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296 Flying Out Of The Sky!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Since you asked earnestly and sincerely!

     Then I will tell you compassionately

     The problem is that I don’t know what's going on!

     Liu Zilang, who was tumbling with his motorcycle in the sky, looked below the land and sea junction of Fire Beacon Reaches the Heavens, and suddenly there was an illusion of fluttering like a legacy of independence, evolving and becoming immortal.

     who am I?

     Where am i from

     Where are you going?

     Among the three philosophical issues in life, Liu Zilang is most concerned about the last one.

     But soon, after rising to a certain height in the air and gradually starting to fall, I looked at the reef island on the sea that was constantly zooming in on the horizon.

     Liu Zilang suddenly had the answer in his heart.

     But wait,

     Why is there someone on that?

     On the reef island, Everore held a silencer 16 in his hand and was tapping people.

     Seeing those struggling and fighting on the shore, he suddenly felt a sense of superiority in his heart, set up on high, overlooking all beings.

     Everore's mouth curled up with a proud smile, contemptuous in his heart,

     A group of reckless men know that they have just shot!

      at what time If you know the importance of choosing points, you can become as good as me.

     However, what Everore does not know at this moment is that

     He was watching the scenery on the island,

     The people watching the scenery looked at him in the sky.

     Under the dumbfounding gazes of countless spectators at the scene, Liu Zilang rode his motorcycle to drop from the sky.

     But just before landing,

     The common sense of the soldiers gave Liu Zilang a sense of crisis suddenly!He quickly pressed the f key and jumped off the motorcycle,

     Plunged into the water.


     Hearing the sound of falling into the water, he turned his head in surprise at the everoer who was shooting on the shore while holding the quadruple silencer 16.

     The waves on the sea are not disturbed,

     Shows Liu Zilang's superb water spray technique.

     Everore saw frowned and turned around strangely.

     and many more

     It seems something's wrong!

      This time he suddenly turned back again,

     Then the viewing angle was slightly raised.

     Everore suddenly opened his mouth slightly, paying attention to a motorcycle dragging black smoke through the sky and crashing landed toward him!


     The motorcycle hit the rock beside him.

     Suddenly, the flames flashed, and there was a fiery wave of death!

     Everore, a confused face on the reef, died on the spot when he was swallowed by flames, and he was cremated directly

      At this time, the system at the bottom left of the screen also sent a condolence in time!

     "4a-vic detonated the vehicle and killed kd-everore!"

     Countless viewers in the live and broadcast room were suddenly stunned. What the hell is this Nima?

     "Fuck! I really don't understand this game! Isn't this a Powerpuff Girls?"

     "I'm considered to have taken it! The three jumpers and motorcycles in this game are almost spent by vic."

     "Dare to ask, but Victor, the god of the car, is in person? Who even complained about Vic's driving skills at the beginning of the game, stand up and take a look!"

     "Take it! I wait for the ashamed of being inferior, Vic's car skills have entered the profound realm!""Tencent: We have the best physics! It's a metaphysics engine!"

     "First, azeael is now the King of Pigs. It was so terrible for these well-known Korean players to encounter vic in this game. None of them can die."

     In the game, Liu Zilang plunged into the water from the air across the sea, listening to the explosions and fireworks above,

     It's dangerous in my heart.

     If he was stunned for another second just now, it is estimated that he will leave with the double-double box on the reef.

     He digs under the water a few times, and quickly flutters ashore

     Looking at the box next to the burning fiercely motorcycle on the reef, Liu Zilang couldn't help but mourn for this buddy for a second, then squatted down to help him collect a wave of corpses.

     Host the commentary stage.

     Seeing the situation in an instant a myriad changes on the field, the three commentators couldn't help but feel deeply moved.

     "Uh, it seems that there is someone else in Heaven Chosen One for this game. The milk that Mr. Su just now was a bit good."

     "Hehe, it is reasonable that the pig king's game is really perfect from a tactical level, but I didn't expect that in the end vic actually came to a group of Raiders from the sky, which is a bit"

     "Yes, the motorcycle is considered the most metaphysical vehicle in the pubg game. Tencent should have discovered this problem a long time ago, but it has not made any adjustments. I think it might be to let players dig more fun. Right, but I didn't expect that this game was accidentally hit by vic, and there was a wave of life and death."It's like this, so now this reef has been replaced by vic. According to the mechanism of our safe zone refresh, the final finals must be on this reef island. It seems that vic already saw it in this game. what."

     "Well, but I think this chicken is still a little distance away from the bowl or mouth, because of the nine people surviving on the field, everyone except Vic is in the water. By then everyone will be many men, a great Force the force together, and the vic on it might be hard to beat the four hands."

     In the game, Liu Zilang didn't worry so much at the moment. He held a handful of dark green a and played the game of "punching moles" elatedly to the people swimming over from the shore.

     As long as his head was exposed, he would immediately blast his gun over.


     "4a-vic killed 5peaks-aidren with a headshot!"

     It's bang sound again!

     "4a-vic killed bdg-takoayo with a headshot!"

     These two headshots in the water immediately made the audience exclaimed!

     After two shots, the people in the water realized the horror of the big sniper on the reef ahead. For a while, even if they were suffocated in the water, no one dared to show up again.

     Liu Zilang on the reef waited for a while, seeing that no one came out yet, he couldn't help putting away a with six bullets left in his hand.

     He turned on the tab key and looked for a moment backpack, and found that he had just licked the Everore box, and he still had six grenades on his body at present, which was not very abundant.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but sighed saying in his heart. It seemed that he had to save a little bit and couldn't unscrupulous fried fish.

     Soon, the countdown to the poison circle ended.The Second Last wave radiation net shrank towards the middle, and the people in the water swam desperately towards the reef.

      This time, Liu Zilang on the reef seized the opportunity and instantly transformed into a brave bomber.


     A grenade entered the water, bang sound, splashing!

     After a while, a box floated on the sea.

     "Oh-! A good start, I'm lucky!"

     Liu Zilang was smug in his heart secretly, unplugged the insurance to see the target, and threw it toward the sea again.

     "Huh? Why is this different from what we thought, why is no one going ashore?"

     "Well, I think it may be that it is relatively safe underwater. People have a cringe and want to wait and see and let others go first."

     "Then it won't work. Vic has a lot of thunder. If it continues to explode, in the end there are fewer people and there is no time to draw the gun, it will be harvested by Vic."

     After San Lei killed two people, the underwater players quickly realized this.

     For a while, they gritted their teeth and swam from all around towards the reef where Liu Zilang was located.

     Liu Zilang was also taken aback when he saw the figures swaying underwater!

     These guys came from a team to brush the boss, right?

     Report! Labor and management want to report your team!

     He just roared twice in his heart.

     Suddenly eyes shined, it seems that something very interesting has been thought of