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301 My Glory, Farewell Long! (First More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Hearing Su Changming's words, the audience was taken aback.

     Su Changming on the commentary stage continued with a smile, "Hehe, I believe that many audience members have heard of the nickname of Captain Black Hood before. He was the most mysterious victor in our team."

     He sighed with emotion, "To be honest, at that time, our se7en was able to rise from domestically, and even out of Asia, to the world. This was inseparable from the joint efforts of everyone, but to a large extent it was due to this guy who never showed up what."

     "Boss Su is right. I used to hear about Captain Black Hood when I was still commenting on StarCraft." Sjoy said, "Although it is not a game, it is also an e-sports circle. This player won at the time. Many of his honors really make people look up. He is also the only world-class player in the domestic fps circle who has entered the World E-sports Hall of Fame."

     sy nodded, "Uh, the two have said so much, the next thing should be related to this mysterious victor, right?"

     "That's right." Su Changming nodded, "Because of this person, he is on our live match stand today!"

     Upon hearing this, the scene could not help but "hum" all of a sudden.

     "Fuck! Victor is there today?"

     "Is it someone from the se7en team? Unable to discern."

     "Wait a minute! Did you forget the hot man from the last game?"

     "Oh! You mean a hot man?"

     "Yes! Just a hot man?"

     "Knock inside! Which man are you talking about?"


     There was talk in whispers at the scene.On the big screen above the stage, the director is showing some pre-match shots of the players.

     When the camera shows the players of the Huaxia team, the players of the Huaxia team are more shy, at most they smile at the camera.

     When it was given to players from foreign teams, these players were quite active, especially the players of the ith team from Thailand, who even kissed the camera.

     But the next moment, the director's camera suddenly stopped on a certain player, and then never moved.


     Accompanied by the commentary,

     The audience at the scene also found that something was wrong.

     Isn't it?

     Could it be him?

     Wait, vicvictor

     Reminiscent of the twenty-six kills and chickens of the last game with various show operations, it seems that it is indeed very likely to be him!

     At this moment, Liu Zilang's mouth turned up with a smile.

     Suddenly he stretched out his hand and raised his thumb, brought his index and middle fingers together and made a gun gesture, and then he leaned against his temple and "biu" at the camera!

     Seeing this familiar action, although many audiences at the scene had already guessed in their hearts, everyone was still startled at this time.

     The next moment the audience is boiling!

     It's him!

     This is the man!

     Because this is the iconic gesture of se7en's greeting, Su Changming said hello to Gao Yunyang at the National College League held by Jiangda not long ago.

     It turns out that he is victor!

     It turns out that the true appearance of Captain Black Hood is actually a first-year student who still possesses the innocence of childhood!This time, the voice on the commentary stage came again.

     "As you can see, 4a's new sniper Vic is our captain Victor of the Black Hood."

     Su Changming continued with a smile, "I heard that he is still an anchor in Douyu. Maybe some of the audience already knew him, but you have not thought that vic is victor?"

     Sy smashed his mouth and shook the head, "Tsk, if it weren’t for Boss Su, your former teammate confirmed on the spot, I really can’t imagine that the legendary captain in black is so young, and still so."

     "So raging" Sjoy added with a smile, "In the original game, it seemed that Victor, the player, had a little bit of what he did with the Nighthawks. Overall, he looked like a relatively simple player, but he didn't expect to leave the stadium completely Let yourself go."

     Upon hearing the commentary, the audience at the scene remembered Liu Zilang's various performances in the previous game, and the corners of their eyes twitched.

     This is so thorough!

      at the same time, in an apartment house somewhere in Jianghai.

     After school, Zhang Xiaotong returned home with Jiang Yumeng.

     "Xiaotong, why are you so anxious today?" Jiang Yumeng asked curiously when he saw Zhang Xiaotong turn on the computer impatiently when he got home.

     "Because" Zhang Xiaotong said, but changed his words, "because there is a game today."

     Jiang Yumeng rolled his eyes, but said with a grin, "Hey, I know I know, because your brother also participated in the game today.""It's not because of him!" Zhang Xiaotong complexion turned red bluntly said, "I am a fan of Autumn God, and I will support Autumn God."

     "Hey, I support Ze Shao! Ze Shao is super handsome!" Jiang Yumeng's eyes were full of little stars, and then she smiled and said, "By the way, Xiaotong, I heard that there are many masters in the solo match this afternoon. Acridine, although your brother is a nice guy, I think it’s important to participate in a competition like this."


     Zhang Xiaotong curled his lips.

     She wanted to say that he was also great, but she still didn't say anything.

     After turning on the computer, Zhang Xiaotong quickly opened the official live broadcast room of Douyu's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Asian qualifier.

     Just at this moment, the two suddenly heard Su Changming's sentence "vic is our black captain victor".

     These words suddenly sounded like a muffled thunder, and the two little girls were dumbfounded when they watched the live video in a daze.

     After a while, Jiang Yumeng asked somewhat uncertain, "Xiaotong, your brother is Captain Victor of the Black Hood."

     "I don't know." Zhang Xiaotong said biting the lips, somewhat flustered.

     At this moment, she subconsciously remembered some early morning three years ago, when she woke up sleepily and went to the bathroom.

     When passing by the dim living room, she suddenly saw a figure carrying a bag about to go out.

     At that time, there was a kind of bad premonition in her young heart, and she hurriedly followed up and asked.

     "Brother, where are you going?"

     But the answer to her at the time was only a "bang" door closed.

     Then, it was not seen in three years.At this moment, looking at the figure on the computer screen, Zhang Xiaotong suddenly sniffed, turned and lay on the bed and covered it with a quilt.

     In front of the computer, only Jiang Yumeng with an inconceivable face was left, staring at the live video on the screen with eyes open wide.

     Jianghai Stadium, suddenly there was a roar of plane taking off!

     The second game of the individual solo match has begun!

     At this time, after learning of Liu Zilang's true identity, the audience couldn't help but look forward to it.

     I just explained that while introducing Liu Zilang, although he focused on a series of glorious pasts, he deliberately ignored something.

     But in fact, most of the people who followed the game knew about the se7en and even the "Waterloo" of China fps e-sports more than half a year ago.

     It was held in Denmark and brought together The Godswar from countless talented top fps players from all over the world.

     After half a year, the captain of the Black Hood, who disappeared and retired, returned again, and this solo solo game was his first comeback.

     Apart from Sao Taolu, how many points did his true strength retain?

     Can he recover the original solo king victor in the brand new fps of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds?

     This is also a question that many viewers are concerned about and expect at the moment.