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303 Lushan Shenglongba! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After opening the umbrella, Liu Zilang observed the surroundings while he was floating and hovering, and then he quickly drifted towards the observation platform next to the airport boiler room.

     The observatory is located alone in the airport, and the materials are generally not too bad, and large-scale disputes are not prone to occur when there are many people, so it is more suitable for single or double team jumping.

     But in this game, there are obviously people who have the same idea as Liu Zilang.

     As soon as he floated to the low altitude, he saw a person hovering towards the observation platform with him!

     On the commentary stage, the three of them saw this scene and immediately began to interpret them very quickly.

     "We can see that vic didn't plan to be aggressive in this game, and he had a dispute with someone on the observatory right after landing. That person is the No. 1 macho cigarettes of the Thai macho team ith!

     "Yes, but Brother Cigarette probably didn't know that Vic was the one who observed the observatory with him, otherwise he could not be so calm, oh! The two did not choose to land into the house, but directly landed on the platform on the second floor of the observatory. on."

     "This choice is very good, so now it's up to who can get the first gun!"

     "No! Vic has no gun at this position! There is an ak next to Brother Cigarette, and he has already rushed over!"

     Hearing this, the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms could not help but shook the head, as if they had already saw it Liu Zilang landing into a box.

     Because everyone has actually encountered this situation.

     In places like an airport school, where there is a gun, the father who has a gun on the ground, and the son who is chased without a gun.

     And whether the one without a gun can run away,This depends not only on whether your luck is good or not, but also whether the enemy is blind or not.

      The professional player obviously cannot be the low-segment "little deaf and blind" who can't find anyone with a gun.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang saw the other party running towards ak. Of course, he didn't dare to bet that the other party was blind enough, so he was rushed over and rushed over to that ak.

     The cigarettes arrived first, and immediately squatted down to drag ak into the equipment bay, and then dragged the bullet into it with extreme hand speed.

     Hearing the footsteps behind them, the cigarettes were afraid of being attacked by Liu Zilang behind their heads, and immediately moved to the side to let go, then press the r key to start popping up.

     Gada Gada!

     Damn it? Why is it empty?

     Where's my bullet?

     Cigarettes looked at the as empty as anything magazine, and suddenly the whole person was bad.

     He clearly remembered that he just dragged the bullet in

     He glanced at Liu Zilang behind him,

     The cigarettes suddenly reacted.

     Spend q!

     It turned out that this kid stole my bullet!

     At this moment, he only hates ak for not being able to hit people, otherwise he must have raised his gun and shouted at Liu Zilang's head.

     "My goodness! It's so thrilling! I don't know if you have not seen just now, Vic actually took advantage of the cigarette brother to bend over to pick up the ak, and took away 30 ak bullets to the limit!"

     "Tsk tusk, this is just a heartbeat. I think Brother Cigarette must have been dragged with the gun and bullets just now, but the system determined that he made the action of picking up the gun first, so although the bullet was dragged in, it was actually being dragged in. vic the quick-footed climb up first.""That's right, it really almost became a box, so now that the two of them don't have lethal heat weapons, what do you say about this wave? Oh! Vic directly punched his fist towards the chest of the Thai macho cigarette brother. ."

     "Brother Cigarette also seems very angry! He put away ak and vic and started fighting! Haha, this wave is Muay Thai vs. Chinese martial arts!"

     With the excitement of the commentary, on the platform on the second floor of the observation platform, Liu Zilang and cigarettes directly hammered each other.

     According to Sjoy's words, it was Muay Thai vs. Chinese martial arts, but the two of them in the competition clothes did not know when they took off their clothes. They looked like a muscular man with a naked torso and only one boxer.

     You come and I go, gasping for air.

     There is an inexplicable philosophical atmosphere in the scene unconsciously

     The audience was even more stunned. Is this the first show after the hot man came back?

     Sure enough, different responses!

     After a few waves of staggered probing, Liu Zilang squatted down to avoid the cigarettes and punched his face, and immediately jumps up suddenly when he got up, and Rising Dragon Punch went straight to the cigarettes forehead!


     Before the cigarettes had time to dodge, they were directly maimed by Liu Zilang with a headshot!

     One more punch,

     He would be killed on the spot!

     At this moment, the cigarettes were in a mess. The blood-remaining he could not bet that he could trigger the "headshot" and "combo" to complete the blood-remaining counter-kill in the unscathed situation.

     So he quickly turned and jumped towards the bottom of the platform.

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang naturally took advantage of the victory and pursued it.Cigars had just jumped off the platform on the second floor, and he had not had time to get up with his hands on the ground.

     Liu Zilang behind to drop from the sky and ride on cigarettes!

     The rats are gone!

     Can you imagine two muscular men in boxer briefs stacking arhats?

     This position is absolutely amazing!

     Seeing this scene, the audience suddenly couldn't help but twitch in their hearts.

     The next moment, the cigarettes who were startled ran away quickly, and the two Character Models separated instantly.

     Liu Zilang landed from behind,

     One punch Black Tiger Rip Out The Heart blasted out!


     The cigarettes vest hit the center, and could not help spraying a mouthful of blood. He rushed forward a few steps and fell to the ground.

     At the next moment, a system kill prompt appeared at the bottom left of the screen.

     "4a-vic killed ith-cigarettes with his fists!"

     Seeing this kill prompt, many people in the game match were startled and took a breath of air!


     Actually just landed, he beat the Thai hunk with his fist, who is known as "Muay Thai",

     Is this the extraordinary thing about the legend?

     As for the cigarettes that were beaten into a box by Liu Zilang, they were still in a state of depression.

     But after seeing the id of the person who killed him, he suddenly felt relieved, feeling dead without regret.

     Died under the fist of that man,

     It seems, is also not at all an unacceptable thingAfter taking the ak from the cigarettes box, Liu Zilang quickly loaded the 30 bullets in his backpack, and immediately searched the observation platform with his gun.

     After searching, Liu Zilang had a crossbow on his body, a second-level head, first-level and third-level bag, 60 rounds of AK ammunition, bandages and painkillers.

     He remembered that the boiler room next to him seemed to have jumped up, Liu Zilang was right to think more.

     He quickly touched the boiler room.

     As soon as he arrived at the door, he heard two "pops" inside!

     In an instant, two consecutive kill prompts swiped out from the bottom left of the screen!

      At the same time, there was an exclamation from the commentary stage!

     "My goodness! It's the number one spray in Asia! Sexypig is absolutely amazing! I think maybe only the broken point king sloth in China can discuss two disparate things together with him."

     "Yes! Speaking of which, the player sxeypig is also very clear about his advantage, that is, double-jet close combat, so this player always jumps to the airport as long as the route allows, so that he can accumulate his own when landing Per capita advantage."

     "It's really inconceivable. In this wave, he almost at the same time killed two players from the Japanese and Korean teams! The key is that his blood volume is still full!"

     "Yes! This is the particularity of this gun! It has a One Hit Kill ability no less than a! A second kill is a second kill, not comparable to you.

     "Wait a minute! On Vic's side, he just got rid of the Thai hunk on the observatory, and now he seems to be invading the boiler room!"

     "Vic should have heard the gunshot and knew who was inside? Is he really going in?"Accompanied by the voice of bewildered and uncertain,

     Under the director's God's perspective.

     I saw Liu Zilang with a handful of ak does not hesitate at all march straight in unchallenged (military),

     Plunged into the darkness, like a boiler room with a beast lurking