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295 Pokémon Rockets!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Triathlons are cycling, long-distance running, and swimming.

     Liu Zilang has experienced the first two games in this game, only one swim.

     Then the system may understand this situation, so that a large area in the sea, only a small piece of rock on the sea can be regarded as a land finals.

     How to play this Nima?

     Liu Zilang corner of the mouth twitches, remembering his promise to the stupid apprentice,

     I told myself silently not to be anxious.

     The important question before him is not how to swim.

     But how to get into the sea.

     We must know that there are still two over ten people alive. It is estimated that most people did not expect that the next circle would actually be brushed in the sea.

     When the poison shrinks, people on the shore must go to sea.

     But this is not a bath,

     No one Nima took a gun in the bath.

     In addition, there's nothing about it on this coastline, which is bound to be a mess by then.

     Don't worry!

     Don't worry!

      Those who postpone going to sea this time are not necessarily safe, but those who go to sea first will definitely be targeted.

     Unless he has a car that can rush past very quickly.

     By the way!

     Liu Zilang, one shivers, quickly looked around.

     Fortunately, Heaven never bars one's way!

     Liu Zilang found a two-wheeled motorcycle on a slope along the coast.

     But he ran closer and took a closer look, but the whole person was not good.

     I saw a puff of black smoke floating on the motorcycle that fell on the slope. It was obviously abandoned here. The fuck, can you ride it?In an instant, Liu Zilang, who was mixed with joy and sorrow, suddenly fell into the battle between Man and Heaven.

     Ride or not?

     this is a problem.

     And just as Liu Zilang frowned and thought about this philosophical question, unconsciously,

     The next wave of poisonous circles has already entered and the contraction countdown.

      This time someone throws a cigarette and wants to forcefully go into the sea, but in a single row, the smoke bomb thrown by his one person obviously can't block much of the range.

     The man was shot twice in the middle,

     After he finally ran into the smoke, before he had time to fight the medicine, there was a volley of fire on the shore, and the bullets poured down like rain!

     Seeing a few blobs of blood burst out of the smoke, the man was killed by bullets from all around in a blink of an eye.

     Seeing this scene with great fanfare,

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but his eyelids throbbed,

     Although he himself had just fired a few shots at the smoke, he still couldn't help but scold these people on the shore for being too cunning and vicious!

     Because before that person rushed to the sea,

     For a moment, Liu Zilang wondered whether he could ride a motorcycle to make a breakthrough in The Speed.

     However, judging from the intensity of the bullets fired in the previous round, it is estimated that he had not driven halfway through the smoking motorcycle before he was killed.

     This is a bit difficult!

     Liu Zilang looked around with some toothache,

     I saw the radiation net that people would shrink in less than 20 seconds, and I felt that I had to wait.

     We have a car in hand, so we can't panic.

     In this way, time bit by bit is lost.When the contraction time of the poison circle was fifteen seconds left, the court was quiet.

     Only the slight sound of waves sounded from time to time.

     Is not it!

     Are you so bearable?

     Liu Zilang was suddenly dumbfounded.

     But when the countdown reached about thirteen seconds, someone finally stopped.

     From the slope where Liu Zilang is located, one can clearly see a person rushing out from behind a tree in the distance.

     While throwing cigarettes, he rushed towards the shore.

     And the smoke bomb he threw was like a signal.

      In the blink of an eye, Liu Zilang looked at people around him in shock "Raising the Standard of Revolt",

     Gradually converged into a wave of diving into the sea.

     Even more frightening is that someone actually climbed up on a slope not far from him.

     The moment I saw that person,

     Liu Zilang, who was shocked, quickly pressed his right hand and suppressed the restlessness in his heart!

     If you can't bear it, you mess up!

     I will endure!

      At this moment, the three people who presided over the commentary stage also spoke very quickly.

     "We can see that the poison circle is about to shrink in ten seconds, and the last moment has arrived."

     "Yes, now everyone is running towards the beach, and now it's up to each other's choice, whether to live together or die together."

     "Oh! Someone shot and was beaten down by a player from the Singapore team, but he didn't know who was hitting him, so he could only find a target to fight back.""It's messed up, so it's all messed up, and it's all fighting. I know that in this case, you can't run polite and amiable together."

     "I saw it! It was the Pig King who just shot! He is holding a handful of Silencer 16 and shooting frantically. He is the only Reaper on the field!"

     "Yes, the King of Pigs is still the King of Pigs. Everore's current situation is sitting at ease in a fishing boat despite storms. This gives him a very high probability of eating chicken! We have to marvel at the player's strong sense of smell for choosing points. !"

     In the game, Liu Zilang has already helped up the black-smoky motorcycle.

     He straddled above the ground,

     Looks ready to go.

     At this moment, the countdown to the contraction of the poison circle has already entered the last five seconds, but Liu Zilang still did not move!

     five four three two one!

     The countdown is over!

     The breathtaking azure blue radiation net all around suddenly shook, and spread again from the surrounding to the middle.

      little by little cannibalize the last safety zone on the landing.

     Liu Zilang still didn't move.

     He looked at the approaching radiation net behind him,

     His eyes narrowed slightly, like an indifferent passerby on the beach before the tsunami.

     The next moment, the deep blue radiation net overflowed the back seat of the motorcycle, and Liu Zilang's motorcycle suddenly made a violent roar!

     Seeing that there are still hunks who dared to drive into the circle in this situation, the director's footage was quickly brought over.

     In the big screen of the game, everyone only saw Liu Zilang riding a motorcycle on the slope, pulling out a billowing black smoke.After just a short distance of acceleration, the speed of the car instantly rose to the fastest!

     But at this moment, the audience suddenly let out an uncontrollable exclamation!

     Because in the director's God's perspective, they can clearly see a jeep on the other side of the slope that also accelerates rush forward.

     This person is f1nky7 of the Korean team kiz. He obviously has similar plans to Liu Zilang, but he did not expect that the plans of the two are so similar.

     It is actually similar to the point of "different routes to the same destination "!

     Under the director’s camera, I saw Liu Zilang’s motorcycle and f1nky7’s jeep roaring towards the beach from both sides of the slope.

     But at a certain moment,

     The two cars collided suddenly!

     In the nervous gazes of countless viewers on the scene and in the live broadcast room, Liu Zilang’s smoky motorcycle was not scrapped on the spot, but instead suddenly rode on the top of the jeep.

     Immediately like an arrow from the string, dragging a thick black smoke,

     Suddenly stood straight!

     This scene immediately made everyone's eyes widened, and a look of horror appeared on their faces.

     My Grandpa Di Tian!

     This motorcycle belongs to the Pokemon Rockets?