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302 The First Combat Form! (Second More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The legend returns,

     It sounds a bit fired up.

     But reality is not a romance. Not every legend will be able to return to The Smiling, Proud Wanderer again. The possibility of being lonely on the street may be bigger.

     In Liu Zilang’s last game, various sorrows and routines continued, especially the cicada sheds its carapace after the last wave of the "Four Thunders Killing Array", which made people feel like a bright spot and made the players in the game angry. Almost vomiting blood.

     Including the flying flying in front of the airdrop, driving off the car after the car overturned, or the last wave of flying cars in the lap to grab a bit of Liu Zilang, it feels like he has been frantically testing on the edge of death.

     But maybe luck was better, and he finally survived.

     But there are three individual solo matches, can he continue to have that luck in the next two matches?

     No one can guarantee this.

     And at this moment, accompanied by the exposure of his identity.

     Liu Zilang's popularity in the Douyu live broadcast room has also risen wildly. The popularity value has reached 1.5 million, and the live broadcast room has a wave of barrage!

     "My Grandpa Di Tian! Vic is the Captain Black Hood than the original one?"

     "Shocked! The undefeated God of War of the past turned into a chicken king!"

     "Shocked your sister! Labor and management have long said that this son is so cheap that it is definitely not a thing in the pool. You just don't believe it!"

     "Come on, vic! Whether you are Captain Victor of the Black Hood, or Victor the chicken king, even if you are gay, we will always support you."

     "Enough in the front! Ooo! So the old man has sand in his eyes.""By the way, do you think this vic can still eat chicken? Now this ratio has been put on fire. If he is still crazy like the last game, I think it is difficult."

     "Although luck in this game is also part of the strength, but it is reasonable to play vic in the game than luck. It is not just all kinds of death or immortality, don't you find that they are like Ze Shao and Qiu Shen in the first two games? He was killed in a circle, and Wei Shen was also beaten to death by his own family. I feel that Vic has not encountered any great players."

     "Your such a saying is really true, alas, I hope that in this game, Ze Shao will take into account the affection of the old teammates and raise vic. Otherwise, they will be rubbed on the ground when they come back. It's very shameless. "

     "Turtle turtle, you guys seem to be suggesting that Ze Shao and Qiu Shen are going to act, I vic firm and unyielding, I said that I didn't catch the chicken on my own strength, and it was cooked and brought to me without eating.


      has to say, similar things come together similar people fit together, what kind of anchor attracts what kind of audience.

     Different from the exclamation and emotion of the match scene, the old audience in Liu Zilang's live broadcast room did not change much after a brief astonishment.

     Because many of them are attracted by the current Liu Zilang, that victor, who is scornful and eclectic in the game, will stay in the live broadcast room and always support him.

     As for the previous vic is a black cover and white cover lace cover

     Sorry, they don't really care too much.This is what Liu Zilang, who has always wanted to be himself again, hopes to see. In his opinion, the past returns to the past, the present returns to the present, the glory of parting is not worth indulging in, and it is what he should do to find it again.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang's mouth is slightly raised looking below the map of the Jedi Island.

     Everything starts here.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Okay, our second game has started, let's take a look at the route."

     "Oh! The route of this game is a route from bottom to top, one divides the map vertically from the middle into two sides. Like this kind of route, many tactical areas on the map can be used. Gives players more choices."

     "Yes, but there are some corner points on the map. For example, the resource points of Port P and Port L, including the upper and lower urban areas of Port G, are relatively reluctant to find a car, so I think it will be halfway. A few car grab points may form the first wave's crossfire of this game."

     "Forget about victor in the last game, let's call him vic. In the last game, vic's 26 kills and chickens should have attracted the attention of the audience. Therefore, if other players have a total of three games in today's individual solos If you have ideas, it’s better to kick vic out of the game as soon as possible."

     "Well, vic should be more careful in this game. Although PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the first large-scale multiplayer fps shooting game, it’s easier for professional players to use nearby gunshots and system kill prompts to determine who is. who.""It's like this. When our ordinary players hear gunshots, they are usually gunshots, especially at long distances. But when the gunshots sound in the ears of a professional player, he can quickly tell you these gunshots. What exactly is it guns, ak, scar-l, etc. So it’s easier to judge the players by killing and gunshots."

     "Yes, once Vic reveals his position, I'm afraid I will once again form a scene of teaming up and brushing the boss. When facing so many professional players, he may be a little difficult to play."

     "Well, so I personally suggest that vic's game is better. After all, there are points in the first game. If he can get up the rankings in the next two games, then I think I will compete. The top score is still very promising."

     As soon as sjoy's voice fell, the plane had arrived over the airport.


     Maybe it was some excitement. In this game, ten five to six people jumped towards the airport together, seeing a lot of black spots in the air.

     You must know that the last game was also an airport route, but fewer than ten jumped to the airport.

     Is this affected by some kind of cosmic force?

     At this moment, I just listened to sy suddenly called out in alarm, "Wait! Vic! Vic chose the airport for this game!"

     Upon hearing this, the director's perspective quickly gave Liu Zilang a shot of a player.

     In the big screen of the game, I saw Liu Zilang sitting in the audience staring at the game intently. The seriousness of his energy was completely different from the previous commotion."Hiss~! Vic has entered the first combat form?"

     "The first combat form? Why did I sound like I was about to transform."

     "Is there anyone who has watched vic matches before to explain? This is not the vic I know!"

     "Vic is a real dripper and iron. It's good to be clear. You have to jump to the airport. Now you have to fight your face."

     Amidst the discussion at the scene, Liu Zilang, who was standing upside down, fell rapidly after a while.


     The parachute behind him opened rapidly in the air, and he immediately swaying down toward the ground.

      at the same time,

     The over ten people over the airport also opened their umbrellas!

     For a time, a surging forward with great momentum battle for hegemony at the airport,

     In the second game of the individual solo game, the curtain slowly kicked off.