still dying?

      Thought until here, the audience at the scene could not help but a moment of silence.

     It is a pity, but perhaps this is the final destination of a tempter on the brink of death!

     Go well!

     The next moment, Liu Zilang in front of the toilet pushed in.

     Immediately after entering the door,

     He first looked for a moment to the left.no one.

     Liu Zilang felt relieved and was about to close the door casually.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, a violent gunshot suddenly sounded behind him!

     Suddenly -!

     In the muzzle fire, the wooden door of the toilet was directly shattered into countless flying wood chips.

     At a very close distance, the bullets swish and burst out!

      dāng dāng dāng dāng ―!

     A clinking sound suddenly came.

     ayg stared at the person in front of him with a series of sparks splashing on the pan!

     He one shivers in an instant, quickly pulled the gun and swept up,

     However, Liu Zilang had already reacted very quickly at this time, turning around to face the ayg who was squatting behind the door, and it was a counterattack.

     At this distance, the two were almost "fighting bayonet" with guns.

     One is standing, the other is squatting.

     Liu Zilang turned around,

     The muzzle fell on ayg's face!

     Suddenly -!

     Da Da Da -!

     A more violent gunfire sounded!

     Liu Zilang, who was the first to be hit by a bullet, lost his blood first because of the fire from his backhand.

     But when the blood volume dropped to half, although his crotch was bloody,

     But the blood volume stopped abruptly and no longer fell.

     Because of the ayg who was squatting on the ground at this time, a face has been swept away by Liu Zilang nothing remains the same!

     "4a-vic killed kiz-ayg with a 16a4 headshot!"

     Seeing this scene of the mountain road twists around each new peak, the audience at the scene was silent, and fell silent, looking at Liu Zilang who was alive in the toilet with shocked faces.This Nima is not dead, joking?

     At this moment, the director on the big screen gave the slow motion playback of the wave just now.

     In the picture, Liu Zilang opened the door and turned to the left.

     The ayg squatting behind the door on the right was across the wooden door and swept wildly. When the wooden door smashed, the bullet shot towards Liu Zilang's ass!

     With the camera slowed down, the audience can clearly count the number of flames on the pan!

     one two Three

     Six, seven!

     With ak's extremely fast and fully automatic rate of fire, seven full rounds hit the pan.

     No one "misses the target"!

     From this, it can be imagined that if this is not the case that pan, Liu Zilang's butt should be the same as the nothing remains the same face of ayg in falls to the ground.

     "Best in the audience-the pan!"

     "I served the pan of my Nima! It's a legendary chrysanthemum protector!"

     "Vic: my life is given by the pan!"

     "Knock inside! Say yes...And Justice for All?"

     "It feels like the ayg mentality has exploded, you say you are yin, why do you squat?"

     "I think this wave of ayg's performance is pretty good from the point of view of marksmanship. All the previous shots are on the pan and there is no time to shoot. No one can press ak to this level!

     "You guys in front, don't tease you! With such a close distance, you can only say that the pan has the Magneto effect, so it can suck all the bullets."

     "Oh, vic is not dead like this. Does this game have a buff bonus for those who die?""I'm upright! No wonder I can't eat chicken. It turns out that I am too aggressive to die."


     In the game, Liu Zilang naturally didn't know that his wave of just escape from calamity gave the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms some new "postures".

     After he punched a first aid kit in the toilet to pull up the blood volume, he looked for a moment at that person's box at random.

     First class, first class bag, bandage, ak


     Liu Zilang suddenly felt a little sympathy for this life.

     This looks like a wild development player, but unfortunately this wild area is not very fat, and eventually reduced to a "toilet ranger", but Liu Zilang's dream was ruthlessly shattered.

     Looking at the time when the poison circle shrinks,

     Half a minute before the next wave of poisoning.

      Liu Zilang, who just escaped from calamity, stopped walking, quietly waiting for the refresh of the next safe zone in the toilet.

     "We can see that small-scale conflicts and battles broke out in many places in the safety zone between Z City and the air-raid shelter. Now there are only 48 people surviving on the field."

     "Well, the director called up the kill data for us. The current leader is vic's 16 kills. The second place is the king of pigs of team kd. Everore. He won eight heads in this game, which is quite rare. what."

     "Everore has already killed eight in this circle? Is this a substitution? Isn't this player'do not enter the finals until you enter the finals'? It seems that he has changed his style in this game. ."

     At this moment, the director's perspective was also given to Everore on the coast near Z City.I saw him sailing into the sea, heading towards the sea.

     Where is this going?

     Seeing this scene, the audience and the commentary on the scene were all taken aback.

     Does this player want to sail in a safe area at sea?

     The answer was soon revealed.

     I saw Everore drove the boat around the coast for a while, and finally stopped by a small "island" protruding from the sea not far to the north.

     It is said to be a small island, but it is actually just a large rock protruding from the sea level.

     But Everore acted without taking time to think and jumped off the boat, swam a few times in the water, then climbed onto the rock and squatted down quietly, like a "watcher on the sea".

     Seeing this scene, everyone at the scene couldn't help but twitch their eyes.


     The Pig King is still the Pig King!

     There is no one to choose

     When the fourth drug circle on the field coincided with the border of the safe zone, the next safe zone was refreshed.

     Surprisingly, the "island" where Everore is located happens to be in the safe zone.

     For Liu Zilang, who is squatting in the toilet south of the safe zone, this circle is a "diagonal circle of scourge."

     What made his heart twitch even more,

     When he was time of departure from the toilet, his Jeep tire was blown up by a wave of shots!

     Is there any quality in this particular?